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  1. can i give a hint? because they don’t implement the drop chance system for their own items when they die, they’re not global but private, like if I kill a player my drop chance increases by 2%
  2. I searched every forum to see if anyone else had the same problem, and I'm having trouble defining a paperdoll looks like the image i'm using "Equipment": { "WeaponSlot": 2, "ShieldSlot": 3, "Slots": [ "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots" ], "Paperdoll": { "Up": [ "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots" ], "Down": [ "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots" ], "Left": [ "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots" ], "Right": [ "Player", "Armor", "Helmet", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots" ] },
  3. All right, my friend, I really liked the idea of pulling update from the google cloud ... The only annoying thing is that it takes time to find the update, maybe some other cloud will be faster ... as for false positives .. wanted to understand why this happens because it makes it difficult for anyone to pass the game to the test staff ...
  4. When i send my game for a friend, his scanned first start...
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