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  1. the auto increment was disabled on column... fixed and about tiny... https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/394a6884e0bcc031a8854fc134428aaa.png
  2. Let me understand, I will make a timeline and you tell me where it is wrong. Is the server Hosted on your LOCAL or Emulated computer in any program? Your friends are using the external IP, ok. Did you try to use it for yourself (localhost) or your machine's ip using CMD, ipconfig / all? 192.168 .... or
  3. you must create 1 client for outside players, and 1 client with local IP for you to play, if you are opening the client on the same computer or network as the server.
  4. add discord ThousandX#3868
  5. how can i register my domain? and remove this message? https://prnt.sc/sqgaol https://prnt.sc/sqgifb
  6. the bad thing is that this form of payment is only accepted in EUR, and the language keeps changing to French. This makes it kind of bad for players who have been buying something.
  7. Dude, I know, they did a DEV version for me, and for other members with the same case. I just came to report that the DEV version is not working. I know how to read.
  8. I believe that the engine takes the total size of the sheet, and divides it by 4, both vertically and horizontally. for you to disable this must change in the source.
  9. I managed to configure it, that's right, now just re-adapt the slots Thanks bro
  10. Hello, I applied your Patch, when I create a character everything is ok, but when I try to go back to the character selection menu, the game crasha, then when again in the account crasha always in the character menu. I debugged the game and is having trouble on the line \Intersect.Client\Interface\Menu\SelectCharacterWindow.cs
  11. I would like players to be able to exchange the arrows equipped with the bow, this will expand for a future update of elementals, such as fire arrows, electric arrows etc ... For example the bow will use the projectile it has equipped in slot x
  12. Celtos

    PvP Options

    Maps are open pvp, none is defined for arena, even because what is the arena functionality? If it is the same as normal maps, it dies and can lose items ... I want to leave a player's option, do not attack others in the area, without him wanting to
  13. Celtos

    PvP Options

    For example, there is a button or checkbox in the Playerbox, to prevent it from killing other players unintentionally. Using area spells, which when the box is checked, the area spells will work as if the player were in the same Party as you, and will not receive the damage
  14. Celtos

    PvP Options

    I have received many complaints from players who accidentally kill other players How about an option similar to tibia, so as not to cause PK in other players, this will provide more security in the UP among players who are not from your PT
  15. can you help me to add this patch? http://prntscr.com/s3ov9y http://prntscr.com/s3ovgn EDIT: I learned to manually add HAHA NOW NOBODY SAVES ME
  16. Non-PK players will also lose, This configuration is for everyone
  17. Better than one is both at the same time :P Launch argument = Future Uses of Anti Cheat Tool like Ragnarok Game Guard. One stance per client... prevents player from opening more than one game at the same time
  18. Working Perfectly <3 Tanks for Free addon
  19. Working on the MY dev version now :P Thank you very much for the support via Discord, they were super attentive in that regard. I will do business again!
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