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  1. Yes, I try to compile the Examples folder, but it gives a lot of errors, I saw that there is an example that can be used by discord button on the game's initial screen. But I would like to know how it would work, because I wanted to turn my modifications from the source into plugins, to save future work, and also to provide modifications free of charge to the public.
  2. I would like to turn my modifications into plugins, but I can't find anywhere, a way to compile and how they work. Does anyone have a link or a brief tutorial on how to do it?
  3. for me that would be a bug, it doesn't make sense. if a boss drops 1 rare item, and has 4 members in the pt, will he drop that rare item 4x?
  4. Consulta como hiciste el minimapa?

    1. Sorinan
    2. Alathor


      Tú sabes como agregar un minimapa tipo GPS al juego? 





      Desde ya, muchas gracias.


    3. Sorinan


      Infelizmente ainda nao tentei amigo, mas deve ser semelhante ao renderizar o mapa na tela, porem em escala menor

  5. Open the visual studio, go browsing inside the source files of the client and then the server following.
  6. In the line 462 of Client.Entities.Entity you need to edit this also on the server side.
  7. unfortunately I tested it here, and even after all this time, Exp Formula remains completely useless
  8. Yes, this has already happened to me, I thought it was my VPS that was incompatible, I changed Vps, in the new vps he continues the error. but just keep insisting that one hour it opens. I don't understand this problem
  9. It would be nice if you could implement a payment system to add points directly to the player's website account, for example paypal, or another platform better than dedipass
  10. as in the topic I created, the third column is unchanged and the table bugs after you close it, and it resets. https://prnt.sc/10sg9im
  11. This is the XP table that I want to put https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/7c0a5524dafc75389e46eb1fd3b08447.xlsx
  12. Whoa, what a pity, but can it be expanded? Say I want to put a maximum level of 1000, will I have to express XP within those levels because the engine limits? Okay, let's say I set it to level 500, which is how far the engine allows, why doesn't it save? when I enter the table, does it reset?
  13. I did a calculation up to level 1000, but it is only pasting up to level 507. https://prnt.sc/10q94qq And when I click CLOSE, it goes back to the normal screen, but when I go back to the table, it resets https://prnt.sc/10q95tm after https://prnt.sc/10q965i
  14. Hello guys, I have doubts on how I apply this formula on my server to calculate the xp of the classes, can someone help me? Here is my formula: (50/3)*(X^3-6*X^2+17*X-12)) where X is the player's level
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