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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Ainz Ooal Gown in 16x16 tiles config setup   
    Hey All,
    Was just wondering if using 16x16 tiles is feasible?
    I change the server config to the following:
    However the fill button crashes the editor now. If this the right settings for 16x16 tileset?
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Weylon Santana in Durability   
    This bug its already fixed.
    And the only valid answer to the original question above is "through change of source", any other means, even through events will only make everything even more torture. Only by modifying can you effectively have a correct implementation of durability for items.
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Daywalkr in [Intersect] Middle Ages: Online   
    My NES-inspired UI is starting to come together
    Embedded Video Link  
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Shenmue in Pirate Souls Beta Release   
    Hello everyone, Pirate Souls team has been working daily in order to offer a nice gameplay experience to players. The alpha was a great help for that, because it put in evidence the flaws of the game and allowed us to receive player feedback. After approximately one year since the alpha, we are glad to announce that Pirate Souls Beta will release this Friday 1st July 16 h 00 UTC on Steam! Go to Pirate Souls Steam page


    We expect fewer bugs and exploits than in the alpha for sure! This year of development gave us the time to focus more on content and quality.
    As we added more techniques, our main goal was to make the PVP and PVE funnier. So, there might be balance issues, but we are confident in the choices we made and we are open to suggestions as always.

    We wanted to add a ship navigation system for the beta, but we didn’t have the time to do so. Once the beta is stable and smooth running, we will definitely focus on that and the possibility to have a faction/alliance controlling an island.
    A more detailed announcement on the road map of Pirate Souls should be coming in the near future.

    Since the game is no longer in an alpha state, we are not currently planning on doing a wipe. Players can evolve without the fear of losing their progression.

    We would like to thank our Discord community. They are very supportive and have great ideas. Thanks to them, we implemented a lot of elements that we didn’t think about. We would also like to thank our publisher, Hitspark, and the developers of Intersect Engine.
    Join Pirate Souls Discord server
    Go to Pirate Souls Steam page
    Check Pirate Souls videos on YouTube
    Follow Pirate Souls on Twitter
    Read articles about Pirate Souls on Indie DB
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Daywalkr in [Intersect] Middle Ages: Online   
    Hello everybody!

    I'm pleased to announce that Middle Ages: Online's first major content expansion, dubbed "The Capitol Update", is set to go live tomorrow, June 28th, at 5PM EST!
    Join us for a good time! The game is still live and free to download as always at https://www.middleages.online/
    There's a lot of new stuff to go over...
    For starters, the overworld size has been more than doubled! With that comes new quests, new artifacts to find for the museum, new resources to gather, along with 2 new resource gathering tiers per resource!
    New mobs, new dungeons and mini dungeons, both instanced and overworld, the continuation of the main quest line, the level cap raise from 10 -> 15, new original music and art, class rank progression from CR1 -> CR3 for each class, with each class having their own quests and special assignments to take on within their guild...
    There's new secrets and mechanics to discover, new vehicles to drive, new ways to get around the world...
    There's a lot of stuff! And it's all free and ready for you to try out.
    You can join our discord community as well over at https://discord.gg/7Xnq2V885Q
    And, I'll end with some cool promotional art, meant to showcase the two new instanced dungeons that have been developed for this update...

    Journey to the lost, underwater city of Meridia, found deep beneath Lake Uumuu...

    Head out to Bogfield, a deserted and cursed town deep within Westhelm swamp...
    I look forward to seeing you in Asgodia :)!

    The blue areas dictate new locations on the overworld in the update... there's a lot to explore!
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Neeknog in [Read First!] A Warning About Custom Code Modifications   
    This post hits me deep in the core. I spent a around 2k usd on custom features for my game that I thought were essential to make my game unique and stand out. Looking back I really regret doing this and do not suggest it for people who are not efficient programmers. That is unless you have a big budget which I'm assuming most do not have. 
    When the big intersect update came out that fixed a bunch of stability and vulnerability issues I knew I had to upgrade if I ever wanted to release my game. There is no easy one click way of upgrading major releases like this. This left me with two options, try to migrate everything or start over. I obviously didn't want to start over so I went the route of hiring someone to  migrate my features. The programmer got close to fixing most things but the whole process was convoluted and painful. Some features where never truly debugged which was mostly my fault because I failed to stay in contact with the coder. I also knew that I would end up crossing the same path again one day soon and couldn't stomache the thought of it lol.
    My suggestion is if you can't program to try and base your game idea around the current features of the stable engine. Just work long and hard on your minimal viable product. The core that makes your game your game. Worry about the fine details when your close to a real legitimate release. I say this because you could be working on your game for 2-3 more years before a real release is possible. In this time the engine could go through some huge rewrites and your plans could be spoiled multiple times. 
    Also if you don't have a programmer on your team it's probably best that you focus more on the talents you are bringing to your game. This could be art, music, story telling ECT. Take it from someone who has restarted his game like 4 times. Just forget about custom features until much later in your games development. Build an audience, get some eyes on your game so you can justify spending some money on it. Also note that if you can't fix a bug within a custom feature yourself, it may never be fixed.
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to jcsnider in [Read First!] A Warning About Custom Code Modifications   
    Hello Fellow GameDev,
    If you are not a proficient programmer this thread is for you.
    While developing your game you may look into incorporating custom code patches or hiring freelance developers to create custom features or changes in your game. While the unique features and options that custom code allows might be appealing there are also a lot of pain points and possibly unknown expenses that you should be aware of before getting started.
    Custom code modifications are not a one time job or purchase, they require long term developer upkeep and maintenance.
    Any time you introduce custom code into your game you are modifying the vanilla engines code in some way/shape/form. Like 2 book writers trying to revise the same paragraph of a book, when the vanilla engine next receives an update to the section of code you have modified you will be stuck with a code conflict. Code conflicts require developers in order to reconcile. This means that every time you want to update your engine while keeping your custom code changes you will likely need to enlist a developer for assistance. The larger the size or number of changes you have made the higher the chance for conflicts on any given update. Often times the bug fixes and performance updates that we make to the vanilla engine are far more important than the custom features you've added to augment your game. You do not want to be stuck in a position where you have to decide between receiving engine updates or keeping your custom features due to unanticipated maintenance expenses.


    All code is prone to bugs and errors. You should always count in bugs and issues when introducing any new code into any project.
    If you are paying for code changes, request a compiled version with your requested changes to test and verify that the function or feature works fully before paying and acquiring the actual code. Major bugs can sometimes require the whole modification to be redesigned. You cannot count on developers to fix bugs if you discover them days, weeks, or months after a transaction has occurred to take your time to test very thoroughly before completing a transaction.

    Custom code modifications come at a great risk to stability, performance, and security. 
    There are dozens or hundreds of different ways to implement new features or custom code changes, and not all are created equal. We go to great lengths to make sure the vanilla engine is stable, performant and secure -- the developer you hire might not have those goals in mind, or may not be experienced enough to know when their features have security flaws, or server crippling bugs when the server is finally under load. A feature might work great with 4-5 people online, but if poorly designed/programmed the server could slow to an unplayable crawl with any sort of actual load, and you will never know the problem exists until the worst time possible -- launch day.

    Finally, your game will not be made or broken by a couple custom features.
    Some of the greatest games of all time consisted of nothing but some text on a screen in a tiny console window. While custom features can augment a game for the better the success of a game will far more rely on the creativity of the developer. The best features in a bland world with no engagement or story will not lead to a successful game. 
    Take it from Kassie, who has been stuck between keeping his custom features and upgrading to the latest version of Intersect for years now. 
    If you are going to need custom code modifications, make a great game first and then chase after those modifications as late as possible, preferably right before you're game is about to go live and can possibly bring in either some revenue or volunteer developer talent so you can maintain those features.

    The most important thing is to have fun developing your game!
    If you aren't have a good time you're project probably won't see the light of day. Stop fretting about custom features and go have fun developing!

    I am going to pin this post for all to see. The goal of this post is to prevent you from getting into trouble early on. 
    If you want to share similar experiences or ask questions regarding getting started and maintaining custom code modifications please feel free to do so below.
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to jcsnider in AGD Ownership Update   
    Hey Everyone,
    I am announcing an ownership update for AGD. There is a TLDR at the bottom.
    For those that don't know, @Kibbelz and I started Ascension Game Dev and Intersect Engine together seven years ago. While we have been partners the community has seen several major redesigns and it has grown to be the home of over 7,000 members.
    With significant assistance along the way, we were able to successfully develop and open source the Intersect Game Engine. We met our goals of creating a cross platform, modern, c# 2d orpg engine with a larger feature set, better performance, and significantly more stability than any of it's predecessors.
    We have an amazing team of developers who are continuing to work on Intersect who are introducing new features, exterminating bugs, and working on expanding to new platforms over time. There is still a long road ahead but someday I hope that we can reach a stage where we'd feel comfortable releasing Intersect as a tool for the general public on platforms like Steam.
    The goal for Ascension Game Dev is to continue grow as a hub for all game devs and Intersect users to collaborate, get support, and share their creations. There are several updates and changes that we will need to make to AGD in order to support a larger influx of users that we hope to see in the future, not all of which I felt comfortable committing to with a shared ownership structure.
    So as of today I am happy to announce I have come to an agreement with @Kibbelz to buy out his stake and take full ownership of the AGD forum and Discord communities.
    I really appreciate and am grateful for all the help and support @Kibbelz has provided in getting us to where we are today. He will still be around working in Nightmare as an AGD member/contributor instead of an administrator going forward.
    As for site/discord changes nothing will happen for now, as official plans are made more announcements will come.

    TLDR: JC is now the full and sole owner of AGD and the AGD Discord Community. Nothing is really going to change for a bit. Thanks to @Kibbelz for all he has done to build up AGD and Intersect to date, and more announcements will follow as plans are made.
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to WhiteAssassins in Intersect CMS (NOVO)   
    Hello, I come to present you a new CMS for intersect
    This is under development and is only a week old. It still contains many bugs and is missing many features. Which in the following month should all be ready.
    The objective of this CMS is not to compete with CMS Unleashed developed by @XFallSeane it is only to give the user another choice.
    The link to GITHUB is: https://github.com/WhiteAssassins/Intersect_CMS
    Some Images of how the CMS looks



    Please Ignore the Prompt to Activate Windows 😂
    The CMS is Developed with Codeigniter 3 and made for use preferably for PHP 7.4
    Current Users Features Are
    Initial Web with Basic Data of the server and download link
    Login (Only Admin for now)
    Registration on the server (API)
    Players List Store with different payment methods (for now all disabled but will be added in the next few days) News System Current Admin Features Are
    Basic Data of the Server
    Options for multiple types of messages (Direct, Proximity, Global)
    Command to server CMD (Linux only) Ban, Unban Mute, Unmute Player Teleport Player Assassinate Player Kick Player Store Management System (Add, Delete and Edit Products) With TinyMCE News Management System (Add, Delete and Edit) with TinyMCE Logs (For now only Server Commands)  
    First Week
    Improve CMS security Finish Implementing Payment Systems Add English to the page Add the possibility of creating personalized pages Add maintenance mode to the configuration menu Add the possibility to customize the colors of the background gradient from the configuration menu Create custom pages of Error 404 - 500 and DB Second Week
    Add Possibility to create new admin accounts User account editing system Greater Possibilities of Personalization of the CMS Add Multi-Language System (You Can Request Languages) Add User Account system Add List of items in the User profile Third week
    Add password recovery by email Review of compliance with all legal security bases Fourth week
    Beta Release CMS Installation System Currently the CMS is totally dysfunctional for Mobile devices
    Suggestions on new functionalities are accepted
    Installation Tutorial
    Download the CMS from GitHub https://github.com/WhiteAssassins/Intersect_CMS Copy to your Web Server example C:\xampp\htdocs\intersec In the file application/config/config.php edit line 26 and put the link to your example website $config['base_url'] = 'http://novo.aewhitedevs.ml'; In the same file, edit the lines 524(Server IP) - 526(Api User) - 527(Api Password) In the file application/config/database.php edit from line 78 to 81 with their respective information In the file application/config/paypallib_config.php edit line 11 with the paypal payment email Create database on the available server (MARIADB, MYSQL etc) Import in that database the file intersect.sql  The User and Password is Admin Admin Contacts
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/whiteassassinsr/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/69TSmbgQx2
    GitHub: https://github.com/WhiteAssassins
    Buy me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/whiteassassins
    Currently there are many bugs detected by me which will be fixed in the next two days
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Ananke in Project Reunion - 2D MMORPG - Android and PC   
    Website: Project Reunion Website
    Discord: Project Reunion Discord
    Google Play: Project Reunion Download
    PC version: Download
    Hello, I would like to introduce you to a game/project that I have been working on for some time (1,5 to 2 years) in Unity. The game is in the open beta stage where I am trying to fix all the bugs. The official scheduled start is May 6, 2022 (10-12 AM UTC)!
    CROSS-PLATFORM GAMEPLAY: Project Reunion is truly cross-platform gameplay. Whether you prefer to play on PC or on a mobile device, one account allows you to play on all platforms and servers.
    Destruction awakens and destroys the Seal of the Chains. The heavens will open once more, the stars will lose their way again, and destruction will descend upon the earth. Ravenous teeth shall rape the land, the earth! It's cruel! Crimson Blood stains the earth. 4 Gems of Legend and Knowledge will appear under the Moon and Chaos will arise. . . Heed these words, wise man! The day will come when the earth will be fixed with 4 Stars, the Day of the End will be called, when the Heavenly Rays will divide the sky, and the echo of the call will be heard in the Valley of Death, and light from a long-forgotten world will descend upon this earth.
    Daredevils come to a newly discovered continent, where the beginning has its end. Heaven sends their defenders to battle the final fight once again.
    There are no character classes typical for other games, but there are professions that correspond to a given type of weapon and depending on what we wear, it defines what profession we use. Each profession has it own unique active and passive skills.
    It is a melee weapon that requires great strength. Perfect for people who want to be in the center of the fight. It is perfect for defending the weaker ones or for causing destruction among enemies. Primary stat is Strength.
    It is a melee weapon that requires strength and little less agility. Perfect for people who want to be in the center of the fight. It is perfect for defending the weaker ones or for causing destruction among enemies. Primary stat is Strength and secondary is Agility.
    It is a semi-melee weapon that requires strength and agility. Perfect for people who want to be in the center of the fight or attack from a distance. Primary stat is Strength and Agility
    It is a long range weapon that requires agility and little less strength. Ideal for people who like to get rid of problems at a distance. Primary stat is Agility and secondary is Strength.
    It is a medium range weapon that requires strength and little less mind. These weapons have a magical power to heal, strengthen allies, and a holy power that can strike enemies. Primary stat is Strength and secondary is Mind.
    It is a magic weapon that requires intelligence. Compared to other professions, this one mainly uses magic to deal with difficult situations. In his range of spells, he has one that can hurt single targets as well as large groups. Primary stat is Intelligence.
    EVENTS SYSTEM: Gather your friends and take part in special missions every hour, where you will have special rewards and the opportunity to test yourself and your companions. (Devil Arena, Chaos Castle)
    INVASION SYSTEM: Twice a day, the land of Loren is haunted by Mythical Beasts. Hunt them together with other players to get rare items. (Mythical Beasts Invasion)
    Player vs Player (PVP) Guild system Two set of weapons that you can equip in one moment Ally with other players and form a team to defeat strong monsters and gain extra experience (Party System) Hunt lots of different monsters Find the best equipment (semi-random loot) Crafting system Enchanting system (level up your equipment with special Orbs) No level limit  
    Current Staff
    -> Me <-
    Plans moving forward
    After the release, I plan to add:
    new "professions" - Nature Staff (aka Druid), Gun and Wand (aka Necromancer), new map region with new monsters, PvP event (arena), new equipment tier. Further plans include the development of the guild system (fighting for the castle, events in which we will gain special points spent on its development), New, more difficult bosses.
    Why we should play
    This gonna be best game ever
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Mcadams in Today I did this on my project...   
    Made some updates to the sprite since I last posted a full map picture. Also been working on having a more consistent palette and distinction in shading.

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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Mcadams in Today I did this on my project...   
    Working on attack animations




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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Mcadams in Today I did this on my project...   
    More animations

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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to panda in Rebranding the Client?   
    For future reference, questions like this belong in the Intersect-specific Q&A section, not the non-Intersect General Discussion section.

    Client configuration is covered by our documentation, as is distribution of your game. Parts of your question are also covered by the server configuration, also covered in our documentation.

    MacOS support (at least for Intel-based systems) is covered by the cross-platform compatibility section in the documentation via Mono (installed separately). For Apple silicon (M1 devices), support is more limited, and if you can get Mono running then that can still be used to run Intersect.

    Mobile devices are not currently supported, and we have no mobile builds at this time. It should be assumed that it is not on the roadmap.

    If you want to customize the client icon (changing the name is just renaming the file), you need to compile the engine from source (recommended), or use Resource Hacker (not recommended).
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Artheios in Loose leaf generator sprites   
    Hello all ! I don't know if you ever use it but there was a character generator named looseleaf which help creating xp style character. When i restart making games i tried to return on it but the generator has been removed. I fount a file with all the resources but i 'll not use it, so is it interesting to post it in the downloads section and if yes in which category should i post it ?
    here is the link :
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to yoshiman in Pokemon Origins @pokemon   
    Hello! This isn't an MMO - it's a single player game. You can download the RAR file and extract it to your desktop to play.
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to XFallSeane in Intersect Connect   
    Hello everyone,
    I present to you my latest application "Intersect Connect".
    This application will allow game developers to publish their games on the platform in a simple and free way, to allow players to download and play many games in one place, the application requires no registration for players as well as developers.


    The features of the application are basic for the moment:
    list of games, List of games installed, Install a game, Uninstall a game, View game news  
    No game update functionality has been implemented and is not currently planned, so you will need to have your own means of updating.
    If you are a developer, you can watch the submission tutorial for your games by clicking here and regulation here
    Download Intersect Connect now !
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Gibier in Intersect to Unity   
    If I remember correctly that was a April fools from few years ago.
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Meddy in [Player] Has killed [Player]   
    Hello if you know how to use sources, here is an easy solution: 
    Search in: public override void Die

    And add below: 

    You can change the color of the sentence too. Here it is ^^
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    Beefy Kasplant got a reaction from Vaiku in Sharing my own made sprites   
    Really cool!
    Too bad these posts always show up the moment I'm starting to feel somewhat good about my spriting abilities 😉
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to boasfesta in Today I did this on my project...   
    Embedded Video Link Testing some features together:
    -Fluid movement
    -Fluid knockback
    -Flashing hit
    -AoE basic attack
    -Camera shake
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to boasfesta in Today I did this on my project...   
    Its just the red flash at the enemy when it got hit
    It works by custom code
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Daywalkr in [Intersect] Middle Ages: Online   
    Download & More Here
    Welcome, traveler...
    ...to Asgodia. A place once filled to the brim with players and NPCs alike.
    After the original player base of the original Middle Ages: Online died in the 90s, the NPCs of Asgodia were left with no one to help them out. With things out of their control, they were forced to live in a purgatory, until one day, a lone player showed up.
    At first, the lone player was a boon to the NPCs - a quiet-type, who kept to himself in this otherwise online game. But as time grew long, weird things started to happen to the land of Asgodia... then suddenly, in 2021, more players started to arrive again.
    Perhaps you would like to join them?
    The Warrior
    The Warrior is a melee-only class. The Warrior can use a sword and shield to provide single-target damage and crowd control, while also buffing his party and tanking physical damage.
    A warrior may also find themselves using the greatsword - a massive weapon capable of dealing damage to multiple targets at once, substituting crowd control and party buffs for sheer damage output.
    A warrior should avoid magical damage at all costs, lest they build around that weakness by wearing lighter armor.
    The Mage
    The mage is a versatile ranged class. The Mage can use a staff of destruction to bring elemental damage to their foes. High damage-output and mild crowd control are the tools of the destruction mage.
    However, a mage may also find that they want to help keep their party alive. Such mages will instead wield a healer's staff, and provide single-target and area-of-effect heals to their party, with occasional damaging spell tossed in.
    A mage must avoid taking any damage, especially physical - unless they'd rather sacrifice magic damage by wearing a suit of light armor.
    The Rogue
    The Rogue is the class of versatility. The fastest class, a rogue has the option of going ranged or melee.
    A rogue with a bow in their hand will provide high damage output, both to multiple targets and to single targets. To wield a bow effectively means maximizing agility - thus sacrificing physical protection.
    A rogue with a dagger or broadsword, however, has the option of wearing heavier armor if they so choose to attack with a variety of crowd-control options. This may leave them open to attacks from mages, however...
    Quests, PvE, PvP, three playable classes with their own separate Guild Halls! Guild Vs. Guild runs every day from 6-8PM EST and allows guilds to fight for control over a Guild Hall! Taking over a guild hall secures it to your guild members for a day, allowing you to use its craftings services and Guild Bank! Combo System! Chain enemy kills together (PvP or PvE) to rack up a monster combo - higher combos will yield bonus experience! These combos are even shared with your party members. You can rack up insane combos and experience if you co-ordinate well! After a certain monster-level disparity, you will have to move on to stronger monsters if you want to continue to gather bonus experience Prayers! Prayers are an accessory that, when equipped, auto-cast a spell at enemy death. These spells can range from health gain, to casting a barrage of lightning bolts out from the spot of enemy death. AFK Resource Gathering! All the fun of playing a game without actually doing anything! Simply starting harvest of a resource will automatically allow you to continue to harvest the resource to completion Combat upgrades over base Intersect! Projectile pass-through of friendly players in PvE zones, allowing you to set up strategic battle positions Optional Tap-to-turn mode allows you to tap a direction to face that way Controls for turning your character A "Face Target" button that will face you toward your target "Un-target" at the click of your mouse! Just right click on any non-enemy to de-select your target Voice acting! Fun voice lines will be peppered in throughout your quest. And they're not just recorded with a garbage microphone in a bedroom! Fully original score composed by yours truly! Check it out below. Original art and animations done by myself, some friends, and Daniele and Nickki from these forums! (Great work guys <3) Mini games such as the Fenwyndell Goose Race! The Permit system - help out NPCs to earn thank-you notes and commendations, which in turn can be used to unlock permits to allow you to harvest better resources and use stronger tools! The Inspiration system - purchase inspiration with resource points (gathered whenever you harvest a resource) to gain experience while crafting OR gathering! Quests! Tired of just "Kill x 10 times" quests? Want some storyline, some characters? Like the way "Runescape" does quests? Try them out here! More than just your average fetch quests. Favor! Earn favor for your NPC guild by completing tasks, turning in resource points, turning in commendations, or turning in quest points (earned by completing quests) to your guild to unlock your Class Skills and Spells! Tasks! Do you prefer simple fetch quests? Killing 10 slimes? Well, tasks are for you! Complete tasks for your guild or for a local town to earn extra Favor, Gold, and commendations from NPCs.  
    The Public Alpha will start Monday, October 11th, at 6:30PM EST.
    You can download the game for free at https://www.middleages.online.
    Join the discord! That way any bugs, exploits, typos, or other oddities can be easily accumulated and sent to me so I can improve the game!

    I look forward to seein you there
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to Weylon Santana in Why "Spawn NPC" command does not work??   
    He was trying to spawn a monster, but the monster disappeared 3s later, I said there might be an autorun event or common event somewhere that had the despawn npc command activated, then he found the event and deactivated it, now edited the post asking to remove the post because it solved the problem
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    Beefy Kasplant reacted to boasfesta in Today I did this on my project...   
    Just added an 100% fluid movement.
    Embedded Video Link  
    Embedded Video Link  
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