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  1. Just award speed points for each level.
  2. There is really only one way of doing this without modifying source. Instead of using a static attack speed, set it to disabled. The game will instead use the player's speed to adjust how fast he may attack.
  3. There isnt quite a tutorial on it. I reccomend grabbing a blank version of the client and messing with the values until you get something you like. Then move those files into your active project. That's how I learnt. Translated/переведенный: Там не совсем учебник по этому вопросу. Я рекомендую брать чистую версию клиента и возиться со значениями, пока вы не получите то, что вам нравится. Затем переместите эти файлы в ваш активный проект. Вот как я узнал.
  4. You'll need to try with different words in your translator, I don't quite get your question. Translated/переведенный: Вам нужно будет попробовать с другими словами в вашем переводчике, я не совсем понимаю ваш вопрос.
  5. It looks like it doesnt work any longer either. I would really suggest using patchkit since its free and fully customizable. That and their support team is great.
  6. Yeah I did what you said, it made no difference lmao
  7. I would have loved to tell you the struggle ended there but it doesnt... So I am happy the fonts now work, the problem is getting them to work. Changing the font size in the .spritefont file inside monogame does nothing <!-- Size is a float value, measured in points. Modify this value to change the size of the font. --> <Size>10</Size> Where abouts could I change the font sizes for the text and UI. I pretty much need everything up a font size or two.
  8. YESSSSS I GOT IT TO WOOOORK!!!! Now time to rescale them as nesessary....
  9. I think I have been working on this for way too long. Off and on for the last few hours. If anyone has any helpful clues or answers it would be much appreciated. Update: A random font like Verdana works, there must be something wrong with my font Update 2: It looks like it will only work on certain fonts and randomly too, for example "Webdings" will work but not something like "Calibri" I'm in the monogame discord for help too. Update 3: People at the monogame discord are completley confused as to why its not working too, things like arial work fine.
  10. I don't think that's how it works, @jcsnider said that it pulled the fonts straight from windows. There must be something I'm doing wrong.
  11. Like the font installation file, and where in the folder? I see: bin fonts obj shaders source fonts Yeah I've tried that one and then the name of the font in the part above where you have it selected
  12. Heres a photo of my progress:
  13. Didn't think it would be that easy! Thanks for the quick reply. Will I need to change the file names from: sourcesanspro_8.spritefont to whatever the new font is or do I still need to keep it as it is. @jcsnider UPDATE: So I changed the name and I am being told that the font file does not exist, I'm assuming I just had a space or something wrong. Is there a place I can go to see the exact font file name?
  14. Hello all, So after making myself look like a fool last night I realized there was a tutorial for fonts, now that I have followed through all of the steps, I understand how the MonoGame Pipeline tool works and what I need to do in order to change the actual font but Im not quite sure how I import my own fonts. Tutorial I am following (by JC): I see in this picture below that you can easily change the name of the font but what if I want to bring in a custom font I found online? Surely I need to import it inside of the MonoGame tool before I can just change that, or am I missing something?
  15. Redacted Mods/Admins please delete this thread.
  16. Patchkit is the best launcher you'll get for free. Use their indie developer version and you get 500gbs. Otherwise you'll need to use the GoogleDrive launcher or develop your own.
  17. Not what I was hoping for but that's alright. How does this affect skills and skillpoint attributions?
  18. Hey all, Super quick question, what does locking a class do and how do you unlock it using events? I had an idea that players could not play as a certain class until they max out their reputation with one of my games factions, but I can't spot an event in the editor that would unlock the class for players. Thanks.
  19. Hello all, Quick question hopefully it's easy to answer. I am running the Intersect Server on my main rig and wanted to do some developing on my laptop while in my living room. I have my server and all of its files on my computer and I have my client and its files on a dropbox on my laptop. Both devices are on the same network and the config of my client is set to localhost. I swear I remember this working years ago but it seems it may not be working now. Any clues as to how I could get this setup working?
  20. lmfao, thanks man. That transparencies thing will help for now!
  21. Hello all, I'm going to make this short and sweet, is there a way to use the "Show Picture" event but with a fade-in rather than a cut? If not could I use multiple images with transparencies to create this effect? And Is there a way to apply a screen shake effect similar to what you can see in RPG Maker? I have a feeling that the answer is going to be 'source' but I'm hoping there is something I am missing in the editor. Thanks a bunch!
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