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    Oriya Online - 2D Classic MMORPG

    Hello player! All information about Oriya Online's spell system has been released. You can view all the information by clicking on the following link: https://www.oriya.phgames.eu/community/?view=topic&id=6&part=1#postid-8 If you have any questions, please comment! We want to know your opinion! (This time we have the information in English and Portuguese)

    Respawn Time

    Hello, The NPC respawn time is in MS or Secounds? Best Regards,

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    Edit users accounts

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    Oriya Online - 2D Classic MMORPG

    Information Update 09/06/2018: * We have made a update on our website. * Some new informations about the game has been announce in the website. * Pre-Alpha is set to start in prediction date. ( About 3 weeks from now ). * We have announce the guild page on the website. Photos of the website new update: https://imgur.com/gallery/ejz0pxH

    Oriya Online - 2D Classic MMORPG

    Information Update 08/05/2018 ____________________________________ Classes: Warrior: The warriors are invincible adventurers from another world who die and receive a second chance by entering as warrior in the world of Oriya. The warriors have an incredibly strong defense and are enough tanks to fight on the front lines of any war. Druids: The Druids are the successors of the gods. These possess immense power in magic and intelligence. They are known to plan the strategy of a war at all costs. They have a weak defense yet possess incredible magic and healing power to allies. _______________________________ We plan to launch more classes as time goes by. ____________________________________ World Boss System: During the game's recourse will win some scrolls each scroll has a feature. There are the parchments of the world boss, each world boss has a different parchment. To summon the world boss they will have to go to the site of the same and deliver the same the stones of invocation. When delivering the same will appear 1 message in the global chat to say that a world boss is being invoked after that all players who want to participate in this world boss will have up to 10 minutes to reach the site. After this time the world boss will appear. Each world boss has a 1 to 15% chance of dropping legendary items. More informations and screens of the game soon.

    Oriya Online - 2D Classic MMORPG

    Website is now open: www.oriya.phgames.eu We will announce screens of the game soon.
  9. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is Oriya Online? Oriya Online is a classic 2d medieval game. More than 5000 thousand years ago there were 2 races of the races of the demons and the race of the gods. The race of demons were terrible monsters without any feeling with the mission to reign the kingdom of Oriya. Until one day the whole race of gods made a very powerful spell to seal the demons. _____________________ Nowadays a group of hidden Demons have managed to remove this seal. The race of the gods no longer exists. There are 4 races now. Humans Adventurers Elves Devils The adventurers are humans who died in the other world and were invoked into this world to fight the demons. These adventurers have been selected one by one and each one has incredible power yet to be discovered. _____________________ In the world of oriya there are 4 different types of powers. Water Fire Nature Light The adventurer (player) when he reaches a certain point will begin to be able to choose his spells. The player can choose a type of power and will evolve to make that power even stronger. The player can only choose. If you choose fire for example all your spells will be fire type. To find out what happens in the rest of the story you will have to join the kingdom of Oriya. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oriya Online Servers and Status: European Server - Main Server Coming to Pre-Alpha soon. NA Server - TBA SA Server - TBA _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some systems that you will find in Oriya Online: House System Craft System Party System History Gear System World Boss Events Every Week Fun and Fun History PVE PVP Arenas PVP Events And much more. Some images of our website: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Join the Kingdom of Oriya Now! Discord: https://discord.gg/HMA5dpZ Website: www.oriya.phgames.eu
  10. For tracking and organizational purposes, please include ONLY ONE bug or suggestion per report. Thank you! Reports not in English will be removed. /////////////////////////////////////////////////// Suggestion Description /////////////////////////////////////////////////// A unique guild system example: Guilds Have Quests and Boss only for guilds; Guilds Members able to receive each day a payout that is choosen by the guild leader or sub leader; Guild Craft; Guild Wars; Guild Houses & Castles; ( If guild craft enable they only can do it in the guild house or castle ) Best Regards,