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  1. Did you replace the fonts? Maybe try restoring the original ones.
  2. Label: Cook item Take One Uncooked Give One Cooked Conditional Branch HasItem(Uncooked) Success: GoTo Label CookItem Failure: Exit Event Processing
  3. The colors of the default text are taken from the colored boxes at the bottom of the defaultskin file. Since you recolored that file you also got rid of those boxes. Restore that file and you'll be fine.
  4. I have never been so anxious for a new engine update! :D I know that very good things are coming! Thanks for continuing to work!

  5. Include all of these files in the same folder as your client's exe. https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/c6aca6e6545c05d247e4d6a1549a9396.zip Then rename the Intersect Client.bin.osx and Intersect Client.bin.x86_64 files to match your client exe name. So for example in Ambardia I have Ambardia.exe (Windows) Ambardia.bin.osx (Mac) Ambardia.bin.x86_64 (Linux) On windows I launch the .exe normally. On Mac I run the osx file. On Linux I run the .x86_64 file. All the other files are a slimmed down version of mono, so by distributing these alongside your client your players do not need mono installed and it should 'just work'.
  6. Yes, there is no engine restrictive licensing. Just make sure to adhere to the licensing for the resources you do use, it's all pretty relaxed. https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Assets
  7. Hey there, I just responded to your support ticket. Here is a very generalized overview on how to navigate the control panel and get your game data moved over to my platform and tell your client/editor where to connect. Feel free to respond here or in the support ticket if you have further questions. Thanks, JC
  8. Guild variables are done https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pull/777 but needs testing before it gets merged anywhere... will be rolling into B7 before we move it into the stable branch.. eventually
  9. So the other 2 questions should be separate topics in the general Questions & Answers board just because they are not source related. For respawn point that is set per-class in the class editor. You can get fancy later on with events to have reset points that change based on choices/progression but if you're just getting started the class editor respawn point is a good starting point. For the admin player I'd make an admin class with a bunch of base health and stats, you can then make a new player with that class and then in the class editor you can 'Lock' that class so other new players can't obtain it.
  10. Developer guides walk you through getting VS and cloning the source. https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/developer/ They are actually relatively up to date.
  11. Homing projectiles are only available in a few games which have hired developers to custom code it for their projects, it isn't a feature that is available in the base engine at this time. There are no mods for this available at this time. Also no developers working on such a feature/option.
  12. The logo can be changed. It will be a graphic file. Should be in the client/resources/gui folder.
  13. You can rename the .exe itself to whatever you'd like. To change the titlebar while the game is running that string can be found in /resources/client_strings.json file.
  14. You are correct in your understanding on how the lighting works. Adding another layer would be a performance hit.. much more to lower end pcs than higher. Best way would be to make the interiors their own maps.
  15. @Kuskuscan you zip up your tilesets and PM them to me? @Oddlykeep in mind that the error he is experiencing is a GDI+ error (before it even gets to Monogame). The graphic card and it's capabilities/vram capacity has no impact on this error. It's simply trying to read the image file into normal ram.
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