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  1. Hmm but my problem is that I only find arrays of strings [Variables() and Switches()] that has the variables and switches names, can't find really the value that it's stored :/ It's suppose to be in a xml, in cliente side? Sorry to bother
  2. Hey, I'm having so much fun with Orion but I'm a little confused with the events system. I tryed but I can't catch the switches and variables stored values. I was trying to do a quiz and the right answers, would increment a variable named score. Given the score, it would lead to a custom script. The storage it's something that I have to implement or it's somewhere and I can't find it? Thank you!
  3. Vany

    Where is the Source Code?

    @Damian666 lool thank you, I guess xD @antarcticPuppy Thank you for your explanation. My acc is new but I've been following Intersect long time before my acc creation and I read all the forum I asked for a date because recently, there was some updates in the mod team so maybe it would mean something but thank you for your words and time
  4. Vany

    Where is the Source Code?

    Anyone knows more or less when? I know that's a tricky question but I will migrate my game and for that I need to redo everything. I've been testing Orion+ but I'm still interested in Intersect