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  1. Youtuber_Miken

    Need help with a werid error

    Wanna know how to fix this error - A server reception error occurred (Error Numbers : 5 Description : Invalid Procedure Call or argument source : ManGa FRoG) Any idea whats causing this? It happens when I go to enter the game screen.
  2. Youtuber_Miken

    The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Online - TGK!

    It's under development, but it should be soon.
  3. Youtuber_Miken

    Intersect Day/Night?

    Does Intersect have a Day and Night system or ?
  4. Youtuber_Miken

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    I apologize for any actions I have performed to cause issues to any member or staff. I strongly am recommending not posting or asking for anything for hear on out. If help is given then that be strongly apricated and I apologize once more for any inconvenience acts I have done to anyone or caused.
  5. Youtuber_Miken

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    @GibierThank you big time broski! Really apricate it.
  6. Youtuber_Miken

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    If we can change the Playable to WIP that be helpful, since it's back in WIP Re-Development, I wont be Relaunching until I have enough progress completed this time, dislike using the maps I bought the engine with as well.
  7. Youtuber_Miken

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    If anyone wanna subscribe to my youtube channel you can here: https://www.youtube.com/c/MikenGaming If you do sub that be amazing, and I would really apricate that and a huge thank you to whoever does. Also whoever subs you can see new videos of DBZ Resurrection Online Updates and Progress if you don't wanna be apart of staff. Also i'm looking for a staff to help me start working on DBZ Resurrection Online again so we can release a dope DBZ 2D MMORPG My Forums has hit 412 members so it's blowing up but need serious help with getting a Development Team together. http://www.dragonballz-ro.boards.net/ Also you can join our Discord Server Located Here: https://discord.gg/cgVTZY
  8. Youtuber_Miken

    Very Important Question!

    Can someone add dx8 into my pokemon engine? I pay! I know its able cause a DBZ Development team added it into there dx7 mangafrog engine.
  9. Youtuber_Miken

    The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Online - TGK!

    @LinkTaylordThank you for the support and our new link that will never expired in the bio: https://discord.gg/7BwQGQt
  10. Youtuber_Miken

    The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Online - TGK!

    3 new classes will be added to this game, and the name has been made to the game itself. You can download and try it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jd55incr559a28i/Install+Zelda+-+The+Golden+Kingdom!.exe Alternative Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/18scaz3p9a196vm/Install Zelda - The Golden Kingdom!.exe?dl=0 -Need to add Sprite Change through items, So I can make the salon so you be-able to change your appearance for either class, and I'm adding the Skull Kid Class -TBE = 1-3 Months Hopefully ("Time Be Expected") Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hVFq6x
  11. Youtuber_Miken

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    Question, how can I add Server Status to my Launcher ? For Example I wanna put it at the top right of my launcher saying, [Server Status: Online] Anyway I can code in my IP and Port and have it displayed like that or ? Game vb6, but launcher .net, and It's just grabbing a status basically right?
  12. Youtuber_Miken

    Intersect Beta 5 Release Plans - Updated!

    Amazing work @jcsniderMan that's amazing!
  13. i'm trying to see if someone can help me real quick with transferring the code when using an item you can change the sprite of the character. Basically just a copy and paste.
  14. Youtuber_Miken

    A VB6 Question For Item Lost

    I know, I was up my time from 2-5am just trying out methods with the common Rarity and nothing ever popped :/, but I just do item 1 which is obviously main game currency Thank you Broski, I was tired asf during the figuring out, but the itemnum method wasn't working for me for some reason, that code did the job thank you broski!
  15. Youtuber_Miken

    A VB6 Question For Item Lost

    @Damian666 I'm trying to make it where only Common Rarity Items are only dropped, and anything over rarity 1 isn't allowed to be dropped, how to add that? But yeah item 1 for only money drop is dope, but I wanna enable rarity 1 only drops so I can host mini games with that