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    Aldimun reacted to jcsnider in Dev Blog 4/5/2020 - Beta 6.2 Development (Ongoing!)   
    Beta 6.2 Development (Ongoing)!
    Because we're now automatically building and publishing development builds it makes sense to have ongoing development threads so you all know what's new in our development builds. This thread will cover quality of life changes, new features, and more for Beta 6.2.
    Event Variable Multiplication and Division - (3/30/2020)
    The first enhancement in Beta 6.2 is the ability to multiply, divide, and shift event variables.

    Updated Server Statuses - (4/4/2020)
    The main menu server status indicator will now indicate whether servers are offline, if there are version mismatches, and soon when we add options for player limits it will be able to display if a server is full.
    *This was added to stable as well post release in order to reduce questions on why the client and server wouldn't connect in the instance of version mismatches.

    Entity Animation Frames - (4/8/2020)
    This is probably been the most requested feature that we have put off until now and we're finally caving in! Entity animation frames are in the pipeline at the time of writing and will be available soon!
    Just add create graphics with the appended postfixes ("_idle.png", "_attack.png", "_cast.png", "_shoot.png", "_weapon.png") in the graphic names in order to activate. These animations work on paperdolls, spell transformations, and can easily be expanded upon with source mods going forward!
    Example Graphics:
    Download (Credit @Zetasis
    Embedded Auto Updater - (4/21/2020)
    6.2 introduces an optional built in updater system that you all can use for your games! It's pretty simple, but requires that you have some sort of web hosting capabilities available to you.

    To use the updater:
    In the editor you click on Tools -> Package Update, and that will create a folder full of files for you, upload that folder and it's contents to your webhost!
    Inside that folder is a file called update.json, get a link to that (ie: https://freemmorpgmaker.com/updater/update.json) and throw that into your Client/Resources/config.json file as your UpdateUrl.
    As you upgrade your game to new Intersect versions, or update any of your games' resources simply use the editor to package a new update to replace the one on your webhost.
    Your client and editor will do the rest every time they're launched, they can even replace themselves so you don't need an external updater application.
    Full documentation can be found here!
    Loot Ownership - (4/29/2020)
    @Joyce added new loot options so that loot ownership and timing is taken into account when loot is dropped.! 
    Adds the ability to tag MapItems with an owner, and only allow the owner (and their party) to pick the items up for a configurable amount of time.
    NPC drops will attempt to use the player that did the most damage to it as the owner, unless killed by something other than a player.
    Player drops will attempt to use player that did the killing blow as the owner for the items. Unless killed by something else.
    Items dropped from the inventory voluntarily are also subject to ownership.
    Items that you are unable to pick up can be configured to be hidden
    Options for all of this are in the servers config.json

    Note: The ItemDespawnTime and ItemRespawnTime have been moved/renamed so those values will be reset when upgrading to this version... if you have changed those values please be sure to go and modify them again!
    More Coming Soon!
    We're always going to keep working on and improving the engine, we don't really have a roadmap at the moment but we will get more news and a plan going forward out shortly! 
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    Aldimun reacted to jcsnider in Dev Blog 11/8/2018 - Beta 5 Wrap-up   
    Beta 5 Wrap-Up Dev Blog
    Nov. 8th 2018
    News and Updates
    We're all but finished with the creation of B5 which will arguably be the largest update this engine has ever seen!  I'm gonna quickly touch on some of the changes you all can expect to see and what you all should test as soon as you have your hands on this incredible update!
    Weather Effects
    Use a mixture of animations and map properties to create crazy awesome weather effects:

    The weather is configurable per-map in the map properties box:

    Equipment Vital Buffs and Animations
    Worn equipment can now buff your vitals along with your stats! You will be able to give equipment animations as well, so you can create cool effects like glowing boots, or torches, or whatever you want!

    Spell Updates
    Lots of bug fixes here but Kibz also added 2 new spell effects which include cleansing (removing all other effects, to escape from stuns and blinds and such), and invulnerability.

    NPC Combat Conditions
    We've removed the basic npc types (Attack on Sight, Attack when Attacked, Guard, Friendly) and added far more customization for NPC combat behaviors.  You can make NPCs defend your players and attack your players based on conditions such as level, quests statuses, variables, switches, and more!   The uses here are limitless but these conditions would be great for having guards of specific towns attacking or defending the players based on factions, or player actions in that town.  It wouldn't be hard to make a bounty system like in Skyrim where the player could get in trouble and then pay off their bounty so they wouldn't be attacked on sight moving forward.
    New NPC Behavior Options:

    Using event switches to alter NPC Behavior/Aggression on the fly:

    NPCs that use switches/variables and decide to defend players:

    NPC Fleeing & Swarm Mechanics
    This was asked for a lot.. you can now make npcs run away when their health falls below certain thresholds.  This is configurable on a npc by npc basis which is really cool. Furthermore swarming is where npcs come to the aid of their friends when they're in trouble.  Super easy to setup now and really effective!

    NPC & Resource Common Events
    You can now make common events run when a npc or resource is killed both for the killer and for everyone in the killers' party

    NPC & Resource Dynamic Drops
    You are no longer limited to only having 10 item drop chances for NPCs and Resources.. you can create however many drops that you want!

    Resources from Tilesets
    Don't want to rip trees and stuff out of your tilesets for resources? You don't have to anymore! Resource graphics can be selected directly from tilesets now!

    General Combat Upgrades
    Targeting is easier now when trying to click on moving entities. Kibbelz even added in a hotkey for "auto targeting" which will target the nearest enemy when you hit the hotkey (tab by default).
    Lifesteal and Cooldown reduction on equipment items now work!
    Items/weapons can now have static attack speeds when wielded, or increase the players default attack speed by a certain percentage.
    Hotbar Rework
    The hotbar used to forget items/spells when you no longer had them in your inventory/spellbook.  This isn't the case anymore, and the same items don't have to be drug to the hotbar over and over again each time your players go to the store!
    Class Balancing Updates
    This is a big one and requested often. Starting in B5 when you make changes to a class your players' stats will auto-update to reflect those changes! This even works with adding/removing the points your players allocate into their stats individually.
    Event Upgrades
    You can now use event conditions to compare player switches with other player switches, and compare player switches to global switches - same thing for variables too!
    Furthermore you can set the value of switches and variables to the values of other switches/variables in the game! 
    Finally, you can set variables to the value of the current real world time expressed in milliseconds. With these values you can keep track of when players accomplish tasks, create real-time farming systems, daily events, and more!
    Setting a variable to the value of another variable, or the system time:

    Comparing variable values with other variables:

    New Escape Menu
    Tap escape to reach the options window, you also have buttons that will allow your players to logout, go back to character select, or quit directly to the desktop!

    Better Disconnect Handling
    Has your server ever crashed on you while you were play testing your game? What happened? In Beta 4 the client crashed too! In Beta 5 the client returns to the main menu and informs the player that the server connection has been lost! This is minor, but also a nice polish update for our engine.

    Beware: Updates below are targeted towards our developer crowd and technical speak lies ahead!
    We've already been over this once, so I'll link back to that dev blog and just leave it at this; all of the Client, Editor, and Server language, ui, formula, and configuation files use the json format. This simplifies our code, and is arguably easier to work with.

    Database Overhaul
    The entire database system for B5 has been redesigned from the ground-up.  We are using Entity Framework now to handle a lot of the database communications for us. This new system properly stores your game data in either a Sqlite or Mysql database using proper database columns and values instead of our previous design which used impossible to read binary data dumps. 
    If you don't know what any of this means, don't worry, it's a good thing!   Once you're game is running on B5 you won't have to use the migration tool anymore, the server will handle database upgrades for you automatically.
    The player database is now separated from the game database... so they can be stored in different locations, or you can store player data in a networked Mysql server and game data locally in a Sqlite database or vice versa.
    We highly recommend that you continue to use Sqlite for the game data.. but it is really up to you.  The server has a 'migrate' command built in now so you can switch to the different database formats whenever you want!

    Use web services and other applications to communicate, query, and control your server!  In Beta 5 this is just proof of concept.  We will release documentation soon on how to authenticate with the API and how to start grabbing player data. In Beta 6 we will have more options so you can alter player inventories, change switch/variable values, and more! This will be the de-facto method to integrate your game with your websites/forums, handle microtransactions, and much more!
    Stay Tuned!
    The next big post will be outlining our Beta 5 release plans.   Our goal to is to get Beta 5 out to everyone as quickly as possible.  We really appreciate your patience, and hopefully you are as excited as we are!
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    Aldimun reacted to Kibbelz in Dev Blog 11/8/2018 - Beta 5 Wrap-up   
    We are not allowed to die until open source
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    Aldimun reacted to panda in Dev Blog 2/25/2018 - Interface and Networking Updates!   
    Interface and Networking Updates!
    Feb. 25th 2018
    Network Status
    I've gone an added a server status label to the main menu that displays the server status.

    If the client has yet to try to connect to the server it will display "Unknown".
    If it's in the middle of an attempt it will display "Connecting...".
    If it currently has a connection to the server it will display "Online".
    It will display "Offline" if it does not have a connection to the server (but will keep trying to connect to the server).
    If the server is online but an error is encountered when trying to approve a client connection the client will display "Network Error".
    All of these labels of course are translatable, and are listed in the "Server" string group in the Beta 5 Client localization files.

    When the client and server do not match in versions (i.e. client is Beta 4.8.1 and the server is Beta 5.0.0) the client will just display "Offline". This is also the case if the client is Beta 5.0.0 and the server is Beta 5.0.1. I plan on discussing with JC whether or not we will make every version change breaking or if we will make Major/Minor version differences breaking instead, but at least for the time being build/revision differences will also matter. One caveat however is that I do not plan on having the client report which version the server is currently on in the event of a version mismatch, partly because I'm not sure I can get any messages from the client to the server in this case, but also because if someone discovers a vulnerability in a particular server version I would rather them not know which version the server is. While this won't be of much help at the moment if they know which version of the client corresponds to the server, if we do make version numbers not need to match entirely this will at least slow them down.

    In addition to the server status label, if the client can't connect to the server the Login and Register buttons will also be temporarily disabled until the client is able to connect.

    Server status and disabled Login/Register buttons when the client is connecting or failed to connect to the server.

    Server status and enabled Login/Register buttons when the client has connected to the server.

    In-game Interface Updates
    In Beta 5 there are also two significant interface changes to in-game, the first being the removal of the options and exit buttons and the introduction of a menu button. The default graphic for this button is the three horizontal bars in the bottom right-hand corner of this screenshot. Clicking that, or by default pressing the Escape key will open the Menu. The options screen is accessible from here, as is the Exit to Desktop button. The close button is there for closing the menu without the escape key. All of these strings are translatable in the "IngameMenu" section of the client localization files.

    In addition to these there are also two presently disabled buttons, "Go to Character Select" and "Log out". For the time being these are disabled because we do not have code to facilitate either of those actions, and I'm not sure just how much code needs to be changed at the moment (it's at least more than I've done so far) so they're on the back burner for now (with no guarantee they will be in Beta 5).

    The second major change to the in-game interface is the addition of the map name to the player box in the top left. Because of this the level label has been moved to the left side by default, but there is also a combined name and level label that is disabled by default that can be made visible instead of the name and level being in separate labels. The combined label is a special translation label, and its only real usage is to control the number of spaces between the name and the level. The level string is used regardless for translation, and the formatted value (i.e. "Lv. 100") is passed in as argument {01} in the NameAndLevel string (with name being {00}). The name itself is just the plain player/entity name though, so it doesn't have a string entry in the translation file.

    The Level and Name labels separately.

    The combined name and level label.

    What's Next
    I plan on making some changes to the network code, hopefully to allow for logout, and make more improvements to the interface code. If I make the changes I have in mind to facilitate logout more easily, I am also considering exploring adding in a JSON server statistics API that can be queried in real-time. JC is also looking into database changes in order to add MySQL support to the server, but the jury is still out on whether or not we will end up implementing this in Beta 5, or whether it will need to wait for Beta 6. I still intend to look into import and export functionality for keybindings, and other UI improvements.
    As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!
    -The Intersect Development Team
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    Aldimun reacted to panda in Dev Blog 2/17/2018 - Screenshots!   
    Feb. 17th 2018
    News and Updates
    After several months away from actively working on Intersect JC and I are back doing some work on the engine. We've released Beta 4.8, and are actively working on Beta 5 (if you've been watching JC's stream). Jsonification is close to completion, and next on JC's plate is animations. I've put a full overhaul on database reworking on hold for now (it's really hard to write and write well, and I only have so much patience and concentration at the moment), but that won't prevent the database from being legible.
    It took me a while, but I noticed in the last day or so that I couldn't take screenshots directly with Intersect, so that's what I've been working on today; and good news! It's already finished!

    There are a few constraints on the screenshots at the moment. In the future I'd like there to be a configurable screenshots directory, but at the moment they are just being stored in the <Client>/screenshots directory. In addition to this, screenshots are of the game only -- which means no cursor, and no window frame in the screenshot. I know I occasionally like having the window frame in the screenshot for some applications I write, but ultimately this is not in the cards based on how screenshots are being created right now, but I don't think it will be missed. What will probably be missed, is the fact that the cursor will not be present in any of the screenshots (at this time) due to the cursor being rendered by the operating system, and the screenshots only include what is rendered by Intersect. If in the future we enable custom cursors, or if I come up with a way to render a fake cursor only for screenshots (this likely will not be the native cursor though, be forewarned), the cursor will also be visible.

    One constraint that doesn't exist is the keybind: I've already gone ahead and added a configurable screenshot key, and this comes with a default F12 binding (similar to Steam and several games). People are free to change it to Print Screen if they so choose, but as to not conflict with ShareX, or the actual print screen key I opted to use F12 as the default instead.

    Some examples of the new screenshot key at work:



    What's Next
    While adding the screenshot key, I also added 8 other keybindings that I still have yet to write the code for. The first keybinding, opening the menu, will default to Escape, and introduce a new menu to the client through which you will be able to access the Options/Settings, the future Exit to Character Selection button (which will be a server-controllable feature), the future Logout/Exit to Main Menu button, and the existing Exit to Desktop button. The icon buttons for Options/Settings and Exit to Desktop will be removed. The next six all have default keybindings, and they are Open Inventory (I), Quests (Q), Character Info (C), Parties (P), Spells (X -- unless someone has a better suggestion since S is already tied to Down by default) and Friends (F). When I implement these 6 I will also introduce a user-configurable setting that defaults to automatically closing any of the other windows when a different one is opened. The last one I think some people may like, but I don't see most people needing it so it doesn't have a default keybinding, is an Open Options/Settings key. This will skip the Menu and open the Options window directly.

    Other features that I  personally have in mind to add soon are import/export capability for keybindings, and configurable MySQL capability to the server, so keep your eyes peeled. 
    As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!
    -The Intersect Development Team
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    Aldimun reacted to jcsnider in Intersect Beta 4.8.1 Released! (Updated!)   
    Intersect Beta 4.8.1 Released!
    February 14th 2018
    Moar bug fixes!
    Bug Fixes/Problems Solved:
    Bank errors when withdrawing items and storing bags. Npc combat and targeting bugs Global events not updating for players on maps that are being saved Grapple hooks not working Parties not showing players or crashing the client when viewing the party window Z-Dimension level not saving Quest editor cutting off the save/cancel buttons for some users Event animations appearing randomly on maps that they shouldn't Event animations not being set correctly via move routes Npcs not casting spells Projectiles harvesting resources when they shouldn't So much more!  
    Parties can now see members in their party that are stealthed!  
    4.8.1 Mini Hotfix Release:
    Fixed dots killing you after death or ending when killing enemies Fixed npc attack animations not displaying Fixed npc warp spells not warping Fixed map sounds again Fixed party chat strings & other misc strings Stopped bags from stacking and errors resulting if that happened in your game Fixed npcs moving and attacking while casting spells and more!  
    Up Next
    Beta 5 is on the way!
    If you're already using 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, or 4.8 just download 4.8.1 and overwrite your .pdbs and .exes. 
    As always please keep in touch with us and report all bugs that you find!
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    Aldimun reacted to SkywardRiver in Intersect Development Road Map   
    Some internal problems have arisen irl for some the devs. Try to be patient with them. They have to take care of themselves and those they care about first. I know they ARE trying to fix some bugs even while this is going on though
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    Aldimun reacted to Kajamaz in EverEmber Reborn, Hardcore Sandbox Openworld MMOARPG   
    About me: 
    I'm Kajamaz, the creator of Everember Online (made with old eclipse origin engine) and now EverEmber Reborn. 
    About the game:
    EverEmber Reborn is in a new genre of games of its own. Although it can be categorized as a Hardcore Openworld MMOARPG, it doesn't follow the standards of the genre. Cut right to the chase and have fun, no more grinding, linear questing, and playing MMO's like single player games with people around you. Truly experience an MMO as what it should be, a player interaction driven game with actual attachment to your character with a deeply immersive experience.
    You are free to travel, explore, fight, meet new people, progress through the ranks, and eventually conquer Ember Castle for yourself. With a vivid player based economy that thrives on player made items with a in game crafting system and a hardcore dangerous world to traverse, interaction between players is vital. The goal of this game is to recreate a emotional connection with your character, with hardcore death experiences, human interaction, and skill based combat.
    Players are free to role-play, form teams, and add each other to their groups. Friends can add each other to each others parties, and travel in safety across the large world of EverEmber or step into the darkest realms of danger exploring dragons pasture or the reapers cavern. PVP is rich, with plenty of options between melee weaponry, potions, ranged weapons, and armor. Guilds will keep the player base together, forming guilds, partnerships and guild wars for Ember Castle. A lack of class constraints creates a truly unique game play experience, which enables for players to freely change between individualized play styles at any moment!
    First Reveal Video: 





    Hope to see you in EverEmber!
    Concept art link : https://imgur.com/a/BHQVz
    If you wish to participate in the games development, test, or eventually play it upon release, feel free to visit our website below!
    Website: http://www.everember.com/ 
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    Aldimun reacted to Ricardo in [C#] CryBits v0.7.1   
    Update Notes
    Items Inventory Hotbar Equipments Bug fixes Some improvements in editors Images
    Suggestions are always welcome!
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    Aldimun reacted to Xeno in Sidescroller Graphics   
    Playing around with some sidescroller graphics. May be used in a future game, may not. Critique is welcome.

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    Aldimun reacted to Ricardo in [C#] CryBits v0.7.1   
    CryBits is a project developed by me, Ricardo, aimed at learning the C# language. It is a totally free and open-source 2D ORPGs creation tool.
    You can expect that I will still bring new updates! I hope you like it, the project demands a lot of effort and time, and your support motivates me to continue!
    Suggestions are always welcome!
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    Aldimun reacted to Gibier in Intersect Development Road Map   
    Too much person ask for the release date 
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    Aldimun reacted to Gibier in Double xp events   
    This is not possible you will need to wait for the source.
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    Aldimun reacted to Damian666 in Double xp events   
    yea, no problem even
    if source is out that is lolz
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    Aldimun reacted to Gibier in Level next to Name   
    Will need source modification.
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    Aldimun reacted to PrettyPotatoo in Level next to Name   
    I was wondering if there was any ways to add the players lvl next to their names? 
    Because I want players to see each others lvls without needing to click on each other?
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    Aldimun reacted to BugSICK in Dev Blog 11/28/2017 - Jsonification!   
    any updates ?
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    Aldimun reacted to jcsnider in Tileset Size, etc   
    Either modify your Server/Config.xml to expect 16x16 sized tiles (not recommended)
    Or scale up that tileset using an image editing tool like photoshop like I did below:

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    Aldimun reacted to Valentine in [RMXP] NetMaker   
    The first version of Netplay Diamond is now available!
    Read the Readme file to learn how to make the server work.
    The project language can be easily changed in the Vocab script.
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    Aldimun reacted to jcsnider in change text color in ingame.xml   
    The last value is Alpha. If it's 0 then the color is invisible, if it's 255 then the color is fully opaque.
    Black is 0,0,0,255
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    Aldimun got a reaction from Weylon Santana in change text color in ingame.xml   
    When i try to change de text color of an Entity Label in the InGame.xml, to black (255,0,0,0), the text desapear.
    Anybody can help me?
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    Aldimun reacted to jcsnider in Intersect Development Road Map   
    Development Road Map
    Intersect is getting closer and closer to release by the day. This summer has allowed Joe and I to dedicate an unprecedented amount of time to this engine and as a result of that we are ready to provide this road map starting now during Alpha 1.5 all the way to Release.
    Alpha Plans (Complete!)
    Alpha has gone really, really, well. You all have been absolutely amazing with all the bug reports and support. We love how you keep us on track and moving along. At the time of posting we are on Alpha Version 1.5. so here is what we have planned heading into beta.
    Beta Plans (In Progress)
    Once we reach beta we will increment the version number to 2.0. Starting at Beta 2.0 we are going to fix up the remaining systems for epic games.
    Open Source! (Beta 0.6.2.X)
    Shortly after Beta 6.2 (devs) start deploying we will be open sourcing the engine!
    Final Release v1.0.0.0 (Steam)
    After we open source the engine we will work on user enhancements, bug fixes, overall stability, and eliminating performance bottlenecks. Our ultimate goal is to launch the engine on steam but we will need a project management control panel type app in order to make that viable. The engine could use a bit more polish, and we are exploring ways for people to host in strict networks without port fowarding or paying for a VPS.  Right now our goal is for a smooth open source release. We will get together and make a list of goals for a Steam release soon!
    Everything above is subject to change but that's our hope. We hope you like our plans moving forward and we will see how well we can stick to them as time goes on. As always this thread is open for discussion, feel free to drop us a note below
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    Aldimun reacted to jcsnider in Dev Blog 7/17/2017 - Automatic Port Forwarding, Multi-Char and More!   
    Automatic Port Forwarding, Multi-Char, and More!
    July 17th 2017
    News and Updates
    It's safe to say that we're finally wrapping up all of the planned Intersect features and are starting to shift our focus towards bug fixes, performance updates, and general quality of life stuff. I have some really exciting stuff to talk through tonight and then it should get a little boring leading up to our final release.
    Automatic Port Forwarding!!!!!
    The difficulties of port forwarding have inhibited these style of games for over a decade! Most of our users do not have the technical background to host games on their own home networks. Some simply didn't have the credentials required to modify their router settings. Moving forward this will be much less of a problem. Most routers these days support UPnP where apps like ours can request that ports be opened automatically with no work on your part, and we're taking advantage of those features but we're not stopping there!
    When your Intersect server starts, and after it tries to automatically port forward, it will ask AGD to make sure your server is open and accessible to the public. At the same time, AGD will tell your server what it's external or public ip address is. When we bring all of this together we get an extraordinary amount of information regarding your network setup so we can help everyone get their games online with as little effect as possible.

    If UPnP Automatic Port Forwarding works, but AGD cannot connect to your server then you get debugging tips and ideas on where the problem lies:

    I had this working months ago but never really discussed it. You can now set and modify your own keybindings within the Intersect client

    Change one value in your server's config.xml to allow your players to create multiple characters per account.


    Your most recently played characters show up first on the selection screen  
    Credits Page
    Our credits are a huge WIP, we will have a list of probably 50+ names when all said and done with the final release. We wanted to have a nice way to display credits and allow you to change them for your own games. Access the credits page from the main menu and modify credits easily via an xml file.


    Status Effects Hud
    Sped up by a spell? Getting killed by poison? Now you know what exactly is helping or harming your character!
    Paperdoll Rendering in Menus
    For a long time I had thought that we already had this. I never use paperdolls in my testing so I never knew this was missing. No more naked characters in the UI! Paperdolls are fully rendered everywhere

    Whats next?
    I'm fixing bugs with Dynamic UI and then that will get it's own topic. We're still neck-deep in reworking our network code so keep your eyes open for open-tests around the site and in the shoutbox. No ETA for Beta 4 yet but that will be ready when everything is stabilized and performing better.
    As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!
    -The Intersect Development Team
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    Aldimun reacted to jcsnider in Intersect Beta 4.5 Released!   
    Intersect Beta 4.5 Released!
    November 16th 2017
    More bug fixes this time around, and more important optimizations! Tell me your results but I'm logging into the game 2x as fast, I no longer see maps loading around me very often, it's much nicer now
    Bug Fixes/Problems Solved:
    Health Pots not working Animations Sometimes not Despawning (Confirmed fixed this time) Massive FPS Drops (seemingly random) Quest editor, kill npc task not setting/saving correctly. Stats not showing in shop item descriptions. and more!  
    Editor Optimizations!
    The following no longer runs at 1fps!!!
    Click & Drag Copy/Paste Rectangle Tools etc  
    Up Next
    Beta 5 is on the way!
    If you're already using 4.3 or 4.4, just download 4.5 and overwrite your .exes. 
    As always please keep in touch with us and report all bugs that you find!
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