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  1. "Bounds": "x, y, x2, y2", x & y, where this entity starts by the (top left?) corner I believe - x2 and y2 being the size of the image. "Padding": "x, y, x2, y2", I believe this one is self explanatory but it's the padding around the bounds. "AlignmentEdgeDistances": "x, y, x2, y2", "AlignmentTransform": "x, y", Don't worry about these unless your image just isn't going in the right spot (honestly if you're using this it might cause issues - stick to bounds) "Margin": "x, y, x2, y2", This one is mainly used for inventory/spells where you have an array of slots that need to be evenly spaced. The way I work on my UI is estimate how many pixels my image needs to be and what each image within the whole needs to be. This allows me to use a calculator to precisely put everything where it needs to be.
  2. 2) How do you reset a player "so they start off fresh" playerdata.db in <path>/server/resources Use an editor like dbbrowser or something and delete the character or just edit the values that you need.
  3. Can you show a preview of what it looks like?
  4. Make it a loop that every time it spawns it adds to a counter and stops spawning when the counter reaches a specific number. You can add wait times in there too.
  5. If time is between X & Y then spawn Z, else despawn NPCs. - looks like one way to achieve your desired effect.
  6. Agreed. It can definitely be done. (not by me without hours upon hours of work though because I'm dumb.)
  7. Scaly


    Yes but I don't think it's encrypted so your user that has API access sends the password in plain text over the wire.
  8. Scaly

    Level Cap

    In your server folder go to the 'resources' folder and open up 'config.json'. Look for "Player": and in that block there is a setting you can change called "MaxLevel": Hope this helps.
  9. Doesn't look like it according to the docs: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/api/v1/endpoints/players.html#list-players
  10. Scaly

    Inn Keeper

    This is one of those things where you should mess around with the tool before asking the question since they're both pretty easy. For an Inn you will have to use the event system and that's up to your own creativity. For shops you can use the shop editor and then the event system to deploy a shop.
  11. No. Use visual studio and do exactly as @Cheshire said. Change the icon that comes with the source build and then rebuild the source.
  12. The event system does just what you’re asking for. For this to work you need to go to the “events” tab where your tileset area is. Double click on where you want your event. You will need to choose the “show options” one (I forget what it’s called and I’m on my phone) and for each option set a warp point. Easy day.
  13. Logitech G502 (I’ve bought 4 of them already...) it’s the best mouse on the market.
  14. Right click > Save link as > this should give you <randomnumbers>.patch and just change <randomnumbers> to whatever you want to save the patch file as.
  15. Level, Hp, Mp, attack, ability power, speed, defense, magic resist, xp to next level gor a specific class.
  16. Yes. I saved a handy dandy cheat sheet to use for various things and after testing out what you are asking for it is entirely possible to do. The way you would accomplish what you're asking is quite simple. You have a variable string that is set to the player's name and you have another variable string that is set to \pn (player name). You use these two variables to compare and if they are equal X happens (whatever it is you want to happen) else, nothing happens. This is my cheatsheet that I found through digging around at some point: # Textbox variables \pn -- shows the players name that triggered the event \en -- shows the name of the event that is activated \onlinecount -- shows the number of players that are online \onlinelist -- lists all the players that are online \param -- takes the string after a /command. Example: /welcome kibbelz, will return "kibbelz" in the text display. Available from beta 4.0 onwards. \hour -- displays the hour component of the games time (12 hour format) \24hour -- displays the hour component of the games time (24 hour format) \minute -- displays the minute component of the games time \second -- displays the second component of the games time \period -- displays whether or not it is morning/night in game (AM or PM) \pv{#} -- displays the value of a player variable (replace # with the variable id set in the switch & variable editor) \ps{#} -- displays the value of a player switch (replace # with the switch id set in the switch & variable editor) \gs{#} -- displays the value of a global switch (replace # with the switch id set in the switch & variable editor) \gv{#} -- displays the value of a global variable (replace # with the variable id set in the switch & variable editor) You can also find the same by clicking this: Hope this helps! *Edit: Also as a side-note - developing a game requires quite a bit of debugging when you find your events are not working properly. These variables help tremendously in the debugging process. Having large events with a lot of moving parts let's me type a single chat command to see all of the variables and what they're set as during different parts of the event to make sure everything is working properly and if it's not I can see exactly or roughly where the event is not working in the way I want it to.
  17. Scaly

    Prefab system

    I actually don't need this functionality but just tossing something up in the air. Intersect already has the functionality to copy a single layer or all layers, is it not possible to select specific layers with checkboxes in that same tab to copy those specific layers? Regardless I don't think this would help. To OP, it may help to use a test map to build out the things you want to build and copy that over to the map you're working on. This is how all of the main things in my game.
  18. So try to set those different phases as variables and mess around with it on a 1 minute scale rather than an hour scale to test.
  19. Scaly

    1 HP?

    I’m sure if you dig around the source it’s very easily editable.
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