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  1. But then you blow up like a balloon and float forever. My superpower is that I can run supa fast.
  2. If you use animated autotiles for the waves they will be in sync. Otherwise the animations start their loops when the maps load, and syncing those up would require a bit of code/enhancing to the client's animation systems.
  3. I agree. Very large chance that this is fixed in the official builds B7 is definitely worth using. You should never use code that is a year out of date for 1 feature.
  4. This is it fam. Whether it works or not this is as close to an official gui editor you're gonna get for the foreseeable future. One thing that wouldn't be easy but insanely cool regardless (feature request inbound) would be bundling the MonoGame content builder and providing a gui to generate game fonts by selecting system font files and a helper for selecting character regions to generate. Either way good work, it looks great, thanks for sharing @OniSensei and I hope it is helpful to many around here.
  5. I really need to move these notes to the new docs or on the forum somewhere. The problem lies in DPI. More info here. https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/KnownIssuesAndWorkarounds.html#page_[+Editor]+Text+too+large%2C+text+cut+off+or+items+out+of+place%3F
  6. Job done here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/5959-looking-to-have-a-few-things-changed/?do=getLastComment
  7. Transaction complete. Thanks @Cookviper Gonna lock this thread since job is done.
  8. Take your time, this is just the public thread. Didn't want others to start working on it while I potentially have it done already.
  9. Job done, awaiting confirmation that it works well.
  10. I'll write a small script to do the find/replace in the client/editor/and server string files for like $20. Can probably find some way lower offers though
  11. That would work but you gotta find a way for that replace to only occur on the right side of the colon otherwise you break the string identifiers.
  12. jcsnider


    You're literally trolling. First off there's nothing being sold. Secondly, take the patch file, throw it into diffy.org or any other git patch visualizer and you can see the exact lines you are interested in. Shouldn't be on us to go list them all out for you when the info is a few clicks away. Regardless though, it'd probably be best to go find something else that's better at spoon feeding. Topic locked.
  13. The json files are not source code. The json only describes properties for elements within the actual source code. Once loaded the jsons are rewritten with the loaded properties + any new objects since the json was created. Since you are adding objects in the json that do not exist in the code itself they are being removed. Here is the file that describes the PlayerBox.json https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/blob/development/Intersect.Client/Interface/Game/EntityPanel/EntityBox.cs To edit the actual source we have documentation here (starting with downloading visual studio, cloning the repo, compiling, etc) https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/en-US/developer/start/vs.html
  14. The projectile would still fly before the animation completes. That would require some custom code at this point to change.
  15. The delay only applies when you have configured multiple waves. (It's the time between waves) Set the quantity to 2 in the projectile editor and then fire the projectile once to see the effect.
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