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  1. The Bunny Gamer

    [SQLITE] Automatic HTML Leaderboards with Python

    (And yes the original script to connect to SQLite, not even to show the leaderboard, can be found here.)
  2. SQLITE AUTOMATIC HTML LEADERBOARDS IN COLLABORATION WITH PYTHON Rules for use You don't have to credit me for the idea (although appreciated), but if you use the python script I made then you must credit me. Advantages and Disadvantages of using this method Advantages: VERY simple. Accepts SQLite. Very customisable. Uses Python and HTML. The script tells you of any changes to the leaderboard. Disadvantages: Does not accept MySQL. Only supports Windows (you must have onedrive accessible from file manager). You must run the script at all times for the leaderboard to update. Script Automatic HTML Updater How to use It is very to simple to use. Just 10 simple steps. 1. Download the python script. 2. Open file manager. 3. There should be a "OneDrive" tab on the left. Click this. 4. Create a new, empty folder. 5. In the folder, create a HTML document. To do so, open notepad, create a new text document and save it in that same folder but with a ".html" extension. 6. Name the HTML file something like "[Your Game Name] Leaderboards". 7. Head to the online version of OneDrive. 8. Right click the HTML file (NOT folder) that you made and click share. Set the folder to have the sharing options: viewable by anyone with link. 9. Open an editable version of the python script (downloadable above). You can do this by downloading python (v2.7) or simply with notepad. Edit the configuration settings. The HTML file path is the HTML file you created in onedrive's directory in file manager, and the database is the directory of your SQLite database. DON'T USE BACKSLASHES (\) AS THEY WILL STOP THE SCRIPT FROM WORKING! Instead, replace all backslashes (\) with forward slashes (/). 10. You are done! To use the updater, just at the same time you are running your intersect server, run the python script. Keep it running - it acts like a server and updates the HTML to the up-to-date leaderboard every 20 seconds (you can modify this). For someone to find the leaderboard, you should share them the link of the HTML file. To make this link shorter, you could use tinyurl. If you are stuck on any of the steps let me know!
  3. New automatic DDO leaderboards have been created! These update every 5 seconds! Head to https://tinyurl.com/ddorankings to check them out! Note: This is a replacement for the manual leaderboards I created on March 8th.
  4. The Bunny Gamer

    Detain tool for admins

    Detain tool = constantly teleport player of your choice in front of you. This could be a spell or a part of the admin panel.
  5. The Bunny Gamer

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    Where is the show/hide players on a map command? Or has it not been released yet? :v
  6. The Bunny Gamer

    Minor Announcements

    Maps redesigned, seamlessly New seamless maps have been added to replace the old ones! All the main maps have been attached and completely redesigned!
  7. The Bunny Gamer

    Plans for Future Updates

    + Added 1.05 update! Added /links command to get items from clicking hyperlinks! Improved /help command COMPLETELY CHANGED MAPS! The main maps have been completely redesigned and are now seamless! Various minor updates & bug fixes A beam sword! Fires a beam that goes on for longer the longer you hold down LMB!
  8. The Bunny Gamer

    Big resource library

    Hi, just stumbled across this resource library with what seem to be free-to-use resources! Use at your own risk. https://forum.chaos-project.com/index.php?topic=563.0
  9. The Bunny Gamer

    Death Animations

    INTRODUCTION Hi. I made these death "animations" a few months back and thought I might as well share them with everyone. They are free to use, credit appreciated but not required and do what you will with them! (Maybe they will even inspire you to make your own! They are really easy to make, just get an enemy sprite and go to Paint 3D and produce your inner three year old with a red pen) TWO EXAMPLES OF WHAT YOU WILL BE DOWNLOADING: FULL EIGHTEEN ANIMATIONS IN THIS PACK: https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/245da26ab851e274f2bcd1324255f505.zip HOW TO USE: These are extremely easy to use. Simply: 1) Make a seperate common event for every enemy in your game. 2) Create an animation and set the sprites to (BELOW target) the death animations I've given you, or make your own. 3) In every common event you made for each enemy, play the animation of that enemy in the common event (no trigger for the event) and set the location to relative to the players direction, directly one tile in front of the player. Last it for about 3 seconds. 4) Inside your NPC's or Enemies settings, set the on death for player event to the common event! [OPTIONAL] 5) If you want more than one common event to occur when your enemy dies, just add the extra commands you want to the same common event! -----> "I hope I helped!"
  10. The Bunny Gamer

    Player Shops

    Can you add player shops please? So there are trades already, but the player has to actively try to trade. It would be better if you could have player shops a bit like Rucoy Online where you can click on a player and it will show their shop in the same format as a currently existing shop, and could you also make a space limit that you can increase with certain items. Thank you!
  11. The Bunny Gamer

    Suggestion "Exit" Event

    this will be easily possible with source because you could have an "on logout clicked GUI". oh damn it's a necro delete this
  12. The Bunny Gamer

    [SUGGESTION] Add projectiles / damage to Dash spells

    Agreed. (This isn't a necro, there's still 15 days left!)
  13. The Bunny Gamer

    Guild system, please

    Guilds are probably one of the most asked-for thing in Intersect. They will come soon, probably! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guildas são provavelmente uma das coisas mais pedidas no Intersect. Eles virão em breve, provavelmente!
  14. The Bunny Gamer

    Check if party has [x] members

    GUIDE: IF PARTY HAS [X] MEMBERS How to: To check if the party the player is in has X members, say you want to make it so you can only enter a boss battle with at least 3 party members, it is really simple. 1) You will firstly need to create an NPC and lock it in an NPC Avoid box to prevent it from moving. It should have 1 HP and no attack. 2) The NPC should have an "On PARTY kill" box. Put that event as a new event. In the new event, you should add one to a global variable called "Party count" (or whatever). 3) Ask the player to kill the NPC in order to play the Boss Battle, or whatever. 4) It will then set the global variable to however many are in your party! 5) Make sure to reset this to zero every time a player checks for their party number else this will only work once!
  15. The Bunny Gamer

    News are coming! (?)

    ? Is this a new game by you?