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  1. The Bunny Gamer

    Intersect Beta 5.1 Released!

    COPY AND PASTING IS FINALLY HERE!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! Now I have to be bothered to replace all the .exes and .pdbs... Lol... The copy and pasting should be a whole update in itself, like from 5.0.0 to 6.0.0
  2. The Bunny Gamer

    Real Life Resources - Image Bundle

    -Added Dragon Stone (side and front) -Added Fake Clay
  3. The Bunny Gamer

    Real Life Resources - Image Bundle

    Lol. I'm too lazy to make all of those into a tileset 😂
  4. The Bunny Gamer

    Real Life Resources - Image Bundle

    Hello! Here are a few resources that I've collected in the struggle to repay the community for everything they've given to me to use. These are a few real life resources that resemble things - swords, shields, helmets, ores, etc. They are of differing image quality as some have been taken by camera and some by phone. I collected a bunch more but most were displaced. Anyway, I've managed to keep the main best ones, and I hope you enjoy! Rules: You must credit me as I have spent a large deal of my own time collecting these items, and credits would be appreciated. Please include my username and a link to this webpage. Anyway, enough talk.. here they are! Amethyst Dragonite This Dragonite might as well be called Werewite (Werewolf-ite) because at night if you flip it on its side it becomes an angry werewolf! Dragon Stick (Zoom) (Zoom more) (look it's a snek) Door Pacific Head Boi (I don't know where I got this from LOL!) Helmegg (bottom) Helmegg (top) Dragonwood (front) Dragonwood (back) Dragon Stone (upgraded dragon stick) Dragon Stone (front) (look it's a drago) Fake Clay
  5. The Bunny Gamer

    Plans for Future Updates

    + Added 1.01 update! Most major outstanding bugs have been patched, thanks a ton to those who pointed them out to me in-game! Added a new cave. Hoping to expand in 1.02. Changed sword paperdolls! Cobalt swords are now blue, eletric swords yellow and electromagnetic swords blue and yellow!
  6. The Bunny Gamer

    DDO Wallpaper Download

    Darkest Dawn Online Wallpaper is now here! Dark version potentially coming soon. You can download it here.
  7. The Bunny Gamer

    Darkest Dawn Online MMORPG

    Game has been transferred to game page!
  8. The Bunny Gamer

    Darkest Dawn Online

    Version 1.0.0


    Please download our game from the link below (not hosted here at AGD) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KEi-xKA0bzyRVm_iRhcN6gsilA3WF95z DOWNLOAD INSTUCTIONS: 1) WINDOWS: Download the .exe file that should have a green mail icon as a logo. MAC: Download the .zip file that should have a black arrow pointing downwards as a logo. 2) WINDOWS: Double click the file in file manager and it should pop up with a file directory, and you must click accept. MAC: Right click the folder and click extract. 3) Open the folder once it has finished extracting the file. 4) Open the file under the name "Intersect Client.exe". 5) If the server is currently online, then you're aces!
  9. 1.01 Major Bugfixes. Cave Sword Paperdoll variety 1.02 More equipment. Weather. Huge Map Additions - Whole new realms Expand Cave 1.1 Easter Update (Temporary): Easter boss. Easter look of map. More coming soon!
  10. The Bunny Gamer


    Breaking these rules will result in your post/thread being deleted: 1) No NSFW or swearing. 2) No hate. Please just post constructive criticism. 3) No advertising. 4) Keep relevance to Darkest Dawn Online. Breaking these rules will result in your post/thread being locked for further posting: 5) Asking about problems which have already been explicitly answered. These are subject to change.
  11. The Bunny Gamer


    What are the rules of posting on this game forum?
  12. The Bunny Gamer

    Why is the server offline?

    Currently, there are opening times for the server that might not suit everyone but that we have done our best to make as long as possible. These are subject to change. You can find them here: https://thebunnygamer1.wixsite.com/darkestdawnonline/opening-times
  13. The server is offline, how do I connect?
  14. The Bunny Gamer

    Darkest Dawn Online MMORPG

    NEW OPENING TIMES Weekdays - 6pm till 10pm GMT Weekends - 10am till 10pm GMT Warning - These opening times are NOT guaranteed. The server consists only of a family PC.
  15. The Bunny Gamer

    Mac support

    Is there a simple way to run client on Mac? I know there is an explanation with downloading mono and that but I have no clue how. Pls help