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  1. What are you confused about? I may be able to help you.
  2. What if when I created the folder it automatically placed something I didn't want in it? That's what happened in my case.
  3. Hello all, When using folders to organize various things within the game how does one go about deleting a folder/moving something out of said folder? Example is I accidentally put a variable in a folder that I didn't want in there and now I can't move the variable out of that folder or remove that folder. Very respectfully, ScalyOne
  4. That solved it. Thank you, I appreciate you!
  5. Hello all, When using a paperdoll will I have to remove parts of the weapon to make it appear behind the player sprite when the player is moving in the positive Y direction (up)? If not I assume it is supposed to render below the character sprite however mine currently is not. If the latter is the case how would I go about fixing this issue? Very respectfully, ScalyOne
  6. Does this require you to create animations for each piece of loot dropped? I assume not but just making sure.
  7. True, however I would like to keep that to a private discussion. Once I lay out my wants and needs we can move on from there. I'm really looking for someone that at the very least is familiar with C# but hopefully familiar with the Intersect source in order to make those modifications. If someone messages me and they can't fit my needs it's fine I can keep looking, I have time. All of my needs have been done before and/or something I suspect is fairly simple.
  8. Currently looking for someone familiar with Intersect's source for modification that will fit the needs for my game in development: Icarus. This is a paid job, you can send me a Discord request ( ScalyOne#9755 ) and send me your quote/rates. My requirements will be kept private and will be discussed via Discord. Looking forward to working with you. Very respectfully, ScalyOne
  9. Yes so I'm looking to combine some elements which wouldn't be supported by just using jsons. Having equipment, inventory, character stats in just one section would be nice but I'm not exactly sure which scripts I should be looking at combining without breaking everything. I was hoping I'd be able to rearange the interfaces in a point & click sort of way like Unity. I thought that you could do something similar with Visual Studio, I remember using Visual Studio a few years back doing something like that.
  10. Hello, I have very little programming knowledge and was curious about the source so I loaded it up and built it. Going through it seemed that it is mostly C# scripts. Are these C# scripts creating the jsons? I would like to customize the GUI however using the jsons to do so is constraining. I guess the question is how would I go about doing this for the client login/main and HUD/interfaces in game via Visual Studio and where would I look? Very respectfully, Scaly
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