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  1. If you can give some evidence to a forum admin and identify his forum account we can take action.
  2. I'm open for work again briefly. Send me a quick PM if interested. -Kibbelz
  3. Thanks for all of your hard work @XFallSeane. Recently Nightmare has launched its new website via Intersect CMS here! Its worth noting it is still a work in progress and the color schemes are currently being evaluated by @Xeno. I would highly suggest that most people consider basing their game websites off Intersect CMS. It is very sophisticated even though it is still unpolished at present. @XFallSeane has been working closely with me to get this site up and running with all of our custom systems. I'm also looking into some API optimisations to improve site load time.
  4. @XFallSeane I have started using this for Nightmare since its quite a sophisticated website template for Intersect based games. However, I have run into some issues. Mainly because the installation guides are either incomplete or poorly translated. I have been unable to complete this step: I have managed to connect to my webserver via PuTTy using the SSH protocol. However I have absolutely no idea what you mean by this sentence. Can you please tell me exactly what I need to type in to the Linux terminal? I have google translated the french installation guide and I completed everything inside it. The only step I haven't done is the one highlighted in the above image. Have I missed any other undocumented steps too? Regards, Kibbelz
  5. Hi everyone, usually we do not disclose punishments however @JackSoda has been banned from our forums. We operate a 0 tolerance policy for scamming on our forums. If a situation like this has happened to you please speak to a member of staff on the forums via PM. We will only be able to act if you have proof of your claims. Regards, Kibbelz
  6. Very impressed by this. Only critique would be using dirt pathways to illustrate direction to the player. Kibz
  7. Congratulations Jamie. I'll definitely be playing it! Kibz
  8. Very impressive. Is that Pixel Based movement I see? If so I would be very interested to know its performance on a network with a large amount of players. Did you make the graphics yourself? I like them a lot however I'm not much of a fan of the resolution difference between the entities and the tiles. Looks really good, all the best. Kibz
  9. Hey guys I’ll keep this short but I just moved to a new flat with my girlfriend and money is short this month. So I’m available for some coding jobs. I can pretty much do anything that you require, price negotiable. -Kibbelz
  10. I'm going to lock this topic for that exact reason. It will cause more headache supporting people swapping between systems in the long run. Topic Locked.
  11. Tried giving it a go but ended up getting this error: Can you include a link to any library files required in your main thread please? Excited to try this!
  12. In the overworld this might apply with different zones etc but shouldn't in a dungeon. This is why I mainly randomly spawn my npcs as opposed to fixed positions so there is a high chance they will spawn near you and oneshot you if you are low level. If this is still a problem give atleast 1 npc type in each area a long range move.
  13. The best way to look at this is to check if the low level player is within the same proximity of the higher level player. We have a mapGrid object which contains the map the player is standing on and the 8surrounding maps (if there is any). Just do a simple check that party members are on either 1 of the up to 9 maps, if they are award the exp. If not don't. This will force players to actually be inside the level 70 dungeon whilst level 10. If they somehow survive without dieing at that point that's a game balance issue not a party exp one.
  14. You can use google translate however I'm going to lock this topic until you can put up a better one. Low effort topics like this are not allowed on the forums. If you would like to have an example of what we expect from a recruitment thread you can check out this:
  15. Hi Naj, If you would like to hire a developer please put a little more into your recruitment topic. Tell them about your project, what you bring to the team (why do they want to work with you over the other thousands of game devs we have here). Show ingame screenshots, concept art etc.
  16. Bump now I only need Zamazenta. 399/400 complete :D. Thanks to all of you that have helped me so far!
  17. Bump! I've gotten most of the mons, these are the only ones left until I have all 400! Slurpuff Escavalier Accelgor Trevenant Zamazenta If anyone is free to trade these with me I'd really appreciate it! More than happy to give them back and help you shield players with some sword mons I just want the dex entries haha!
  18. Hi guys, I'm trying to complete the Galar pokedex for Pokémon Sword. Does any of you have Pokemon shield and willing to trade with me so we can complete our dex's? We should be able to trade via pokemon home for free without paying for Nintendo membership. If anyone wants to hit me up on discord!
  19. Today I got mining and placing tiles sorta minecraft style: https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/f0267f102dc9aa2c5367e8c2a5d91205.mp4
  20. This is really cool! Thank you for sharing!
  21. I'm glad to see this feature is getting some stability. I've written one myself for Nightmare. I think a really cool feature you could add is a "remove hair render" checkbox for helmets and other hair based equipment paperdolls in the item editor. This stops layering related issues with various hairstyles and helmets clashing when rendering them both ingame.
  22. Looks good! Just checking, are you frequently merging in changes from the Intersect main branch to keep this up to date with all the latest bug fixes? Kibz
  23. I really like this mod, will defo check it out soon! Will 100% be interested in seeing features like springs, double jump, NPC collision damage and jumping on enemy heads for damage in the future if they are planned! Are NPC's smart enough to jump between platforms? Or do they just run from either side of the platform? Either way a super cool mod, will keep an eye on this. Joe
  24. Flags honestly. So I'm in the process of making a title system for Nightmare. Instead of having 64 boolean variables to be true or false if a title is owned or not per player. I'm going to use bit flags and thus with binary shifts I can achieve this to detect what flags are set and which ones are not.
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