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    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    Dragon Warrior 1 Super Mario RPG Shining Force Everquest (The first big sandbox mmo, despite what WoW fanboys say) Final Fantasy 9 (Best rpg ever made imo)
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    *This thread was originally about synthwave, but now its just about music in general. Post any music you like in this thread.* Has been my favorite genre of music for a few years. There's a pretty elaborate history about it. Mostly it's just based on 80's video games and movies. Quite the nostalgia. The following is the history of Synthwave:
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    My latest mix:
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    Bleed Effect Possible?

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    Show Off - HypnoLotus

    Drugs are bad mkay
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    Show Off - HypnoLotus

    I see Jesus when I look at these
  7. The amount of work needed to pull this off without source isn't worth it. With source it's maybe a few lines of code, and little effort on the developers part.
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    Real life photos

    10 years ago
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    Game Nightmare Showcase

    Our team Magework Studios will be showcasing graphical & mechanical updates that we do for Nightmare, the mmorpg that is soon to be released on Steam. The "Spirit Walker" will be a high level mob in The Gauntlet, a night-time PvP event.
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    Nightmare Showcase

    Our latest GUI update, courtesy @Aesthetic and myself.
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    My latest mix:
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    Experience formula on b5.1

    Yes, well technically my answer is still right. It's just not working.
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    Systems I want

    This isn't good for a base system. Ie. we have a similar idea we want to implement into Nightmare, only its a "Special Items" tab. Having said that, if there was a way to separate items into categories/different windows, and have them display over different graphics (book, menu whatever) then we'd have a dynamic system to work with. Even then, I can't see jc or anyone else adding it now. I'm looking forward to source, so that we can go ahead and do some of our ideas. Personally I think the hair paperdoll should be a base system, considering this is an "mmorpg maker".
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    Fantabulous! Online

    I like the custom sprites. You should use custom environments as well.
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    How do I move the scroll bar?

    Change the color by changing the color under Bar in InventoryWindow.json The scroll bar config is in InventoryWindow.json under VerticalScrollBar You're welcome
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    [Release] IntersectCMS by AriusII

    Ah yes, this will be needed indeed *evil grin*....
  19. 10101010101010011110110010101010101101010101010101001010111111111111
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    Experience formula on b5.1

    It determines how much the increase is per level.
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    Systems I want

    Systems I want: Your mom
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    Systems I want

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    Memify This

    Post a random meme, in response to the one b4 it.
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