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  1. Finalized the GUI today! For the ones interested: I added 10 sneak peeks of the final GUI inside the spoiler in the main topic.
  2. To be honest: I couldn't care less about people questioning me. The whole idea behind the project is to re-create the atmopshere and setting of a classic 2D ORPG, like for example Pokemon, Zelda, Crystalshire and Nintendo-like games. I used to play Crystalshire, loved it, and then got introduced to Touchofdeathforums / Eclipse, but we're talking about yeaaar ago now. That the game might remind people of bits from those games is only a compliment! I appreciate the warning, thanks. Imo criticism and feedback will only strengthen the project
  3. Thank you for your advice, I understand your concern and critisism! (I was waiting for someone to point it out, haha) However, I would like to say that I revamped the AGD GUI to the custom GUI where it is now (as mentioned, inspired by Crystalshire), in the process using the same color scheme as the AGD tileset the game is using, to make sure it blends in properly. I did not simply copy + paste Crystalshire's GUI nor used it's color-scheme (what seems to be the case with Crybits), that would be ridiculous. Basically, instead of using a transparent background and opaque itemboxes (like the standard AGD GUI), I swapped it around, using a opaque background and transparent itemboxes (Indeed, what Crystalshire used to have aswell). My project's main colors are green, brown and silver (refer to the logo), which are basically the most standardized set of colors in "fantasy RPG universe" (obviously based on grass/forest, trees and stone). Don't get me wrong here: I do see the point! However, I made it all myself, based upon the AGD GUI, using the AGD-tileset colors. Personally I think someone (ex. Robin) can't just tell me off because it has the same styling of a game he used to work on 9 years ago, tell me if I am wrong. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback, I make sure to make some changes here and there, in an effort to differentiate more! RocknRolla
  4. UPDATE - GUI Revamp Been busy on the game's GUI and would like some feedback! And yep: it is inspired by one of my favourite 2D ORPG's of the old EO / Touchofdeathforums era! Inventory window Character window Hotkey bar Menu bar Conversation window Escape menu Hope you like it, feel free to share feedback or ideas. RocknRolla
  5. Cheers mate! I am striving for detail, trying to achieve a nice mix between Pokemon / Zelda type of atmosphere. Feel free to join our Discord for tips / discussions
  6. UPDATE - We got a Discord Server! As the Alpha testing is coming close, it is time to start building a community, feel free to join the Discord! Silvershire is currently a one-man show, therefore, help, support and feedback in any form is welcome. JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER NOW! Obviously the game is not advertised on other platforms and/or forums yet, so please don't expect a overly active server. However, I'd appreciate every AGD members helping out and join me in the journey towards testing and eventually release. Hope to see you soon in the @tavern! RocknRolla
  7. We reached over 1.000 page views, thank you all! It's almost been a month since the last update, it might seem that not much has been going on, however the opposite is true! I've been totally revamping the GUI and been busy working on quests, items and paperdolls for the first 10 levels!
  8. Dear all, I want my game to be played in a fixed resolution, lets say for the sake of argumentation: 800x600 and 1024x768. Question: is it (already) possible to exclude all other resize possibilties or do I have to wait for the code release? Thanks, Darknesslighter
  9. Cheers mate, I'm glad you like the style!
  10. UPDATE - Five more pictures added to the main post! Helmsdale Bank at the main square Sandy beach near the ocean Lionhead Tavern Preview of the swamp, a higher level zone The mines, the very first dungeon!
  11. I made both the loom and spinning wheel myself! Although.. with help and feedback from @Dashplant and @McAdams!
  12. UPDATE - A litle sneak peek: Larson's textiles (tailoring profession)
  13. Thanks mate, I try to post sneak peeks so now and then! Noice, that's exactly what I was striving to create!
  14. Introduction Silvershire is a retro, fantasy-driven, online RPG with the aim to bring back the classic and simplistic RPG style, experience and atmosphere - "A mix between Zelda and Pokemon". Features Below is a list of the planned features upon release: 20 levels of character development. At the moment the starter zone (1-10) and mechanics are as good as done. (More zones will be added throughout development, we strive for quality over quantity) Custom graphics. The current tileset is a placeholder, the idea is to re-pixel the tileset to a custom, more detailed, style in the near future. 3 standard classes to choose from. Warrior (tank), Wizard (dps) and Priest (support) with a variety of 10 different spells in total. Interactive world. The idea is to make every sign, jar, crate etc. interactable, creating small side-stories and a world full of exploration and hidden loot. Extensive profession and crafting system. The game its focus is on putting effort into crafting your own gear and weaponry along the way. Item prefixes and suffixes. All crafted gear will generate its own different prefix and suffix, adding bonus stats and increasing the value. Different instance styles. Dungeon crawls, puzzles, wave-styled dungeons etc. Including the option to scale the dungeon to max. level with fitting rewards. Standard kill, deliver and collect quests spread across the world to help character progression and development. Please note that not all the above features are (fully) implemented yet, this list is to give you an impression on the overall concept and what the game has eventually to offer. Media No more words, where we all came for: screenshots! Larson's textiles Random farmhouse Garson's smithy! Your abnormal carrot farm Gateway of the capital city Helmsdale More InGame sneak peeks: (11) GUI sneek peaks: (10) New media will be constantly added throughout the progress to give away sneak peeks and make this thread interesting and worth re-visiting! Discord The project has been in development for some time now and I decided to create a Discord server to start building a community and gather people for Alpha testing. Silvershire is currently a one-man show, building upon the latest Intersect engine, and therefore members of AGD are more then welcome for help and support when interested! JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER NOW! Feel free to join our Discord, reply onto this topic or shoot a PM with feedback, additions, ideas or questions! Cheers, RocknRolla
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