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    Today I did this on my project...

    Today I will be finishing up the northern part of my Tutorial Island I've named Breakwater Isle. Im not sure I like the beach from this height. Walking around with my character doesnt seem too bad, kinda gives me an Ark: SE feel with all the rocks and palms. If you can't tell, the dense wooded area is elevated off of the beach using cliffs. The blank part in the NE corner will be a smoothing ramp to connect the beach to the inner island.
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    Labyrinth Hearts Steam

    Labyrinth Hearts Engine: Rpgmaker MV Release Date: 4/26/2021 8:00 a.m Created by: Knightmarish Games Labyrinth Hearts is a single-player GACHA game that captures the GACHA experience without pay-walls (to progress), ads, or risk of GACHA addiction. It utilizes a side-scrolling battle system, with dialogue and battle events throughout the game. Play through the story mode and train your characters in Skirmishes or Quests. In addition, upgrade your town and elemental arenas to enhance your team's power. A typical play-through has you collecting characters through a summoning/exile system and increase their STAR ranking by befriending them. You gear up in town, clear Skirmishes, and elemental dungeons to increase your team to be able to proceed through the story. The maximum level is 999 and their is no power cap. If you are interested in the game (or helping an indie developer) please add to your wishlist and purchase on 4/26/2021! Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to everyone playing! -Jamie Justice https://store.steampowered.com/app/1584360
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    [Tutorial] World Building

    World Building The Basics Part 1 of ? This will be an ongoing tutorial as the Engine develops and we gain more access to World Building-related features. I haven't seen a World Building Tut on the forum, so here it is! This tutorial will also ONLY use FREE software, as it's completely unnecessary to fork over loads of cash for a good World. What is it? Can I do it? What makes a good world? These are the questions you may be asking yourself in regards to World Building and the answer is simply; Yes. In this tutorial I'll introduce you to general World-Building aspects, but focus mainly on World Building as it applies to Intersect. You could then take this knowledge and apply it elsewhere, and likewise you can apply knowledge learned elsewhere to Intersect, but there are plenty of AMAZING video tutorials out there teaching you how to build great worlds in general, so I'll link those at the bottom. But you're here because you want to make beautiful and believable worlds in Intersect, so let's not waste time. What is World Building I mean, it's in the name lol. It consists of various smaller "Buildings" such as: Story Telling, Character Creating, Map Making, and more! You build worlds for Video Games, Books, D&D, etc., following logic and the Aspects of world building. The point is to make the game world feel alive to the player, making it easy for them to imagine themselves in this world. Tools of the Trade This tutorial will only consist of FREE(completely free, or a free "basic" version) software, available to anyone, so worry not my friends! Aspects of World Building World Building YouTube Channels This will End Part 1 of the World Building Tutorial, more will come once I World Build some good/bad examples in Intersect and flesh out the details. I really hope you enjoyed this and I hope even more that this helped you! Until Next Time!
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    Today I did this on my project...

    Making the the game play more intuitive. Using animated mouse over icons and animated quest marks. Navigation between areas and lands.
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    Intersect CMS Rework Version

    Hello everyone! I picked up a programming today, I'm starting the item shop system ! When item shop system is finished and administration pages is ready for first V2 version (Design optimization and more for all pages) I would start the media system to display screenshots, videos directly on a page. My goal was to create plugins that everyone could use and more, but I think it is so much easier to natively integrate all updates directly to the cms without plugins ^^
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    There are a few good ones. It hasn't been beyond us to have full on conversations using comments over the years. I think at one point in time there was some ascii art scattered throughout. Have fun hunting for our little mostly unintended easter eggs lol
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    Today I did this on my project...

    Night and day cycles with houses. Houses protect you from the dangers at night, however buying one is quite expensive. They also come with workable stoves to improve your cooking level.
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    Today I did this on my project...

    Today I worked on the UI with some help from Scaly and an idiotic realization on my part that input fields are images lol Using the GUI from this user on OpenGameArt: https://opengameart.org/content/golden-ui Oh, and the font with help from JCSnider
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    Labyrinth Hearts Steam

    Congratulations Jamie. I'll definitely be playing it! Kibz
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    Those are 2 different questions. Because the engine only loads/processes the 9 surrounding maps it doesn't matter how many maps you link together. Sure, having 200 single maps will be better, because you are only processing 1 map per player instead of 9 at any given time, but if you only have 1 player online and you are processing 9 maps then that's not a big cpu hit. If you have 1000 players online and you are processing every map anyways then you might as well have them linked up.. the game looks/feels better that way
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    This is the most practical to a certain extent, but in the end it is a matter of comfort, personally I do it because the test environment is the same as I develop, and after I confirm the correct operation then I compile in RELEASE and copy the .exe file and the .pdb for my actual project.
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    Here is how I work on things in the source. May not be the best way but I am not really a programmer. First I have 3 different locations I work from: 1- The github desktop folder that has the actual source files in it: 2- A test folder that has a copy of the full engine in with the resource folders graphics and everything. 3-My Actual game I am building maps and such for. Not a testing area After I make edits to the source and compile them I make my way to the build>debug folders Next go into the client folder and copy only the two files highlighted: I then paste a copy of both of those in my 2-Testing Engine folder and overwrite the previous files. Do the same thing in both the build>debug> editor and server folders and copy the same two files of each to your test engine and overwrite the old versions. After I confirm my changes are working correctly I then copy the same 6 files over to my 3-Actual Game folder. I also try to make backups of the server database files after any changes incase something goes wrong that i dont catch while testing. Edit: Or just copy your "resources" folder from your actual project and paste them in the build>debug>client/editor/server folders works for testing which is probably what real coders do.
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    Beast Boyz

    Wild Spirit Online

    Dev Log : Working on river building! They are made of sap and they contain a lot of pure mana ! When it's solidifying it get it's orange color : Here's some portal too : They were constructed by the Ancient Spirits, before that spirits used to travel by the sap of the tree and they can still do it. But portal allowed easier and tireless travel for civilisated being, they are jealously guarded by each faction.
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    Beast Boyz

    Wild Spirit Online

    Current Staff Engine Overview Features Story Road Map Shapeshifting Crafting Realms Media: Our Youtube chanel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbBcSAvX1dFG2_95ktM8CA/featured Future Splash Screen (Done by Rem’s) : Some prework drawing : Some Screenshot :
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    Mad max would be proud ! WITNESS ME !
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    Moving UI Elements

    "Bounds": "x, y, x2, y2", x & y, where this entity starts by the (top left?) corner I believe - x2 and y2 being the size of the image. "Padding": "x, y, x2, y2", I believe this one is self explanatory but it's the padding around the bounds. "AlignmentEdgeDistances": "x, y, x2, y2", "AlignmentTransform": "x, y", Don't worry about these unless your image just isn't going in the right spot (honestly if you're using this it might cause issues - stick to bounds) "Margin": "x, y, x2, y2", This one is mainly used for inventory/spells where you have an array of slots that need to be evenly spaced. The way I work on my UI is estimate how many pixels my image needs to be and what each image within the whole needs to be. This allows me to use a calculator to precisely put everything where it needs to be.
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    Main Menu UI Feedback

    I feel like the 2nd one is more original but I would use the 1st one, it is more catchy to the eye
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    Thats a stretch goal for the MonoGame team. It's insanely difficult when you are targeting cross platform devices, if it was only windows it would be no problem. Here's the latest instructions on acquiring the MGCB tool https://docs.monogame.net/articles/tools/mgcb_editor.html And the original shaders and font files we use are now here: https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Assets I will try to update this guide soon but as of right now I haven't tried all the steps to use the new content builder.
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    But what I meant is that they should incorporate plug-n-play fonts into the source, so we don't have to rely on the monogame editor
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    Today I did this on my project...

    Very impressed by this. Only critique would be using dirt pathways to illustrate direction to the player. Kibz
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    Intersect CMS Rework Version

    Yes it's a good framework and it simplifies the creation of the administration space to 300%! I have no news to share with you, I've been sick since Thursday, so I haven't touched a line of code since ^^ '
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    Today I did this on my project...

    Today i finished weather and wings
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    Leafling's editor runs AnyCPU or x64 yeah, no issues so far as far as I can tell. (Outside existing issues that persist)
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    @Cheshire did some testing with the editor set to AnyCPU and I don't recall there being any problems. Worth a shot.
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    Development Blog

    We've finally implemented the new Paypal's Payment System, you can now be able to purchase Game Cards using Debit/Credit Card like Steam.
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    Hey everyone, My name is Antoine, I am a dev and I am currently working on my first indie 2D game made with Unity ! Dolus is an introspective journey into the world of grief. You will have to find your way through the five stages of loss in this hand drawn adventure platformer. The main animations of our sad little fellow are almost all done. We used normal maps on our sprites to handle the light. In Dolus you will be able to slide on walls ! How cool is that ? This is what you will see when you will die in game. I have added some particules to the animation, I'll show you the updated version later on Last week we started the animations from the monsters and it's going quite well ! I'll come post as soon as I have some interesting update Follow the game development journey of Dolus ! Insta Twitter Facebook Ratgibnak
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    TheMeq's Font Packs

    Version 1.0.0


    These are all the standard windows fonts (And a few extra's) from character #32 to #126 converted to XNB. If you want a font doing that isn't in the pack, please send me a message with the font name, a link to the font, a first character and last character to convert, and i'll get right on it! Files are named in the following format: __FONTNAME_FONTSIZE_FONTTYPE__.xnb Where Font Size is pt 8 to pt 26 and Font Type is 0 - 3 0 - Regular 1 - Bold 2 - Italics 3 - Bold / Italics Thanks!
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    Beast Boyz

    Backpack Crafting

    Also you can do it with a spell, like "Crafting Basics"
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    Backpack Crafting

    you can create a common event triggered by /command (i.e., player could open the crafting station by typing "/craft" in the chat)
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    Ability Points

    This took me ages to figure out myself. It's under the Class editor under Game Editors. Scroll down to where you see the Leveling Up section, and it's the last box, Points (+) Also on a side note, I really like your mapping.
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    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Hey there! My Name is Keith(and yes, thats a pixel-art Keith I made myself lol). I'm a mid-western man(USA:EST) with a passion for creativity. I love to World Build, though most of my world concepts never leave my head. I have experience in coding(.NET, C#(minor experience), and a few others), minimal pixel art design, and have the imagination of a 10yo with the complexity and maturity of my age(so a raging imagination lol). I love gaming and indie game development but i have a HUGE motivation problem. I've never finished a digital project, and I've started countless. I stumbled upon Intersect after looking for the Eclipse engine that apparently is no longer supported(Used it waaay back in the day, and remembered it and tried to come back). I actually find Intersect engine superior because 1)Its not VB6(THANK GOD!) 2)C# is far more versatile and 3) the process of development has been streamlined quite a bit. I've already started a project that I pray and hope i don't lose motivation for. I've been researching some tactics to keep motivation high and have been good so far. I have a nearly complete tutorial in my game project with detailed maps and various Crafts and resources. Intersect is probably my favorite now as far as 2D retro ORPG style engines go. I've used Unity and more recently, Godot(way better than Unity imo, more streamlined and easier to use) and am fairly decent with Blender. I'm excited to be apart of the community and I actually plan to hopefully implement some features into the Engine itself and share them with you If i get around to that and I don't lose motivation lol.
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    Thank you so much friend!
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    Server> Resources> config.json "Sprites": { "IdleFrames": 4, "NormalFrames": 8, "CastFrames": 4, "AttackFrames": 4, "ShootFrames": 4, "WeaponFrames": 4, "NormalSheetAttackFrame": 3, "NormalSheetDashFrame": 1, "MovingFrameDuration": 200, "IdleFrameDuration": 200, "TimeBeforeIdle": 4000
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    Patch 1.5 - Artemian Eclipse

    Hey AGD, it's been a while since I've posted here but I wanted to fill any of you who are interested in on the latest coming patch to Leafling. This is our first go at an Expansion sized patch and will be featuring a ton of new content, overhauls, balancing, new classes, and more. The update will also be featuring a real-time global live event at the climax of the MSQ content that players will have to work together for to finish. You can check out the patch preview and whats coming here: https://steamcommunity.com/games/1457150/announcements/detail/3025829261310893706
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    Sammo P.

    Idle frame on events

    Right now events with a sprite don't play the idle frame when standing, that means if i'm using the normal frame just for walking the event will stop walking at an awkward position. Like this: My question is: Is this considered a bug and will be fixed in a future version or should i just deal with it and edit the sprites i will be using for events, so they start with a standing frame?
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    Intersect Platformer Edition v1.1

    Intersect Engine with 100% more bunny hops! v1.1 About Intersect Platformer Edition is a fully featured 2D tile-based side-scroller engine using Intersect Engine. Features Platform tile type Allows players to jump from below the tile landing on top and fall through the tile when desired Jumping ability Ability to jump at a fixed jump height with server checks to prevent jump hacks Ladder tile type Ladder tile that a player can climb and animation for climbing Jump animation Animations for jumping and falling (Using the new pipeline!) Just use _jump suffix! Climb animation Animations for climbing using row 1 and row 4 of the default spritesheets! Planned Features Key Bindings Key bindings to provide the flexibility to change the jump button bind Feel free to suggest something! Images Download Includes source code and binaries with example map Download Here! Github Repo The default branch this engine will pull from is Intersects Development branch https://github.com/Jumbofile/Intersect-Platformer-Edition Source Mod Compatibility Anything that doesn't deal with Player.cs or Entity.cs on server on client side should work. If it changes anything with player movement or animations, It most likely wont work. Help and or bug finds Please make a reply here with the necessary info. Known Bugs NPCs need to have a npc avoid on the edge of platforms Arrows shoot up or down when falling or jumping Support Me If you like what i'm doing please consider supporting me! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=34062227 Special Thanks Shenmue - Without the Diagonal movement mod this wouldn't have been possible
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