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  1. In the same vein as damaging Warp spells, could we have the option to have damaging Dash spells too? @Kibbelz pls ma boi Ill tell you how it would be awesome.
  2. Dashplant

    DBZee Classes added!

    Hello there! Just now I've added a class system to the game. For now it's mostly under the hood but this has some effect on gameplay already: - Level up spells have changed - Spell rewards from quests and gameplay now depend on your class This also means that: - Existing accounts above level 10 now have illegal spell combinations -> When V1 comes around, your account will be purged! - Existing accounts above level 5 should go to Sensei Naruto to get a class. (New accounts will get a prompt at level 5) What are the classes? Saiyan: Martial Artist -> Melee based class with access to strong physical attacks, AoE and stuns. Saiyan: Spiritualist -> Ki based class with access to beams and blasts. Damage dealer. Namek: Namekian Warrior -> Same as Spiritualist Namek: Healer -> Healing class with access to healing and cleansing spells (AoE, self and target) Namek: Magician -> Support / Status class. This class has access to several buffs and debuffs for self and target. As well as several Damage over Time spells!
  3. If there is no graphical representation on the map, you haven't declared the NPC, that would explain why the woman is not where she is supposed to be. Did you double click the tile after setting the NPC to declared?
  4. Dashplant


    Now with more shadow and ingame look
  5. Dashplant

    Graphics DragonBreeZee

    Beautiful new forum guys! In case you are interested in following all the latest news! http://dragonbreezee.boards.net/
  6. Dashplant


    Yeah, that might work. Not sure how I'll do it, and how it will work with the day night cycle..
  7. Title. I've added a new font called PakenhamBoss10, but where do I change this?
  8. Hmm, it crashed my client when I tried. Might have to look into the font itself then EDIT: Are there any restrictions to the name maybe?
  9. Dashplant


    Got a bunch of new tiles and made a map. Still working on the mapping style and might change some colours. Also, anyone have suggestions for tree styles that might fit?
  10. Dashplant

    Custom damage counters

    Possible to do at the moment? I mean like with a nice big bold font and in a different color
  11. Dashplant

    Custom damage counters

    Thanks, but I meant more like this kind of deal: (The damage numbers)
  12. Dashplant

    Increasing player stats through events

    Sadly not (yet) possible.
  13. Dashplant

    Experience per level

    It's in B6
  14. Dashplant

    Macks FSM Graphics Mega Pack

    Hey! As someone who "helps" creating DBZee I thought you would know this doesn't fit the style!
  15. Dashplant

    AGD Hunger Games!

    http://brantsteele.net/hungergames/r.php?c=O3HeGjPy EDIT: FFS @Damian666..
  16. Dashplant

    AGD Hunger Games!

    Yeah, after you killed me (YOUR TEAMMATE) first chance you got! And then tend to @A l m a's wounds eh? God damn white knights, I swear..
  17. Dashplant

    AGD Hunger Games!

    When you click the link it shows the same outcome every time. I think when you go through one 'season' you can click simulate -> personal. Then you'll have it filled with the same names and you'll be able to make your own season.
  18. Whaddup. Right now I have NPC's trying to attack me through blocked tiles and it looks bad. Maybe make it so that a blocked tile stops the line of sight of an NPC? -> Not sure how NPC range is implemented so this might mean a complete overhaul..
  19. Dashplant

    [AOG] Tutorial List For Events

    I'll check out the door system and see what I can do to make it better/cleaner and send it! I'm interested in stamina system, but in a way that needs source.. I did mention a hunger system, but again, as something I would make a source tutorial for if I would be able to create it!
  20. Dashplant

    How to establish stores?

    Hey man! I'm sure it's quite overwhelming with all the options available, but soon you will figure it all out! You can place an event on the map -> Map editor -> Events Double click the tile where you want the shop window to open. Go to the event options and select 'open shop' (Or something similar) Make sure you select the event trigger in the bottom left: Set it to: Unpassable and interact OR Passable and Player Touch.
  21. Dashplant

    [AOG] Tutorial List For Events

    Very nice tutorials and good to have them in one place! I have a door system that's similar to your elevator system. -> I can give it to you if you'd like to make a tutorial for that Also have a basic gambling system that I wouldn't mind sharing, but I'm too lazy to make the tutorials, so I applaud you for that!
  22. Dashplant

    Nightmare Showcase

    That map is epic and Im going to steal. Sorry.
  23. Dashplant

    [AOG] Journal/Tradeskill Book + Alignment System

    Cool way of doing this. Enjoying your tutorials!
  24. Dashplant

    [WIP] Intersect Panel, Version 0.8

    Looks very cool! Looking forward to see more. PS: I can still read your email address..
  25. Dashplant

    Game Concept [Terra of Desolations]

    Very cool wolves! Fully done or just the front sprite?