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  1. Yes, but it should also be limited at inside the player box.
  2. Si la taille du champs dédié au texte est supérieur à celui de la fenêtre alors le texte sera coupé. Il n'y a pas d'autre moins que d'agrandir l'espace ou le texte est affiché dans la fenêtre. Par contre si un objet a une courte description la fenêtre affichera un espace vide.
  3. Cause you want to live somewhere inside a home instead of outside? When are you guy going to buy another cookie box? I'm hungry
  4. Cause it is? @Ainz Ooal Gown Why did you denounced me
  5. Why not work on the actual UI of the engine instead? XD
  6. Il faut que tu ouvre le port de ton routeur pour que les personnes puissent se connecter sur le jeu. Normalement, si tu as le nom et model ton ton routeur, tu devrais trouver des tutoriels sur le site officiel du routeur t'expliquant comment faire.
  7. For the writing part yes, the fact that someone want to be a writer doesn't mean that the person is good at writing story. As an exemple i could ask to be in the writer team but i still can't relate two sentences together.
  8. You can edit the font size of the gui's .json files in the resource folder. But for the damage font i think it's hardcoded.
  9. What we could do is two game for two type of user: one basic game (the beginner could help each other) and one way more complex (the person who know intersect well could show off there skill which would probably make the other want to master it more) A game from a community shouldn't exclude a huge part of his community.
  10. Well that's normal no one want to make a game that will have part well made and some time very basic.
  11. Not sure but i think he sold it long ago.
  12. You can set a sprite to the event and add many event page to make the event npc more dynamic.
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