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  1. Bullshit point. Point is bullshit... That is all...

  2. I believe all commands are threw the admin panel which can be access via pressing the insert key. As far as the functions, there should ban, kick, warp to and warp to me, and the ability to make them game staff.
  3. I'm going to move this conversation over to messages so not to flood this topic with off topic items.
  4. This is not entirely true. You can use other webserver software. Such as Windows servers with php installed (costs huge amount of money), nginx (free), IIS (free if you have windows) and many others. Secondly, at least in Colorado, it is against their Acceptable Use Policy to host servers to serve content outside of your LAN. @The Bunny Gamer To expand on what you will need for others to see it, I suggest checking out WAMP. Which is Windows Apache Mysql PHP server. Then I suggest you also look at no-ip to mask your ip address with a free sub domain from no-ip which will be easier to remember than an ip address for people. Though I'd also contact your ISP (internet service provider) to make sure they allow running a website. As some ISP can be huge assholes about it and terminate your account, if they really cared. If you are running Linux look into LAMP. It is the same thing as WAMP just for Linux. Though if you are running windows, I'd just install IIS as its a native app to windows for running websites. Lastly. It looks really good. The screenshots of the template reminds me of the old school eclipse website from way way way way back in the day.
  5. Long time ago i did. This Thursday I'll have a new video of it showing the basic features. Also it would be cheaper for you to buy the items you need for yourself. Than to have me build it and send it to you.
  6. Thanks @buu. I'm going to tighten up the layout later tonight. Taking a break n getting some csgo in first. And hopefully start testing the results come tomorrow.
  7. @Damian666 my obd2py application is damn close to Version 1.0.0... ONce version 1.0.0 is released you cant talk shit any more!! LOL

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    2. The Crzy Doctor

      The Crzy Doctor

      Just wiat till thursday when I have a fully charged laptop lol


    3. Damian666
    4. The Crzy Doctor

      The Crzy Doctor

      Why you doubting me? Version 1.0.0 will be usable!


      Along with it made into an exe for everyone to use! STOP HATING!! lol


  8. I updated a bunch of the GUI system and error handling today. The GUI still has a lot of work to go. Especially with having huge amounts of empty space. This is the main screen. The GUI for this screen is still being worked on. As you can see there is huge amount of empty space. Once I have the sizing down the empty space will be gone and the window size will be scaled down. As you can tell you will be able to see your speed, rpm, oil, coolant and intake temp along with the engine load. There is a timer using kivy.clock.Clock. It executes the connection to the serial device(OBD2 to USB). If the pyserial is not installed or if the application can't find the serial device it will have pop ups show up with correct information. To close the popup you just have to click a space on the app that is not the popup. I may add in a button to close it later. Lastly is the settings area. This was a little tricky as i never used the built in settings system for Kivy. It is actually really nice. I really enjoy it and will most likely use it once I get to the client of pyOtion+ (eventually lol). If the first to options are set to off, Speed will be shown in KPH which is actually the default value given when pulled from the cars system. Yes the car computer (all cars) are actually metric by default. This also means if use fahrenheit is off it will use Celsius. Which again is the default value pulled from the cars obdii system... Gotta love America and not using the metric system by default lol.
  9. So how is the New World treating you? Didn't you just take over E-Rantel?

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    2. The Crzy Doctor

      The Crzy Doctor

      You mean season 4.... Season 3 is when You took over E-Rantel..... lol


    3. Ainz Ooal Gown

      Ainz Ooal Gown

      Haha yeah just corrected it... At work and its been a looooong ass day :P

    4. The Crzy Doctor
  10. OBD2PY was a small baby of mine when I had cash to burn on Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi accessories like touch screens and what not. I haven't touched this in roughly 5 years. Today I dusted it off removed all the old GUI system which was TKInter and replaced it with a very basic GUI made in Kivy. Right now if you run it will do absolutely nothing. I needed a small break from making Orion+ into python. So I decided to do this before work today. I got exactly where I wanted to with switching out the old GUI with the new one. PLEASE NOTE NOTHING WILL BE DISPLAYED CURRENTLY RIGHT NOW AS IT IS BROKEN DUE TO THE NEW GUI! OBD2PY OBD2PY is a carputer. The project is heavily based off of pi2go. I removed the QT GUI system to use TKInter originally. Now after 5 years, I am back to this project. It was completed and working before the new edits to the new GUI system. I have ripped out the old TKInter GUI system in place to use Kivy. As Kivy is able to be ported compiled into almost every operating system including phone. What is OBD2? On-board diagnostics (OBD) is an automotive term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. OBD systems give the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of the various vehicle subsystems. In short it is the information newer cars are able to display on the dash such as temps of oil and coolant, oil pressure, mpg, miles till empty, fuel filter life, oil life, etc etc. Cars made from 1996 and newer are all OBD2 compliant. Meaning you will be able to use this program with them. It is also used to pull codes to know what is wrong with your hcar when the check engine light comes on. Features OBD2PY currently is able to grab the vehicle speed, rpm, coolant, oil and intake temperature, along with the engine load. Coming Soon After I get the basics working again, listed above, I will be adding in more advanced features. These features will consist of MPG/LPG, Trip Distance (Total since last reset, since car started), Engine Time (Driving hours, Idle Hours) logging and saving thigns to sqlite database, fuel level in tank. Eventually the app will be abler to pull codes (check engine light) and save them so you can research them at a later date. Source All source code can be found here. It will be updated to a usable state once I have found my OBD2 to usb cord. I'm hoping to have the basic features up and running again by the end of May. Depends on how long it takes me to find my OBD2 to usb cord. Current Version 0.0.5 Based on Major.Minor.Build What you will need All libraries needed to run this program can be found in the requirements.txt file. You will also need a OBD2 to usb cable. This is the one i bought originally. Though there are others out there you can buy as well.
  11. Nice looking game there Marsh. SO when do i get sneak peak? lol
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