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  1. CookieMonsta

    The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Online - TGK!

    @LinkTaylordThank you for the support and our new link that will never expired in the bio: https://discord.gg/7BwQGQt
  2. CookieMonsta

    The Legend of Zelda - Hyrule Online - TGK!

    3 new classes will be added to this game, and the name has been made to the game itself. You can download and try it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jd55incr559a28i/Install+Zelda+-+The+Golden+Kingdom!.exe Alternative Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/18scaz3p9a196vm/Install Zelda - The Golden Kingdom!.exe?dl=0 -Need to add Sprite Change through items, So I can make the salon so you be-able to change your appearance for either class, and I'm adding the Skull Kid Class -TBE = 1-3 Months Hopefully ("Time Be Expected") Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hVFq6x
  3. CookieMonsta

    JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    Question, how can I add Server Status to my Launcher ? For Example I wanna put it at the top right of my launcher saying, [Server Status: Online] Anyway I can code in my IP and Port and have it displayed like that or ? Game vb6, but launcher .net, and It's just grabbing a status basically right?
  4. CookieMonsta

    Intersect Beta 5 Release Plans - Updated!

    Amazing work @jcsniderMan that's amazing!
  5. i'm trying to see if someone can help me real quick with transferring the code when using an item you can change the sprite of the character. Basically just a copy and paste.
  6. CookieMonsta

    A VB6 Question For Item Lost

    I know, I was up my time from 2-5am just trying out methods with the common Rarity and nothing ever popped :/, but I just do item 1 which is obviously main game currency Thank you Broski, I was tired asf during the figuring out, but the itemnum method wasn't working for me for some reason, that code did the job thank you broski!
  7. CookieMonsta

    A VB6 Question For Item Lost

    @Damian666 I'm trying to make it where only Common Rarity Items are only dropped, and anything over rarity 1 isn't allowed to be dropped, how to add that? But yeah item 1 for only money drop is dope, but I wanna enable rarity 1 only drops so I can host mini games with that
  8. CookieMonsta

    A VB6 Question For Item Lost

    I'm trying to set it where instand of losing all items in inventory on death, you lose only game currency. For a Example you only lose Rupees in a Zelda Game so that item number in the system is 1 " Example " For i = 1 To MAX_ItemNum1 PlayerMapDropItem index, i, GetPlayerInvItemValue(index, i) Next For i = 1 To Equipment.EquipmentNum1_Count - Max PlayerUnequipItem index, i Next Edited: If I can make only Rarity Items Common which is 1 be dropped only that be dope, Cause then I can choose which items I say can be dropped onto the map after a players defeat. Anyone able to help?
  9. CookieMonsta

    VB6 issue, After opening saids Quiting

    Thank you big time broski!
  10. I installed VB6 and when I goto open it, it saids quiting right after and closes. Anyone know why it's doing it? This problem started happening after I did dao350.dll Regsvr 32, it kept saying that dao350.dll wasn't installed aswell and that's why I did the regsvr 32 on the dll. Edited: VB6 always worked for me, but I have no idea while this is accruing.
  11. @Escanor you closed down your project? or ? I'm interested in helping.
  12. CookieMonsta

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    @Akihiko It can, but perfer Pokemon Revolution Online Storyline Animations a lot better. I'm also inspired by my other development team I was working for scene focusing on story telling. When we switch to .net for v4.0 we will have some of those type animations you seen in that video up above, But everything being set and position mostily like Legacy of Goku, for Holding Down Beam Button, Blast Clashing, and much much more. Also @Yalashanda You didn't quit your dbz team right? Quit to look for paid offers on spriting, when you was really good spriter for the dbz team you were working with. I have 2-3 spriters who enjoy working for the pleasure of others to enjoy a 2D MMORPG DBZ Game and not once expected $$$, just the same as me working on the game itself. if I ever got any donation it go straight to development like VPS or etc. I can understand being a paid spriter, but don't give up on there team if you did. Head admin is amazing dude.
  13. CookieMonsta

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    @Kibbelz True, But got close friends building a .net engine as well, and there adding a lot of unique things that will have features already pre-set for the dbz game, cause its being develop for the dbz game + Usage Engine. I like Intersect and Orion+, but just seeing what my Developers are gonna do.
  14. CookieMonsta

    Dragonball Z Resurrection Online!

    It looks very laggy, and wouldn't expect that to be in vb6 tbh. But surprisingly it is, and its a good and bad system as I look at it. Perfer .net over many languages, and due to the fact that vb6 won't be able on computers in the near feature is gonna piss a lot of people off and destroy there projects if they don't move to a higher language.
  15. CookieMonsta

    DBZ Renaissance

    Looks very nice! Btw are you going to put the health bar below the player or keep it above? Love the GUI Work as well! Btw what graphics you using btw? dx7 or dx8?