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    Aldimun reacted to Damian666 for a file, Orion+ 2.0 [VB.NET]   
    Orion+ precompiled and up to date as off the date uploaded.
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    Welcome to Intersect - The Free 2D ORPG Creation Toolkit (aka MMORPG Maker)
    This Engine Brings 2D ORPGs to a Whole New Level Offering:
    Seamless World Design Powerful Events for Unique Player Experiences All of the Expected RPG Elements No Coding Required! Modern and Open Source C# Codebase (if you do want to code!) Free Updates with New Features, General Improvements, Bug Fixes and More! We also have an amazing support community and resources - there is no faster way to design and release your game!
    Feel free to check out the screenshots above. You can download Intersect on the right - it is completely free!
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