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  1. You do whatever? Don't.

  2. Howdy

    1. Phenomenal



      Howdy there partner! 🤠

  3. buncha fortnite clips from today and yesterday (video) 


    1. Ghostly


      very bad plays XD

    2. Grizzy


      God you're so much better than me.

  4. time fantasy quickly turning into the rpg maker tiles of AGD ... yikes

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    2. SkywardRiver


      Damian's just mad they aren't pokemon graphics.

    3. Damian666
    4. Agoraphobic


      They have really become mainstream. All the edits I had done, became obsolete and the graphics/project lost their luster. ☹


  5. Did more GUI stuff today (image)mdJaS6r.png

  6. ResidentSleeper

  7. Please write something here. 

  8. gui mockup (image) 1szGcY5.png

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    2. panda


      Nice! But Sad! Not on Intersect yet... D:

      What on here do you need changed in Intersect to make your GUI viable?

    3. Mcadams


      @SPQR Panda i've not delved too far into how intersects gui works so i dunno if any of this is already possible, but this can probably (excluding the proposed mini map in the top right) already be achieved in intersect by just reskinning all the existing gui elements ... not sure if you can move where gui elements are by default yet but that would be needed too

    4. panda
  9. your new avatar is impressively shit, do you have the original image so i can make you a good one?

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    2. Mighty Professional

      Mighty Professional

      Its beautiful! Your the best, thanks.

    3. Mighty Professional

      Mighty Professional

      Anyway you can make the empty space around it twice as big? The forum wont let me center it properly unless its much bigger. 

    4. Mcadams


      this should fit. thanks corey for doing the work for me lul


  10. Join us in the official AGD Discord 8)  https://discord.gg/VY4ZeQb

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