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    Colonello got a reaction from froggy in Screenshot thread - and so it begins!   
    I have this posted on my project's thread but I figured I may as well share it here as well. Here's the current world map for my game.

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    Colonello got a reaction from EVOLV in Screenshot thread - and so it begins!   
    I have this posted on my project's thread but I figured I may as well share it here as well. Here's the current world map for my game.

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    Colonello reacted to Kibbelz in Moderation Team Updates   
    Hello all, with Intersect being open source and released on steam direct just around the corner, its really important we increase the number of active moderators on our forums to provide support, guidance and to be a good role model within our forums. We are currently trying out 4 mods on a trial period for the remainder of the month to see how they impact positively towards our fantastic community. This does not mean these mods will remain mods at the end of the month as this is a trial period, however they all have full moderation power so please treat them as you would @Damian666 and @Agoraphobic. Myself and the rest of the team feel extremely confident in their abilities and have reached out to them personally. Anyway, we all love AGD and we hope to do the best to keep it a healthy environment for everyone of varying abilities so say hello to our mods on trial:
    Updates on weather they made the cut or not will be posted at the end of the month  Stay tuned!
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    Colonello reacted to Lyim in My Friend Could use an opinion   
    My friend recently got into pixel art and could really use an opinion about the water and line at the bottom of the lakes
    GIF Screen Shot (via Gyazo)
    Still Image 
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    Colonello reacted to Kibbelz in Forum related question   
    Its got nothing to do with that. There are two reasons for this:
    Newbies are also blocked from the shoutbox for 2 weeks too. This prevents members who have been banned simply making a new account on a proxy and spamming the forums and the admins mail. Trust me it happens way more often than you think.
    It also encourages new members to post on the forums for help rather than clutter the shoutbox.
    You can always argue "haha wont apply for me!" But we have a track record of it being frequent enough to have our reasons. I believe JC also disabled his pm's on this site since people ask for help instead of posting on the forums to "go direcrly to the developer". I currently keep my PM's open. If you want anything be sure to shoot me a PM. 
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    Colonello got a reaction from Refur in Nimue   
    Looks really nice! I especially like the look of the character and NPC sprites.
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    Colonello reacted to Refur in Nimue   


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    Colonello reacted to Skaveron in Intersect Web Companion [Prototype]   
    Well, it's not as impressive as I hoped it would be, though this is the result of me spending a weekend messing around with the intersect database in Laravel. The reason I didn't get much further than this is because I couldn't get some of the data from certain fields, as they are stored as binary. JC told me that the way data is saved still changes from update to update, so it would be rather pointless to find a way to decode the data at this time. I did send a message to Chronos, considering he made the original edit tool, so perhaps he can help later. Either way, this is certainly a project I intend to revisit once the source is released. Back to working on my game!
    Features (so far )
    - Dashboard
    - Permission system based on user's 'power' level
    - View/Create/Edit characters
    - Edit User info
    Yeah, short list. I know.
    New Character
    View Character
    (I will post the source to git soonish!)
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    Colonello reacted to Puppy in Deadfrost Online   
    Not a problem, we're community we need to help each other
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    Colonello reacted to Puppy in Deadfrost Online   
    So about that bench, I actually took my time and made you one
    All rights are now yours so feel free to use it as you wish Colonello I hope you like it because your current bench gives me day-nightmares. xD <no offense :< i hope>
    p.s Hitman Reborn, such a good manga/anime it was!

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    Colonello got a reaction from Xeno in Deadfrost Online   
    Since it's summer and I have a ton of more free time I figured I'd start working on this again. The website is down for a bit as I search for a new host but that shouldn't be an issue. Anyway I fixed up the mountain a bit but it still has some more stuff I'd like to add to it.

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    Colonello got a reaction from jcsnider in Trying to run the server on Ubuntu   
    Actually it appears as if I got it to work. I just copied the dll files from "Server/libs/server/x64" into "Server/libs/server" as seen on this thread. Hopefully this is the proper way to run it and won't mess anything up.
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    Colonello reacted to jcsnider in Intersect Site & Documentation Rework   
    xpost https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/Site-Documentation-Rework.html
    It's not complete, but I've done some major upgrades to FreeMmorpgMaker.com -- otherwise known as the home of Intersect. I modified our existing layout and theme to be dark, sleek, and have better compatibility across mobile devices. On top of that we now have some blogging capability and I've reworked Intersects documentation.
    Okay, okay.. I know you're laughing. Documentation rework? What was there to rework? The answer is that there was never any documentation to begin with.  Well now there is... or, at least a foundation that I'm hoping we can work together to build upon.  Hop on over to our documentation library and take a look at what I've been working on this week.
    We really don't have much documentation yet, but that's going to change. I will be filling out various pages over time and I could use some help. If anyone would like to lend a hand and drop some knowledge there is a link at the top right of every page that reads "Suggest an Edit". Click that link and start typing. All changes are sent to us for review so you can't break anything.
    I hope you all like how this is all coming together. Feel free to drop comments, suggestions, and constructive critique below.
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    Colonello reacted to Ambard in Work Stations   
    So many screens!

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    Colonello reacted to Jumbofile in Work Stations   
    My dorm

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    Colonello got a reaction from Oddly in Work Stations   
    Here's my setup. If you haven't noticed, I really like LEDs.

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    Colonello got a reaction from Xeno in Deadfrost Online   
    Haven't gotten to much time to work lately but here's what I have.  I have also decided I am definitely re-doing the mountain to make it actually look like a mountain haha. I'll probably transform it in to some kind of dungeon as well. Anyway after I wrap up working on the mountain I'm going to be done with the map for the time being. I'd like to focus on getting combat related stuff going. Once that's all sorted out I'll make the first deadfrost zone and place a few random dungeons around. The city in the top right will probably be one of the last things I work on before release. I'd like that area to be a hub for activities such as skilling, trading, etc. I'm waiting for open source to happen so I know how to lay it out since I may add or remove some features. 
    Anyway here's a screenshot!

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    Colonello got a reaction from Phenomenal in Work Stations   
    Haha I'm exactly the same way.
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    Colonello reacted to Phenomenal in Work Stations   
    @Colonello I have the same amount of led razer stuff as you. Please help I'm a sucker for colour changing gaming shit.
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    Colonello reacted to Ertzel in Work Stations   
    @PhenomenalDev I mainly only use the far left TV when I'm streaming so I can keep my tweetdeck/spotify/obs on it and not show that stuff on stream. Most of the time its turned off. The small monitor in the middle of the two TVs is plugged into my macbook and used for work things that I don't really want on my main PC.
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    Colonello got a reaction from TheNuclearWolf in Wolfy 2D Engine   
    Would be very cool to see this happen but it seems a bit early to announce it seeing as none of the features are even at 10% yet. Regardless I'm excited to see more!
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    Colonello reacted to Oddly in Work Stations   
    Co-worker quit, got his laptop and upgraded the desk a bit.
    Post your workspaces or whatever.
    My desk:

    Sir Reginald Pennysworth:

    Test Station:


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    Colonello reacted to lurv in Intersect Beta 2 Released!   
    Find bugs and post them
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    Colonello reacted to Kibbelz in How to use Z-Dimensions   
    Okay, i released a video showing how to use them however a few people are struggling to get to grips with them so I made a more detailed guide
    Edit: Sorry for the bad quality
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    Colonello reacted to jcsnider in animated door events?   
    Global event means that all players can see the animation and the event exists in the same location for all players. It should work. Will investigate.
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