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  1. when you finish a quest example you kill 10x of small rats when you complete this task, the type automatically appears quest to eliminate the giant rat, it is generated and you have a tip galera what I want and after completing a mission the other appears as if it was a requirement to kill 10 servants for there then appear the big boss Thank you for your help att sorry for the bad english I'm using a translator
  2. I'll be soon friends with my suggestions apply status by chance, for example, fire blast of a percentage of apply burn or damage over time until has this function but we have no way to set a chance to apply will always be 100% Magic drains life mana or steals attributes by time Spells with an explosion in solo and automatic target when you have targets nearby use the mouse to aim Spells that we create type an explosive projectile we create we create a magic to and when to collide with enemy that hits type it causes animation of the explosion in the enemy instead of all the targets receive the same animation thank you you devs creator of this excellent engine and sorry for asking too much the day that I can without doubts I will contribute with the work of you excuse my English
  3. My friend, I had managed to do it this way, but there is no option for him to be my ally. He even wins the exp for me with each kill. I really wanted a way to create one more npc being my ally and earning the exp for me
  4. Hello friends how do I make an ability to summon a npc to help in fighting up to a certain time some idea by event?