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  1. Your attack needs to be greater than/do more damage than the NPCs defence, otherwise a attack wont register. Check your config formula to understand it a bit better. Sorry, what?
  2. No, players name cant have spaces in it
  3. Sorry you will have to have a player variable or switch to be set to 1 in event process and have the events trigger condition be is that variable set to 0 then run event if not don’t run.
  4. Awesome, glad you worked it out
  5. Ainz Ooal Gown

    New Eden

    Looks class, also been checking out discord for New Eden and it has amazing potential. Keep up the good work guys.
  6. I wouldn't mind building upon/helping out with the documentation, especially the events parts.
  7. Thanks mate, glad you found it helpful Pages are good for doing separating/different actions when a condition is met. The event system is like code as it reads from top to bottom of a page. So with this you can make is so the event runs through different conditions until one is met then move to a different page and run through that. I use labels as a go to when something happens on a page. So you can put commands on different pages and have a go to command when a condition or something occurs on a page to then move the event process to that page. You can use self switches but are limited to ABCD, so labels are good as you can have as many as you need, just don’t have too many as I believe the event starts to lag. So I think of labels as the function name, so you can call/goto a function to start that section of the event. Trial and error is key to the event system as you always build upon what you have until you make it the exact way you want it. Built it, run it, fix it, change it The event system is powerful, and the new functions that have been added to B6 only makes is better. I hope this explains a bit more for you.
  8. Just don't add the "Set Player Variables", skip them.
  9. If you are still stuck after having a go yourself let me know and ill create a simple quick tutorial on making doors. But if you look at my "Lift System Tutorial" that shows how to make doors open and close.
  10. Sorry I don't know what you mean, can you explain a bit more? The realm bit is something I have in my game, its a way of defining different areas of my game. This bit is not needed for you if you don't have a realm system like mine, but it shows you when to set player variables if you have or need to set any on creation of a new character.
  11. 1. Event System 2. Projectile/Items
  12. To add a new menu (not currently in intersect) or add a new system you will have to wait for the source to be released.
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