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  1. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    Question about setting up point system

    Might have to wait for source for that.
  2. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    Need a Paperdoll :/

    Lol woooo now, But yeah im probably just do that, But it might look werid so idk lmao
  3. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    Need a Paperdoll :/

    Oh yes big time! I just need a wand, cause I can recolor it. I'm trying to make a non-copyrighted project. It be a nice one. @Dashplant Thank you broski! Also is your game still active? Cause I love playing it.
  4. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    Need a Paperdoll :/

    Does anyone know if theres a rpg xp or rpg vx paperdoll of a wand by chance? I really need one to complete default setup for my game.
  5. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    help with transformation

    Yeah I seen it, you use event system in the casting of the spell right @Gibier ?
  6. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    help with transformation

    Name the spell the character might be as. For Example if your doing dbz and your Goku, Make it where they go back to sprite normal form goku. But not sure, code can help big time, but the system has it's powers as well.
  7. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    help with transformation

    I know Mounts are able, but once code of intersect is released you can code to make your character go up so the mount can be under the player. And for Transformation, if it's not displayed in spell options then idk. I check for ya real quick. You using intersect correct? Edit: Yes transformation system is in Intersect. Create a Event and make that event transform you into another sprite. If it doesn't allow duration on the spell which it should, you can simply make a revert spell. - but im novice with this engine, but it allowing a event to be activated on spell use is amazing. This also might allow mounting. Mess around with the spell/event and see what you get. - This is if your using intersect.
  8. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    Intersect Map Help

    Yeah, I just found out I can autotile all my maps, but I can just single tile on mask 2 and put single tiles on each ending and it goes invisible. Jc this is amazing Engine, you and your development team have here. My wife just helped me make a map and she did it in seconds. She never ever did any mapping in her entire life. Awesome work love it!
  9. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    Intersect Map Help

    When I link each map, I autotile my dirt path and its leaving a line showing the next map, How do i get rid of the line?
  10. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    A Intersect Engine Question

    oh ok, it works but half @$, but any idea when b6 be released? I really like this engine, it has a lot of unique features for what I need it for. MainMenu works very simple and I love it. Also @jcsnider Thank you so much for helping me.
  11. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    A Intersect Engine Question

    Never opened a JSON file before, how to open? and any idea the name of the original MainMenu and Click sound? Cause if that's turn then I can just simply rename Edit: found out how to open json… My be LOL @jcsnider Edit: I found the Click Sound inside some of the ui json files but when I change the entire txt for each "ClickSound": "Null", I don't hear anything when clicking.
  12. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    A Intersect Engine Question

    How to add Main Menu Music, and a Click Sound? Usually in vb6 you can do it by configuration, and replace click sound with whatever you choosing. Is it required by code or able to do outside of code?
  13. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    Need help with a werid error

    Wanna know how to fix this error - A server reception error occurred (Error Numbers : 5 Description : Invalid Procedure Call or argument source : ManGa FRoG) Any idea whats causing this? It happens when I go to enter the game screen.
  14. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Online - TGK!

    It's under development, but it should be soon.
  15. Youtuber_ShadyMikey

    Intersect Day/Night?

    Does Intersect have a Day and Night system or ?