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  1. When you open the list of friends, and use the mouse scroll, the game simply closes. To Reproduce Open the list of characters, have at least 1 friend in it, use the mouse scroll.
  2. It doesn't have to be for paypal, it can be another payment channel that accepts other types of currencies, for example the dollar
  3. man, I think he abandoned the project, he doesn't respond to feedbacks, bugs, I gave up trying to help, but the guy doesn't show any sign of life
  4. I agree, like, mob despawn when it is too far from its original spawn, like in Tibia
  5. Any way to read a news.json file from the server and send it to the client?
  6. It would be nice if you could put a random value on each mob for example Range: 1 to 10 The mob will walk even more random, making it more natural
  7. It would be really cool if it had this on the engine by default
  8. My formula works, and Taken 1000 divided by 1.5 and subtracted by the player's level 1000 / 1,5 = 666 666 - 8 = 658 666 - 47 = 619 How would this formula be applied?
  9. i put and a player level 8 and 47 have the same Speed
  10. I tried to compile it here, and it seems to me that you need the float https://prnt.sc/t1lz7c EDIT Any way to set a maximum speed for the player? If the player reaches level 1000 he will be super fast
  11. that way? I want to calc 1000f / 1.5 - Level; = Player FInal Speed How do I put this in the function?
  12. Currently I took the speed increase when leveling speed, yes I left this attribute to archers, to increase the damage with bows. However, I would like to use the same mechanism to increase speed as the character increases in level, currently i found this function that changes the speed. And I left it just like that, for everyone to have the same speed
  13. Yes, Clean Version https://prnt.sc/swwazp https://prnt.sc/swwijx
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