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  1. Hello So i started to configure SMTP server to be able to use "forgot password" and i got this error: I'm using this connection script: "SmtpSettings": { "FromAddress": "email@gmail.com", "FromName": "Game Name - Pass Code", "Host": "smtp.gmail.com", "Port": 587, "UseSsl": true, "Username": "email@gmail.com", "Password": "pass" }, Does anyone know how to fix?
  2. I think that when i set json was on method get, and when i tried again when i set method post was in text, i don't know wtf i did, but work now! And i'm using postman but in dark theme Thanks a lot!
  3. I'm sorry in that print was get, but with post i got the same error...
  4. Hello... So I changed "Enable= true" in api.config After i created an account named server So i set "api server true" And started server with --apiport = 5400 And i don't know why i'm having this error...
  5. What if i told you that I spend more than 5 minutes before you answer, and my doubts came because i tried to figure out how work with APIs... But thats ok Thanks for your sweet atention...
  6. Hello I started studying understanding how APIs work and I'm having trouble following their reasoning ... Following the API guide, I set the API Enabled field to True. and created an account with user "server" and granted access "api server true". To start the next step as I'm on localhost using XAMPP, I created a folder in htdocs "api / oauth / token" and a "request.json" file with the following code: { "grant_type": "password", "username": "server", "password": "5E884898DA28047151D0E56F8DC6292773603D0D6AABBDD62A11EF721D1542D8", } On a server that I have hosting sites I put the same folders and the file request.json and with the site did a test and got 200 success: https://reqbin.com/ The first question came to mind, do I need to create a get token file, refresh token, delete token and so on? When it comes to a user do I need to create their file or folder or how would the server do it automatically? Related to users and commands like get item would you need to manually create this entire directory "/ api / v1 / players / [lookupKey] / items / inventory"? Then I had the doubt how to connect this api with the server once I have the user, just put in the api configuration file on the server the direction and the port where has the API files? Thanks
  7. Hello, Well, I tried to add tool type and i found in Server/Resources/config.json this lines: "ToolTypes": [ "Axe", "Pickaxe", "Shovel", "Fishing Rod" ] So i tried to add bellow "Fishing rod" an "Hammer", but all that i got was an error sever... There's any way to add tooltypes without the open source? Other doubt is where can I find the vocab of the equipments type? Here is an item with "None" type, so this i could change on client_strings.json (click to see) But when it's an equipment it stay like this (click to see) Thanks!
  8. Hello guys! So, i made an local server with Intersect Engine, and installed XAMPP and migrated the playerdata to MySQL... I downloaded SQL Lite Portable to can open the gamedata.db to see ID of items. My doubt is, when I open the server, the server load mysql db, and everything that happens while the server is open doesn't update on MySQL, just when I restart the server... I was trying to catch an item ID, and add on player bank or inventory. But the item just shows up when i restart the server... There's any way to update server withou shuttingdown? If not, there's a way to give items and change player variables inside the client while the server is running? Thanks!
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