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  1. Changed my username again, old names:




    3:Xeno Games

    1. faller-magie



      Who are you, again ?

    2. Taliel Studios
  2. Taliel Studios

    Create a Vicious Rumor about why the source is not out yet

  3. Taliel Studios

    Create a Vicious Rumor about why the source is not out yet

    I heard Jc and kibbelz died so Epic Games took over and in B6 there will be IAP implemented so everyone can sell skins... Ofc in B7 there will be a Battle Royal mode. don't ask me where I heard this
  4. Taliel Studios

    Turn Battles

    Now in B5 that could be possible to make tbh, but it's not implemented no x)
  5. Taliel Studios

    Problem with the function of resources

    If I understand correctly you gave the trees 100 hp and your axe is set to 5 damage? If it's destroyed too fast it's either because of your damage formulas and/or the scaling percentage of the axe... That being said you might have to lower those. Also I think there's an option to set the axe's damage to a static 5 in the editor?
  6. Taliel Studios

    IP Change

    You either need a static IP or you can use No-Ip: https://www.noip.com
  7. Taliel Studios

    [FAQ] File Formats (music, sounds, images)

  8. Hey everyone, I'm making this since it's been asked and seems like it will continue to be asked forever. "My music/images won't show up in the editor, what do I do?" Make sure they are in the right format (see below). _____________________________________ INTERSECT ENGINE FORMATS: Music: Your music files must be .ogg Sounds: Your sound files must be .wav Images: All images/sprites/paperdolls ect.. must be .png _____________________________________ Simple once you know, but many don't. Have fun making games!
  9. Taliel Studios

    Is there a way to detect your REAL LIFE location?

    Lmaooo that's what happens when the thread's description is "Question = title" 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. Taliel Studios

    Is there a way to detect your REAL LIFE location?

    Use variables (: Example: When variable "Player_Location" = 1 it means they're at the castle (making it up). Just put a map event that changes the variable to 1 when they're on that area.
  11. Taliel Studios

    Intersect Beta 5.1 Released!

  12. Taliel Studios

    Events Bug

    Hey jc, I thought events simply didn't run at all if conditions we're not met? But to answer you those events have no conditions they run as soon as told to (they're told to run by another event). BUT, if I get what you're saying... the map trigger that runs this common event is ran when a player has at least 1 of Book Of Life... are you saying that once the event takes the book, it stops running the rest since the player doesn't have a book anymore? That would mean that the "take 1 book" command would have to be ran at the end? Imma try to see if that's it when I get home but if that's the problem please do lemme know. (It would make sense to stop the event but I think it was better in b4, since it means it HAS to be a common event since a map event would warp a player and not take the book at the end)
  13. Taliel Studios

    Item(s) Given/Taken Successfully - Not Working

    Related to this:
  14. Taliel Studios

    Quest Completion

    Edit: most likely related to this:
  15. Taliel Studios

    Events Bug

    In fact it is. The other report was an on-map event called "Revive". Since it wouldn't work, I made a similar copy of it as a COMMON event called "Underworld Ressurect", with pretty much the same results, unfortunatly. Short answer is: Yes. When I keep the "hold", players get stuck in place forever and the event breaks. When I remove the "hold", players aren't stuck in place forever but the event still breaks. For the animation: Does the same but doesn't play the animation (obviously won't). For the chatbox text: Does the same also but doesn't show any chatbox text (obviously won't). Short answer is: Yes! Player's get warped. But they instantly get warped back and this message is shown since they cannot leave the Underworld with a book of life on them(the event is supposed to take it). http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/16753cec543845d91b6410e0837498ca.png But that is all normal. __________________________ OTHER THING I NOTICED: While on the quest task: "Use the book", if players lose the book and grab another, the quest task "Use the book" becomes completed... __________________________ So, it looks to me like it's the "Item Taking" command?