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    Jackson reacted to Niko in Today I did this on my project...   
    Added some shadowing and sun rays to the starting city of Plague masters, really breathing some life into the maps now. Intersect is turning out to be one beast of an engine!
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    Jackson reacted to Justn in Today I did this on my project...   
    Started the slow process of adding new ground tiles for all my maps to make the transitions between new areas not so jagged. Still WIP




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    Jackson reacted to Cheshire in Today I did this on my project...   
    The next not really a project..

    Small update, it now sets channels accordingly for Local, Party and Global.. Remembers your own choices for All and System.

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    Jackson reacted to Cheshire in Today I did this on my project...   
    Technically not really a project.. but you know.

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    Jackson reacted to George in Today I did this on my project...   
    basic late night doodles. just a messy wip goblin boss, start of a design with the thought that the boss be will potentially pick up and throw the normal sized goblins at you. 
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    Jackson reacted to Seruwin in Today I did this on my project...   
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    Jackson reacted to Richy in Today I did this on my project...   
    Today, spend most of the day on sprites, to create animations via events. Also started on the event creation of my massive mission system.
    (Don't mind the map, it's just a test map for stuffs.) Heh.

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    Jackson reacted to Capivarinha in Today I did this on my project...   
    The (surface lol) World of ASN
    What you think guys?

    I just don't know what to do with that red area, i've feel that has no sense of direction, and that area separates the inicial village (post tutorial) from a city, it's kinda weird rn.
    If you have some idea, let me know <3
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    Jackson reacted to Eridonis in Today I did this on my project...   
    Pretty much just testing the windows.
    Day and Night cycles of the Inn where you can recover your HP from a long battle, rooms are unlocked for now but, will be locked when occupied. (We have no healers due to all churches being destroyed.)

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    Jackson reacted to TheSandersGuy in Today I did this on my project...   
    Did some cloud stuff for fun...
    Embedded Video Link  
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    Jackson reacted to froggy in Realmshaper   
    Where are we at and what's next? Update as of 9/11 -20
    First zone Riverwind Fields is finished
    Second zone Riverwind Forest is nearly complete, with only a few missing pieces
    Non-combat zone Riverwind City/Castle has most parts completed related to the first two zones
    Next up I will focus on finishing up the forest and the city elements, to be able to do a testing phase ASAP. Stay tuned!
    Map Screenshots
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    Jackson reacted to Blestro in Today I did this on my project...   
    Hi Guys!!
    I'm working on City buildings... look
    we got a Bank, Blacksmith, shoe workshop, tailors workshop, jewelry shop.

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    Jackson got a reaction from Blestro in Today I did this on my project...   
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    Jackson reacted to AisenArvalis in dungeon system global variable   
    Do this:
    Create a Global Variable of the type Boolean and set it to false and call it "DungeonCheck" or whatever you want to call it

    Make an event on the gate for the dungeon that has this.
    Conditional Branch > Dungeon Check = False
    - Prompt the player if they want to enter the dungeon
    - If Yes:
          Teleport Player in
          Set Dungeon Check = True
    - If No:
         Do Nothing
    If Dungeon Check = True
          Tell the player someone is already in the dungeon

    Boom done.

    On the finish line of the dungeon, teleport the player out and change the variable to False again.

    Not sure how to handle the dungeon if the player logs out or dies tho. That is a completely different system for now.
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    Jackson reacted to Ainz Ooal Gown in dungeon system global variable   
    You could do a onRespawn for the player death. Have a player Variable that goes alongside the global one:
    Conditional Branch "InDungeon = True"
    Set to InDungeon = False
    For player logging out in dungeon, I dont think that is possible without a source edit?
    You could set a timer instead like 15minutes to do dungeon, even if the players logs out it could refresh dungeon.
    To counter players logging out and waiting for timer to end and logging back in dungeon where another person is doing it, you could add a check to "Login":
    Conditional Branch "InDungeon = True"
    Warp player
    Set to InDungeon = False
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    Jackson reacted to CosakiGames in Today I did this on my project...   
    Cave of  Sorrows - Lv 10-15

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    Jackson got a reaction from wishy in Today I did this on my project...   
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    Jackson got a reaction from Eridonis in Today I did this on my project...   
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    Jackson got a reaction from Ainz Ooal Gown in Today I did this on my project...   
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    Jackson reacted to Eridonis in Today I did this on my project...   
    It looks like a pidgey from pokemon. Nice work on the pet system.
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    Jackson reacted to gooby in Random system   
    of course its possible with source edits
    wishy made a source mod a couple months ago but it seems he removed it for some reason. here are the threads, maybe they could be of some use?

    EDIT: also even though it seems the patches have been suddenly removed, you shouldnt apply old patches cuz it could just break your game, but you can still take a look into them to get an idea
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    Jackson reacted to CosakiGames in How make usable paperdolls   
    You can make armour/weapon paperdolls by taking the base character sprite (i.e. Human.png) and drawing in the items on a second layer.
    Then take the character layer out and the remaining will be just the item layer, save that .png in paperdolls and that's all.
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    Jackson reacted to Shenmue in Diagonal Movement   
    First of all, be sure to be on the latest official working commit with the patch. The branch must not have any modification or there may be conflicts with the mod.
    You must download and apply the basic mod patch first. If you want more features like diagonal projectiles or easier attack when a player has a target, you can download and apply the patch files related to these. The zip file is not needed, but if you download the zip file, then you must apply all patches in order.
    Be sure to build your project after installation.
    In the setup section of the first post you have useful links like the official AscensionGameDev tutorial on how to apply a patch and a tutorial that explains how to deal with patch conflicts.
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    Jackson reacted to Shenmue in Diagonal Movement   
    I think it's now stable, because all features seem to work and there's no known bugs.
    If we don't take in consideration the updates I've done to make the mod compatible with the latest dev branch, there've been two months without any modification.
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    Jackson reacted to Richy in Sacred Stones   
    The Story:
    Long ago, when the world was dark and void. A God descended to the planet to create the perfect world. From the mountains to the rivers, this God had placed. From the creatures to the animals, this God had placed. This God created even the light, there is no darkness to be found, except that of His universe. This God created men, and women, but once men and women were created, this God found it hard to control His world. So He created Angels to help with the controlling of this world... Then there was a fight in the universe, for one of the Angels (which it's modern day name is the (Dragon King)) betrayed the God, and created deception which led to destruction in His world. Man went against each other, women went against each other, even the animals went against each other. God then cast the Dragon King away from the world and bound it with 6 Stones and placed each Stone deep inside the world's modern day Caverns and Dungeons; However when some of the other Angels learned that God had cast the Dragon King with 6 Stones, they had also betrayed God and descended to the world to gather the 6 Stones in an attempt to free the Dragon King. God can not allow this to happen because if these Angels get the 6 Stones and release the Dragon King. The planet will be consumed by the waters that he can call upon...
    So now; God has chosen many men and women, but only needs one man or woman, to get ALL 6 Stones at any cost, even if it means mass bloodshed in the planet. for all 6 Stones need to be given to God to cast another demon away. Will you be the one to get the Sacred Stones???
    TD:DR Story
    God created 6 Stones to bind the Dragon King away from the planet which caused deception and destruction. God placed each Stone inside Caverns and Dungeons and now God needs all 6 Stones back... Will you be the one to get the 6 Sacred Stones???
    The Concept: The Stones:
    Being that there are only 6 Stones in this world. Players will have to engage in PVP to take a Stone they need from another player to achieve getting all 6 Stones. The coding is already in place and it prevents ALL the exploits that I can think of... These Stones are not Items so they can not be bought/sold or traded, they will show inside the main GUI once acquired. Each Stone gives a player a specific power: This is a Spoiler so.
    The Engine:
    Highly modified EO 2.0 in VB6. Ambardia's server and client to be exact.
    The Graphics, Sound, Music:
    Right now; I am using Ambard's graphics for the most part. I am redesigning the UI because I am using Ambardia Reborn as my base so everything was wiped off the server and I'm slowly replacing what needs placed in the client so a lot of it is ripped and modified by me.. As well as Reiners Tilesets, and some other tileset resources. I have no clue what all is in here, as I've not really looked through it all yet. Sounds and Music, Probably Enterbrain and Blizzard tracks right now, I know I have some custom tracks in there. Anything else, I've no clue where they came from.
    The Staff:
    I still credit Ambard @ Ambardia Productions as I am using resources that I did not create, but I am trying to use as much as my own as I can, even though I know I'm not that great in graphical design. But as of right now, I am solo developing this. I might open for a small group of testers at some point (if anyone is interested, PM me.) I will let you know when I can use the testing via PM reply...
    All I really can show is some of the UI I have edited, as that has been my biggest focus, as well as the  coding of the Stones. I have a small sample map that I just created because I got tired of seeing the black screen.

    The Future:
    Not even really thinking about it. I am doing this basically because I've been very bored and thought of a concept and went with it. I don't know how far it'll take me but I am accepting feedback and/or suggestions right now about this. I will likely be taking my time with development as I am known to burn out very quickly. I have re-done alot of the UI and the Stone codes within just 2 days. So, in-game content will probably be a slow progress to make sure it's all good and smooth sailing. I am solo testing until I feel confident enough to move this into an alpha stage: But be warned, it'll be quite awhile....
    Completion States:
    Story: 50%
    Coding: 80%
    Stones: 100%
    Mapping: 0%
    Items: 0%
    NPCS: 0%
    Spells/Summons: 0%
    Animations:  0%
    Quests: 0%
    Skills: 0%
    Playability: 0%
    Anyone who decided to TL;DR but still did. I love you. <3
    Development Blog Updates:
    I won't be bumping this thread with updates so I'll just add any and all updates right here.
    TODO: ... I don't know when lol.
    Still need to update UI for Shop/Bank and Trades.
    I have to clean up the resources in my folders and remove items/spells/animations/sprites/sounds/music I won't be using.
    I'll have to start with the creation of items, as I have the items and item stats documented.
    Will have to try creating music and sounds... As I know I will be lacking in those resources the most.
    August 20th 2019 Updates:
    Finally fixed EO 2's Hotbar. The blt was fine, the problem was the fancy math in IsHotbarSlot(X,Y). When that just needed a simple Left = (32 * i)
    Updated UI's for Item/Spell description boxes.
    Cleaned up how imgbuttons were handled, unnecessary duplicate calls in each Select Case, instead of just calling them all invisible once and then just loading/unloading the picture box of which button was clicked.
    August 19th 2019 Updates:
    Got the coding completely done for the Stones: Meaning....
    Players who stay logged in for over an hour will reset their inactivity state.
    Players who are inactive (logged out) for over 24 server hours will lose 1 stone per 24 hours of inactivity. These stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began. The stones are the main mechanic of the game and need to be available for all.
    Players will lose 1 stone per PVP death, that stone will be given to the PK'er.
    Players will lose 1 stone if they exit the game during the PVP combat timer. (UI changes which timer is on/off.)... These stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began.
    Players who have stones are able to be attacked in safe zones, but they can defend themselves once attacked, the pre-emptive strike is there for players that are trying to get the stones, yet there is no pre-emptive strike if the attacker also has a stone.
    Players get special bonuses for having each stone.
    The player who get all 6 stones are rewarded greatly by the God's as it is the end game for the conquest of all of the stones. All of the stones are placed back in the Caverns and Dungeons where they began, and this player does not need the stones any longer.
    I'm calling the Main UI done, I've spent more time than I wanted to on this... I just need to touch up the other GUI's.
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