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  1. deadpan

    Theme Facelift

    I'd recommend putting the background color on the containing div rather than on the individual lines here:
  2. @Khaikaa I challenge thee to a rematch in which I don't purposefully restrict myself to Kantomon.

    1. Khaikaa


      hahaha ok, we can rematch tomorrow, now I'm going to sleep because I work all night today


  3. @Damian666 Shoutbox is borkeden!

    1. Damian666



      its very dead lolz

  4. deadpan

    Best forum software?

    How about GiBBier? @Gibier The real question is whether or not you want ease of administration/use or ease of modification. IPB seems to be good-ish for the former, but seems downright disgusting for the latter. I say good-ish because some really basic functionality is rather convoluted, like the member list.
  5. And again, he wanted to stop doing the solo Ironman movies because he's getting old, and at some point no amount of cash is going to get him to do all of the stunt work he needs to do for the Avengers movies either. He will almost certainly be in Infinity War Part 2, but I expect it to be his last unless he gets resigned for a really short contract, or the filming for any other movies is completed before this contract ends.
  6. He said he didn't want to do any more solo Ironman movies because he was getting too old for it. He would only do movies that had less screen/stunt time for him like Avengers movies, but I suspect that won't last long before he grows tired of work he has to put his body through for those as well.
  7. Pretty sure RDJ quashed any more Ironman movies, at least with him in it. I expect he's on his way out.
  8. deadpan

    The real panda

    Nobody claimed I wasn't an AI haunting your dreams.
  9. deadpan

    The real panda

    Yeah... no.
  10. deadpan

    UDP questions

    Typically the server has a some sort of connection identification, whether or not it is implemented at the network layer or in the library you are using, or whether you have to implement it yourself is not something I can answer, as I am not familiar with the technology you mentioned you are using for the client, and it can vary a lot. Essentially in its barest form the client is sending some sort of connection identifier in each packet to the server. Same principle applies to coordinates. Just like there is an identifier for who is connecting (which should be two part -- when the client is initially connecting it should pass some sort of key to the server to say "hey this is me, please give me access", and the server will generate another key to use in tandem with the key the client provided for subsequent requests to prove to both the client and server that "hey, this packet was sent by someone claiming to be X client, and X client should know about Y piece of information, which they do, so they must really be X client"), there is also an identifier for what kind of information is being sent to the server -- unlike the connection identifier however which is dynamic and only known at runtime, this is static, and is known to all clients and servers beforehand. Before you jump the gun and implement connection identifiers however, check to see if you get multiple sockets or connections from your server networking library. If you only get a single one that spits out packets, you will need to write your own connection identification code -- which means all of your packets will have a client identifier generated by the client, a shared secret between the client and server that the server generated on the connection request, the packet type/identifier, and finally the packet data, but if the server library provides connection and socket information for each socket/connection, this is likely already being taken care of, and all you need are the packet identifier/type and packet data.
  11. deadpan

    The real panda

    Don't try and bait an actual picture out of me, if you want it just ask for it.
  12. deadpan

    The real panda

    No it's an ugly picture. I'm sticking with my seatoidle.
  13. deadpan

    The real panda

    Because it would get Giggles to change their name.
  14. deadpan

    The real panda

    We have no member with the username panda.
  15. deadpan

    The real panda

    Seriously though, my three sizes are way smaller than that pedo's.