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  1. It doesn't actually work well unfortunately though.
  2. You can do it through global variables but if too many global variables happen at once it can be kinda funky. The way I know how to do it is setting variables to the playername with \pn. So example Killer = \pn Killed = \pn Global message: \gv{Killer} killed \gv{Killed}
  3. It's based on 7.0.0 main branch. There are quite a few custom changes. So basically what seems to happen is after some time the server kinda just seizes up and doesn't allow new connections. Once this happens anyone that is online will no longer be able to log in (except administrator accounts). I tried checking through the playerdb to see if I could find anything and I can't. Below is the error I'm seeing in the console, I removed the user's account name and IP for privacy. 2021-12-18 17:46:48.506 [Error] Client Packet Error! [Packet: LoginPacket | User: <User> | Player: | IP <IP>] 2021-12-18 17:46:48.508 [Error] {"DataKeys":0,"MessageLength":42,"StackTraceLength":1018,"InnerException":false,"Source":null,"TargetSite":null,"TargetSiteDeclaringType":null,"Type":"System.IndexOutOfRangeException"} 2021-12-18 17:46:48.509 [Error] Client Packet Error! [Packet: LoginPacket | User: <User> | Player: | IP <IP>] 2021-12-18 17:46:48.509 [Error] See logs for more information. When this happens to a user they get a connection error that tells them to check their internet connection. Through testing, if I manually deleted a character from an affected account they can then log in again. Do you think it's possible characters are detaching from their associated account and when they try to log in it shows the account has a character but it can't find it?
  4. Yes it's custom and as for regularly I can't be sure. I started having people trickle in to a closed alpha access today. So far what I've been able to gather is that accounts that were playing at the time of the crash can no longer be accessed. Old accounts can be though so I'm not sure what the issue is yet.
  5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021-12-17 22:18:48.025 [Error] Client Packet Error! [Packet: LoginPacket | User: User | Player: | IP IP] 2021-12-17 22:18:48.025 [Error] Message: Index was outside the bounds of the array. Stack: at (wrapper stelemref) System.Object.virt_stelemref_sealed_class(intptr,object) at Intersect.Server.Networking.PacketSender.SendPlayerCharacters (Intersect.Server.Networking.Client client) [0x00177] in <abc18994255647c3bc439dff7e059aeb>:0 at Intersect.Server.Networking.PacketHandler.HandlePacket (Intersect.Server.Networking.Client client, Intersect.Network.Packets.Client.LoginPacket packet) [0x00360] in <abc18994255647c3bc439dff7e059aeb>:0 at Intersect.Network.PacketHandlerRegistry+<>c__DisplayClass38_1`2[TPacketSender,TPacket].<CreateWeaklyTypedDelegateForMethodInfo>b__1 (Intersect.Network.IPacketSender packetSender, Intersect.Network.IPacket packet) [0x00001] in <0557b77026a34e78af480eff017e5238>:0 at Intersect.Server.Networking.PacketHandler.ProcessPacket (Intersect.Network.IPacket packet, Intersect.Server.Networking.Client client) [0x0010e] in <abc18994255647c3bc439dff7e059aeb>:0 at Intersect.Server.Networking.Client.HandlePackets () [0x000eb] in <abc18994255647c3bc439dff7e059aeb>:0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The above is mono-sgen Below is from playerdbIntersect Server 2021-12-17 17:08:04.717 [Error] PLAYERDB: 10000 - An exception occurred in the database while saving changes for context type 'Intersect.Server.Database.PlayerData.PlayerContext'. Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbUpdateConcurrencyException: Database operation expected to affect 1 row(s) but actually affected 0 row(s). Data may have been modified or deleted since entities were loaded. See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=527962 for information on understanding and handling optimistic concurrency exceptions. at Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Update.AffectedCountModificationCommandBatch.ThrowAggregateUpdateConcurrencyException(Int32 commandIndex, Int32 expectedRowsAffected, Int32 rowsAffected) at Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Update.AffectedCountModificationCommandBatch.ConsumeResultSetWithoutPropagation(Int32 commandIndex, RelationalDataReader reader) at Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Update.AffectedCountModificationCommandBatch.Consume(RelationalDataReader reader) at Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Update.ReaderModificationCommandBatch.Execute(IRelationalConnection connection) at Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Update.Internal.BatchExecutor.Execute(DbContext _, ValueTuple`2 parameters) at Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Storage.Internal.NoopExecutionStrategy.Execute[TState,TResult](TState state, Func`3 operation, Func`3 verifySucceeded) at Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Update.Internal.BatchExecutor.Execute(IEnumerable`1 commandBatches, IRelationalConnection connection) at Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.ChangeTracking.Internal.StateManager.SaveChanges(IReadOnlyList`1 entriesToSave) at Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.ChangeTracking.Internal.StateManager.SaveChanges(Boolean acceptAllChangesOnSuccess) at Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.DbContext.SaveChanges(Boolean acceptAllChangesOnSuccess) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any ideas?
  6. Sorry on step 3 add an 'Input Variable' which gives the player a box to type in whatever they want. In this case it's the guild name. Right after that you can do 'Create Guild' using that variable. Sure, open up the json and on "Hidden": false change the false to true. on "Draw Background": true change the true to false
  7. 1. Create a player variable 2. Create an event on the map 3. Open up the event and click 'Create Guild' and set the guild variable to the player variable you created in step 1.
  8. Yes it's fully up to date except make sure to read the replies. I got it working by doing what I said as a reply.
  9. The close button is bound to the title section.
  10. I can confirm it does contain 5G and a bunch of vaccines. Be warned.
  11. Just append _attack _weapon _cast _idle and _shoot to your sprites and paperdolls
  12. 'Defense' lowers the overall 'physical' damage (physical) 'Magic Resist' lowers overall 'magic' damage (magic) Speed increases movement speed Attack and Ability Power are just stats that you can use to scale damage.
  13. You could also do this by having using variables and attaching events to resource nodes.
  14. Does the font / font color not work in the menu container json? Below is a snippet from my json: "SpellsContainer": { "Bounds": "168,0,84,35", "Padding": "0,0,0,0", "AlignmentEdgeDistances": "0,0,0,0", "AlignmentTransform": "0,0", "Margin": "0,0,0,0", "RenderColor": "255,255,255,255", "Alignments": "", "DrawBackground": true, "MinimumSize": "1,1", "MaximumSize": "84,35", "Disabled": false, "Hidden": false, "RestrictToParent": false, "MouseInputEnabled": false, "HideToolTip": false, "ToolTipBackground": null, "ToolTipFont": null, "ToolTipTextColor": "", "Texture": null, "HoverSound": null, "LeftMouseClickSound": null, "RightMouseClickSound": null, "Children": { "SpellsButton": { "Bounds": "0,0,84,35", "Padding": "0,0,0,0", "AlignmentEdgeDistances": "0,0,0,0", "AlignmentTransform": "0,0", "Margin": "0,0,0,0", "RenderColor": "255,255,255,255", "Alignments": "", "DrawBackground": true, "MinimumSize": "1,1", "MaximumSize": "84,35", "Disabled": false, "Hidden": false, "RestrictToParent": true, "MouseInputEnabled": true, "HideToolTip": true, "ToolTipBackground": "tooltip.png", "ToolTipFont": "sourcesansproblack,10", "ToolTipTextColor": "255,255,255,255", "TextColor": "255,222,171,139", "HoveredTextColor": "255,255,255,255", "ClickedTextColor": "255,31,17,14", "DisabledTextColor": "0,90,90,90", "TextAlign": "Center", "TextPadding": "0,4,0,0", "AutoSizeToContents": false, "Font": "fab,12", "TextScale": 1.0, "NormalImage": "btn.png", "HoveredImage": "btn.png", "ClickedImage": "btn_selected.png", "DisabledImage": "", "CenterImage": false, "HoverSound": "", "MouseUpSound": "", "MouseDownSound": "octave-tap-warm.wav", "ClickSound": "" } } },
  15. I never replied but @jcsnider you should add to this guide. In order to create the fonts you need to include the .ttf file in the folder with Content.mgcb otherwise it will not create your fonts. (at least that's what worked for me)
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