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  1. jcsnider

    Click sound

    Yeah. You can add sound effects via the new UI json files ^^. Open one up in Client/Resources/GUI/Layouts/* and for each button you can type the name of any sound effect.
  2. jcsnider

    Black screen when launching a game

    This shouldn't be much if any different from B4.X.. but in B6 this will be a lot better. Might be best to wait up for that.. it will be here a lot quicker then everyone expects.
  3. jcsnider

    Migration Issue to B5 or B5.1

    Weird, but that's promising. If you need help with the upgrade and can get the files to an accessible feel free to PM me and ill do the migration if you don't want to bother with Windows.
  4. jcsnider

    Event collision

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. jcsnider

    Event collision

    Global events and Npcs (monsters) cannot see local events. Just like players cannot see local events of other players. So this behavior is expected and intended. Global events are more restrictive than local events, but they work for your purpose then by all means, use them. Global events will not walk through other global events unless one is passable.
  6. jcsnider

    Event collision

    @Xenogene: There are instances where this is intended behavior. Such as when global events pass through local events. You'd have to share you event configs and such before I can look into this.
  7. jcsnider

    Big GUI help topic!

    When implementing the new UI I will be fixing the display of item quantities across the board. I’d recommend waiting until then if possible then revisit if necessary.
  8. jcsnider

    Language file

    @GnoW are you using 5.1?
  9. jcsnider

    File Encryption

    Please see: https://www.freemmorpgmaker.com/docs/en/FrequentlyAskedQuestions.html#page_How-can-I-encrypt-my-graphics-sounds-etc-so-they-can-t-be-stolen
  10. Need help getting your game online? We have a new board available where we will help you get it up and running! Click here to read the getting start guide, browse basic troubleshooting tips, and see the information we need to help you out if you wish to make a thread. The new board is under Intersect Q/A and can be found here.
  11. jcsnider

    Server Offline

    @OliverBlack: I just created a new forum section with a guide on getting your game online and guidelines for requesting help. Please visit this link for information: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/3432-read-first-getting-your-game-online/
  12. General How-To Guide Getting your game online and accessible to the world should be an easy task, but in this day and age where security is critical to project your systems and personal information this can be a harder task than you'd think. These quick steps will show you what you need to do to get your game online. Please follow these steps exactly, and if you need to make a request for support let us know which step you're stuck on. Step 1: Start the Intersect Server The server talks to your router on startup and requests that it opens the necessary network ports for you. If the server says that your game is accessible to the public then continue to step 2! (If not, refer to the troubleshooting tips below and try again.) Step 2: Configure the Client/Editor for Distribution Open your Client and Editor/Resources/config.json file. Please use Notepad++ for all json editting! (Using normal Notepad or Wordpad that comes with Windows will often break these files and lead to crashes!) Set the host and port to the ip and port values your server shows you! (Do NOT use a domain or no-ip address yet!) Save your changes to this file and restart your client/editor. If you can connect then you are ready for distribution. If you can't connect you should try step 3 and seeing if a friend can join in. (Sometimes routers block outbound connections to itself.. and you would have to continue using localhost for yourself and your public ip for everyone else.) Step 3: Zip the Client and/or Editor and Share It! To distribute your game (for players): Go to your client folder. Highlight Intersect Client.exe, Intersect Client.pdb, and the Resources directory (Img Ref) Right click on any of the highlighted items, select Send To -> Compressed Zip Folder (Img Ref) Upload that zip archive to Google Drive, Dropbox, or another filehosting service and send your players the link to download! To distribute your game & editor (for colleagues): Go to your client folder. Highlight Intersect Client.exe, Intersect Client.pdb, Intersect Editor.exe, Intersect Editor.pdb and the Resources directory (Img Ref) Right click on any of the highlighted items, select Send To -> Compressed Zip Folder (Img Ref) Upload that zip archive to Google Drive, Dropbox, or another filehosting service and send your colleagues the link to download! Basic Troubleshooting Tips (Relaunch your server after trying each of the tips in bold to see if it helps!) Windows Firewall can block the servers' network access. Try temporarily disabling Windows Firewall! Some antivirus programs include firewalls/shields that could block players from connecting. Try temporarily disabling your antivirus! VPN Applications, if you browse the internet via a VPN disable that, it only adds complexity during this process. Disable any VPN software! No-IP, or other Domain names might be setup wrong, or might take too long to update. Always use your public ip in the config files while troubleshooting. You can go back to No-Ip or whatever else you're using once you know your server is online! At a university, or on a network that you do not own? You're out of luck, you must be able to configure the network in order to host games. Hosting Services I'm happy to help you get your self-hosting working (if possible) but you can avoid all of this frustration with a professional hosting service such as my own: Low ping, low cost, no port forwarding, up 24/7, and a friendly web control panel, and super fast! Click here to find out more! Getting Support Before asking for support, please read and attempt all the troubleshooting tips above. Include all of the following when you make a post looking for support: Screenshot of your server console. Link generated by typing "netdebug" into the server console (without quotes). Operating System (Windows, Linux, or Mac) Did you disable your firewall? Did you disable your antivirus? A brief description of your location. (Home/Apartment/School/Work/etc) Anything you can tell us about your network that might help. Did your internet provider give you all the equipment? What makes/models? Do you have multiple routers or anything? Do you own the networking equipment? Click here to make a thread for support.
  13. It’s a SQLite database file which means you’re need to treat it as such: https://sebastianraschka.com/Articles/2014_sqlite_in_python_tutorial.html Doing what you want will require some sql knowledge or lots of research.