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  1. But i use orion engine is there one for orion too☺
  2. Hmm maybe i need to kick out the rent guy outta my building he might be sharing internet with me and blocking my ports i will take care of him tommorow
  3. can u make me a already config server that i can just edit and play with my friends pls?:/
  4. I line in a house and there is a rent guy thats all:/
  5. oh i setted it as both tcp and udp its tcp/udp
  6. dunno what u mean?:/no idea about it can u explain me?
  7. tell me to send screenshot of what you want i will send u so u can check where mistake is;/
  8. followed step by step still doesnt work:/
  9. I used Netgear router if anyone can explain me how to port forward with pics that would be great cause i dont even know basics of all this and i have tried many ways of port forwarding but all of it failed also my firewall is off still doesnt work:/I wanna share my game with my friends so badly:/
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