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  1. Did you made the tileset all by yourself or let someone else do it?
  2. Thanks mate, it's the name of the very first zone in the game: Silvershire province! Our discord has over 30 sneak peeks! Alpha testing is very close.
  3. A fit of rage? Please don't get me wrong: no hard feelings to anyone! It's just that I had the feeling that most of the AGD members are more focussed/interested upon their own project instead of others (and this makes sense!). I decided to remove the media in the thread in an attempt to force people to join the Discord, as I'd love to gather more (actually) interested people to receive feedback, and help me testing etc! I am just focussing my efforts on other means of promotion / development, as it has proven there was barely any response here and therefore I decided to just refer to the game's discord for the once interested Hope that makes sense, RocknRolla
  4. Thank you, that was helpfull! Regarding the taunt effect: is there no way around it? - giving a Taunt effect to a player, so all NPC's are focussed upon him (tank effect)?
  5. Hi all, I am having difficulties with finalizing some of my spells, I've been fooling around for some time now myself, however cant seem to find the solution! DOT spell I cant seem to figure out on how to make a proper poison effect (for ex.). I filled in a damage value, checked the DOT box, added 4000ms Tick and selected Single Target as Target Type. However no DOT for 4 seconds, just a one-time direct hit. What do I forget or am I doing wrong? Self spell I managed to create a friendly buff spell, giving some bonus stats and taunt effect when activated. However, it seems that during the Stat/Effect duration time, my character (due to the self spell I assume) is constantly targeted (forced somehow), and therefore I am not able to attack any NPC in the meanwhile (auto attacks are miss and spells cant be targeted due to automatically targeting yourself). Any ideas what's wrong with it? Cheers guys, appreciate your help! RocknRolla
  6. EDIT: Media has been removed due to the disappointed interest of the community. For the once actually interested, I'd like to refer you to our discord, which has an up-to-date #sneak-peeks section.
  7. Haha, what did you expect?! We've been waiting for over 4 years and you decided to release it exactly upon 1 April fools' day!
  8. Good job upon release, you must be proud of yourself!
  9. To be honest: I couldn't care less about people questioning me. The whole idea behind the project is to re-create the atmopshere and setting of a classic 2D ORPG, like for example Pokemon, Zelda, Crystalshire and Nintendo-like games. I used to play Crystalshire, loved it, and then got introduced to Touchofdeathforums / Eclipse, but we're talking about yeaaar ago now. That the game might remind people of bits from those games is only a compliment! I appreciate the warning, thanks. Imo criticism and feedback will only strengthen the project
  10. Thank you for your advice, I understand your concern and critisism! (I was waiting for someone to point it out, haha) However, I would like to say that I revamped the AGD GUI to the custom GUI where it is now (as mentioned, inspired by Crystalshire), in the process using the same color scheme as the AGD tileset the game is using, to make sure it blends in properly. I did not simply copy + paste Crystalshire's GUI nor used it's color-scheme (what seems to be the case with Crybits), that would be ridiculous. Basically, instead of using a transparent background and opaque itemboxes (like the standard AGD GUI), I swapped it around, using a opaque background and transparent itemboxes (Indeed, what Crystalshire used to have aswell). My project's main colors are green, brown and silver (refer to the logo), which are basically the most standardized set of colors in "fantasy RPG universe" (obviously based on grass/forest, trees and stone). Don't get me wrong here: I do see the point! However, I made it all myself, based upon the AGD GUI, using the AGD-tileset colors. Personally I think someone (ex. Robin) can't just tell me off because it has the same styling of a game he used to work on 9 years ago, tell me if I am wrong. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback, I make sure to make some changes here and there, in an effort to differentiate more! RocknRolla
  11. Cheers mate! I am striving for detail, trying to achieve a nice mix between Pokemon / Zelda type of atmosphere. Feel free to join our Discord for tips / discussions
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