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  1. Yeah, without source edits you're going to have to make multiple equipment slots as mentioned above. You will probably run into some issues if you don't make a distinction between the different gem slots though. In case people want to equip their gems, but the gem they have is for slot 1 and not for slot 2. You can get around this by having a 'Soul Gem' type, 'Body Gem' type, etc.
  2. Nice maze, but throwing players into a pitch black maze first thing seems a bit extreme.
  3. Take a look through this topic for inspiration:
  4. Start here: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/ If you have more questions, you can always ask. As long as you don't ask people to make full features for you and show you tried first, you'll be able to get your answers!
  5. Try it again while the server is off and start it up after you've saved your modifications
  6. There's no skill tree editor that you missed lol. I wish there was but unless you edit source, you'll have to mess around with shops and events
  7. In the server folder you can find the damage formulas and you can change them to work how you want
  8. Sorry man, no idea. Would need edits in the spell editor, spell casting, targeting logic, etc.
  9. Nothing is impossible, you just need decent programming skills
  10. Thats not possible without source edits
  11. edit your sprites to be 3 pixels lower or your paperdolls to be 3 pixels higher
  12. Same size tile with more pixels? The tile size is in pixels, so what you want is impossible
  13. What kind of features do you have in mind that would be a days work and cost like $100? Just trying to get a feel for what I'd have to pay you (+ I'd be giving you my real name, so it needs to be worth the mental terror)
  14. In the server(?) config you can set the rendering order of all your paperdolls per direction.
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