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  1. 1cbf9f82f1e8b565e85cd5ee21ba361e.jpg

    This is my fu*** dream >0<
    (i'll go to japan on two years ♥ and i'm so hyped for that)

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    2. A l m a

      A l m a

      @Kibbelz i can speak a poorly japanese hahahah
      and i can't read it
      We will go for became poor but with pokemons (? hahahaha
      it's so expensive on some places of there and i cry when watch the prices 


    3. faller-magie


      Enjoy and have fun. :91_thumbsup:

    4. A l m a

      A l m a

      :o Many thanks @faller-magie ~♥~
      i'll do it n.n