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    Development Road Map Intersect is getting closer and closer to release by the day. This summer has allowed Joe and I to dedicate an unprecedented amount of time to this engine and as a result of that we are ready to provide this road map starting now during Alpha 1.5 all the way to Release. Alpha Plans (Complete!) Alpha has gone really, really, well. You all have been absolutely amazing with all the bug reports and support. We love how you keep us on track and moving along. At the time of posting we are on Alpha Version 1.5. so here is what we have planned heading into beta. Beta Plans (In Progress) Once we reach beta we will increment the version number to 2.0. Starting at Beta 2.0 we are going to fix up the remaining systems for epic games. Open Source! (Beta 0.6.2.X) Shortly after Beta 6.2 (devs) start deploying we will be open sourcing the engine! Final Release v1.0.0.0 (Steam) After we open source the engine we will work on user enhancements, bug fixes, overall stability, and eliminating performance bottlenecks. Our ultimate goal is to launch the engine on steam but we will need a project management control panel type app in order to make that viable. The engine could use a bit more polish, and we are exploring ways for people to host in strict networks without port fowarding or paying for a VPS. Right now our goal is for a smooth open source release. We will get together and make a list of goals for a Steam release soon! Everything above is subject to change but that's our hope. We hope you like our plans moving forward and we will see how well we can stick to them as time goes on. As always this thread is open for discussion, feel free to drop us a note below Check github for latest info > https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/milestones
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    Dev Blog 11/8/2018 - Beta 5 Wrap-up

    Beta 5 Wrap-Up Dev Blog Nov. 8th 2018 News and Updates We're all but finished with the creation of B5 which will arguably be the largest update this engine has ever seen! I'm gonna quickly touch on some of the changes you all can expect to see and what you all should test as soon as you have your hands on this incredible update! Weather Effects Use a mixture of animations and map properties to create crazy awesome weather effects: The weather is configurable per-map in the map properties box: Equipment Vital Buffs and Animations Worn equipment can now buff your vitals along with your stats! You will be able to give equipment animations as well, so you can create cool effects like glowing boots, or torches, or whatever you want! Spell Updates Lots of bug fixes here but Kibz also added 2 new spell effects which include cleansing (removing all other effects, to escape from stuns and blinds and such), and invulnerability. NPC Combat Conditions We've removed the basic npc types (Attack on Sight, Attack when Attacked, Guard, Friendly) and added far more customization for NPC combat behaviors. You can make NPCs defend your players and attack your players based on conditions such as level, quests statuses, variables, switches, and more! The uses here are limitless but these conditions would be great for having guards of specific towns attacking or defending the players based on factions, or player actions in that town. It wouldn't be hard to make a bounty system like in Skyrim where the player could get in trouble and then pay off their bounty so they wouldn't be attacked on sight moving forward. New NPC Behavior Options: Using event switches to alter NPC Behavior/Aggression on the fly: NPCs that use switches/variables and decide to defend players: NPC Fleeing & Swarm Mechanics This was asked for a lot.. you can now make npcs run away when their health falls below certain thresholds. This is configurable on a npc by npc basis which is really cool. Furthermore swarming is where npcs come to the aid of their friends when they're in trouble. Super easy to setup now and really effective! NPC & Resource Common Events You can now make common events run when a npc or resource is killed both for the killer and for everyone in the killers' party NPC & Resource Dynamic Drops You are no longer limited to only having 10 item drop chances for NPCs and Resources.. you can create however many drops that you want! Resources from Tilesets Don't want to rip trees and stuff out of your tilesets for resources? You don't have to anymore! Resource graphics can be selected directly from tilesets now! General Combat Upgrades Targeting is easier now when trying to click on moving entities. Kibbelz even added in a hotkey for "auto targeting" which will target the nearest enemy when you hit the hotkey (tab by default). Lifesteal and Cooldown reduction on equipment items now work! Items/weapons can now have static attack speeds when wielded, or increase the players default attack speed by a certain percentage. Hotbar Rework The hotbar used to forget items/spells when you no longer had them in your inventory/spellbook. This isn't the case anymore, and the same items don't have to be drug to the hotbar over and over again each time your players go to the store! Class Balancing Updates This is a big one and requested often. Starting in B5 when you make changes to a class your players' stats will auto-update to reflect those changes! This even works with adding/removing the points your players allocate into their stats individually. Event Upgrades You can now use event conditions to compare player switches with other player switches, and compare player switches to global switches - same thing for variables too! Furthermore you can set the value of switches and variables to the values of other switches/variables in the game! Finally, you can set variables to the value of the current real world time expressed in milliseconds. With these values you can keep track of when players accomplish tasks, create real-time farming systems, daily events, and more! Setting a variable to the value of another variable, or the system time: Comparing variable values with other variables: New Escape Menu Tap escape to reach the options window, you also have buttons that will allow your players to logout, go back to character select, or quit directly to the desktop! Better Disconnect Handling Has your server ever crashed on you while you were play testing your game? What happened? In Beta 4 the client crashed too! In Beta 5 the client returns to the main menu and informs the player that the server connection has been lost! This is minor, but also a nice polish update for our engine. Beware: Updates below are targeted towards our developer crowd and technical speak lies ahead! Jsonification We've already been over this once, so I'll link back to that dev blog and just leave it at this; all of the Client, Editor, and Server language, ui, formula, and configuation files use the json format. This simplifies our code, and is arguably easier to work with. Database Overhaul The entire database system for B5 has been redesigned from the ground-up. We are using Entity Framework now to handle a lot of the database communications for us. This new system properly stores your game data in either a Sqlite or Mysql database using proper database columns and values instead of our previous design which used impossible to read binary data dumps. If you don't know what any of this means, don't worry, it's a good thing! Once you're game is running on B5 you won't have to use the migration tool anymore, the server will handle database upgrades for you automatically. The player database is now separated from the game database... so they can be stored in different locations, or you can store player data in a networked Mysql server and game data locally in a Sqlite database or vice versa. We highly recommend that you continue to use Sqlite for the game data.. but it is really up to you. The server has a 'migrate' command built in now so you can switch to the different database formats whenever you want! API Use web services and other applications to communicate, query, and control your server! In Beta 5 this is just proof of concept. We will release documentation soon on how to authenticate with the API and how to start grabbing player data. In Beta 6 we will have more options so you can alter player inventories, change switch/variable values, and more! This will be the de-facto method to integrate your game with your websites/forums, handle microtransactions, and much more! Stay Tuned! The next big post will be outlining our Beta 5 release plans. Our goal to is to get Beta 5 out to everyone as quickly as possible. We really appreciate your patience, and hopefully you are as excited as we are!
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    First off, we hope you're doing well and staying safe! In order to help fill the time we're happy to announce that Intersect's source code is now available on Github! There are several resources available in order to help developers become acquainted to our code and facilitate collaboration: Github Repo Developer Documentation (tailored towards new/young developers) Developer Discussion Development Questions Source Modifications Custom Versions Bugs and suggestions going forward should be posted on the new Github issue tracker. We invite all developers to assist and submit pull requests as we continue engine development. Our focus moving forward will be on stability, performance, and smaller quality of life enhancements. Intersect has already proven that it can handle dozens of players online at the same time, but there's plenty of room for improvement! Thank you for your patience while we have worked to get the engine to this point! It's taken a lot of work to get here but we're finally happy with the core systems in place. We hope that you all take our work to new levels, and we're looking forward to seeing what you create!
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    Intersect Beta 6 Released!

    Beta 6 Released 9/7/2019 What's New? We're at the finish line now! B6 brings a new UI, performance enhancements, networking optimizations, tons of bug fixes, new assets, and a lot more! Performance Enhancements Instead of rendering the map to off screen images, and then drawing those every frame (like we were doing), and instead of rendering every singe tile of every layer every frame (like most engines do), we're rendering using vertex buffers on the player's graphic card. Map data is transmitted to the graphic card once, and drawn rapidly from memory every frame granting massive FPS boosts on most graphic cards and reducing memory consumption significantly across the board. Read more. Texture Packing When rendering graphics in a video game you can 'batch' draw calls. If you draw several consecutive sprites/objects/animations/ui elements/etc from the same texture all of those drawing commands can be combined and sent to the graphic card at one time. The fewer batches that get sent the higher your fps. Texture packing increases performance by combining lots of your small textures into just a few larger ones. Read more. Networking Optimizations This is a huge step forward for programmers who will want to expand upon the engine. Packets are easier to create and process now, they are also significantly smaller than before, meaning less bandwidth is required for each client. New UI Intersect has a whole new look now, which we think you all will really like! Read more. New Asset Pack The Intersect Official Assets Pack is ready to go! All of the assets in this pack are free to use legally in your projects, even commercially. Intersect will be the first free 2d mmorpg engine of its kind to be distributed in a state that's ready to create commercial projects. Read more. Combined Switches & Variables The coding behind switches and variables was a little insane... they were basically the same thing but handled separately, and in order to clean up we've combined the two. The new variables can now store true/false (boolean values) or numeric (integer values). We've set the foundation so that one day variables can also store different data types like text (strings). Searching and Folders in all Editors All editors now have the ability to organize your game objects into folders! Group weapons together, or specific types of spells, groups of events, variables, etc. If you can't find what you're looking for you can also search for specific objects too! Searching: Folders: Custom Class EXP Tables Want to fine tune the amount of experience it takes to level up in your game? Now you can with custom exp tables! Password Reset If you connect your server to a mailing service (like gmail) you players can request password reset codes that allow them to get back into accounts they have lost access to. API Allow third party apps, websites, and other services connect communicate with your server. Programmers utilizing the API should be able to create and share: Visual server control panels Cash shops Leaderboard systems Website login integrations Viewing player stats online etc Read more. Combat and Event Additions Kibz added new event commands for changing player name colors, forcing items to equip, percentage based buffs on both spells and equipment, shield spells and more. Dev Blog. Bugs Fixed On top of 100+ Beta 5 bug fixes, the private testing team that has been working with Beta 6 for all of August reported over 120 bugs that have been patched leading up to this release. Beta 6 should be one of the most stable versions of Intersect ever, and moving forward we are focusing less on features and more on stability while we create final release candidates and prep our services and the community for a full open source release Special thanks to @Khaikaa, @davidsaid06, @Mcadams, @BiGG, @hiroman, @Ainz Ooal Gown, and @Niko for their help during the 4 brutal rounds of testing they endured leading up to this release. Download Links Full Upgrade If upgrading from Beta 5 chose the upgrade archive, and be sure to read the Upgrading pdf located within. Have fun!
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    Dev Blog 2/16/2020 - Beta 6.1 Wrapup

    Beta 6.1 Wrapup! 2/16/2020 Introduction Beta 6.1 is about to be released and unfortunately we never really wrote dev blogs along the way to talk about the new features, so this will really show off all new features in the upcoming Beta 6.1 release. Extra Client Font Options You can now change the fonts in the clients config to select different fonts for damage numbers, chat bubbles, and entity names/labels! You can now configure the server to keep players logged in while in combat! If they disconnect their character will remain in game until they die or they are safe! Furthermore, item and spell cooldowns persist through logouts and server reboots, no more logging out to refresh cooldowns Colors Cleanup The colors.json file has been cleaned up, and has been made to be more dynamic. You can now add custom item rarities and color them beyond the engine defaults. Trap Spells & Projectile Piercing Kibz added trap spells! Lay traps on the ground and watch your enemies burn when they walk over them . Piercing projectiles will continue to fly through the air after hitting an enemy and can hit multiple targets in a row. Equipment Buffs Kibz added new effects that you can attribute to equipment. Tenacity will reduce the effects of enemy status effects, luck will increase your chances of item drops, and equipment can boost the amount of exp your players gain! Event Command Upgrades Restore HP and Restore MP commands can now adjust vitals by specific amounts (think traps ) Entering an amount of 0 will fully restore vitals, so existing restore commands don't break. Attack Speed Adjustments If you don't like scaling attack speed off movement speed you can now set static base attack speeds for npcs and player classes: Player Labels Events can now be used to set labels over players' heads. These labels can be used for pseudo clan tags, factions, and more! Player Name Colors You can also change a players' name color via an event! String Variables We can finally store strings (text) into variables and collect input from players! Event Parameters Events now have parameters that you can use within string variables and anywhere you enter text. Use the \evtparams to get a list of all parameters available for an event. Use \evtparam{name} for an individual parameter value. Event parameters will contain situational fields as well, for example in a player killed event it will have a parameter for your victim or your killer. Mix event parameters, assign them to string variables, and you can create some really unique features with events that weren't previously possible! Release Plans & Going Forward Starting with Beta 6.1 we're going to open up a second release channel called development. You can upgrade from stable to development and try out the new features, but development releases will be prone to more bugs. You cannot downgrade from development (B6.1) back to stable (B6) due to database migrations, so if you opt to give the development build a try be sure to backup everything first! Beta 6.0 will continue to receive patches in the stable builds channel and should be used for live games until Beta 6.1 is deemed stable. There are no more features planned at this time until we've cleaned everything up . The next major release will be source once Beta 6.1 reaches a relatively stable state! We're actively working on prepping our Github repo, forum, documentation, and more for the imminent Intersect source code release!!!! We're finally here, and hope you all are as excited as we are!
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    Beta 6.2 Development! 4/5/2020 Introduction Because we're now automatically building and publishing development builds it makes sense to have ongoing development threads so you all know what's new in our development builds. This thread will cover quality of life changes, new features, and more for Beta 6.2. Event Variable Multiplication and Division - (3/30/2020) The first enhancement in Beta 6.2 is the ability to multiply, divide, and shift event variables. Updated Server Statuses - (4/4/2020) The main menu server status indicator will now indicate whether servers are offline, if there are version mismatches, and soon when we add options for player limits it will be able to display if a server is full. *This was added to stable as well post release in order to reduce questions on why the client and server wouldn't connect in the instance of version mismatches. Entity Animation Frames - (4/8/2020) This is probably been the most requested feature that we have put off until now and we're finally caving in! Entity animation frames are in the pipeline at the time of writing and will be available soon! Just add create graphics with the appended postfixes ("_idle.png", "_attack.png", "_cast.png", "_shoot.png", "_weapon.png") in the graphic names in order to activate. These animations work on paperdolls, spell transformations, and can easily be expanded upon with source mods going forward! Previews: Example Graphics: Download (Credit @Zetasis Embedded Auto Updater - (4/21/2020) 6.2 introduces an optional built in updater system that you all can use for your games! It's pretty simple, but requires that you have some sort of web hosting capabilities available to you. To use the updater: In the editor you click on Tools -> Package Update, and that will create a folder full of files for you, upload that folder and it's contents to your webhost! Inside that folder is a file called update.json, get a link to that (ie: https://freemmorpgmaker.com/updater/update.json) and throw that into your Client/Resources/config.json file as your UpdateUrl. As you upgrade your game to new Intersect versions, or update any of your games' resources simply use the editor to package a new update to replace the one on your webhost. Your client and editor will do the rest every time they're launched, they can even replace themselves so you don't need an external updater application. Full documentation can be found here! Loot Ownership - (4/29/2020) @Joyce added new loot options so that loot ownership and timing is taken into account when loot is dropped.! Adds the ability to tag MapItems with an owner, and only allow the owner (and their party) to pick the items up for a configurable amount of time. NPC drops will attempt to use the player that did the most damage to it as the owner, unless killed by something other than a player. Player drops will attempt to use player that did the killing blow as the owner for the items. Unless killed by something else. Items dropped from the inventory voluntarily are also subject to ownership. Items that you are unable to pick up can be configured to be hidden Options for all of this are in the servers config.json Note: The ItemDespawnTime and ItemRespawnTime have been moved/renamed so those values will be reset when upgrading to this version... if you have changed those values please be sure to go and modify them again! More Coming Soon! We're always going to keep working on and improving the engine, we don't really have a roadmap at the moment but we will get more news and a plan going forward out shortly!
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    Intersect Beta 4.3 Released!

    Intersect Beta 4.3 Released! November 10th 2017 News/Updates We've just released Beta 4.3 tons of bug fixes found in Beta 4, 4.1, and 4.2 We're hoping this version will allow games like Arcwyre to launch, and allow everyone to create their games while we start to progress on Beta 5 Bug Fixes/Problems Solved: Common events not triggering correctly & Questing bugs that go along with it! Banning effecting all accounts instead of just one (doh!) 1280x720 resolution option disappearing Npcs/Resources not always appearing on adjacent maps Various bugs with visual warping/map grid previews not showing correctly (or at all) Crashing when targetting buffed npcs/players Random map layers flashing Crash when dragging spell icons All kinds of crafting bugs Fogs rendering on wrong map layers Class spawn directions not working NPCs not regenerating health when you leave maps Class editor crashing when you delete character graphics Editor lighting Friendly spells not targeting correctly Players not learning skills set in class editor on level up Heal spells not working Animated sprites are no longer case sensitive Npcs not spawning facing the correct directions and more! Features/Updates HP Bars now hide when full health You can no longer attack friendly npcs Self Contained .Exes The client, editor, server, and migrator are now self contained. This means that you no longer need the /libs/ folders and you no longer need the .Config.exe files! After updating to Beta 4.3 you can delete the following: Client and Editor/libs/ Client and Editor/Intersect Client.exe.config Client and Editor/Intersect Editor.exe.config Any PDB files in the Client and Editor folder. Server/libs/ Server/Intersect Server.exe.config Server/Intersect Migration Tool.exe.config Any PDB files in the Server folder. You can finally deploy the Intersect Client and Server now to Linux and OSX without moving files around! Just copy the Client or Server folder, install mono, open terminal, navigate to the intersect folder, and run: mono "Intersect Client.exe" OR mono "Intersect Server.exe"!!! Up Next Beta 5 is on the way! Download If you are already using Beta 4, 4.1, or 4.2 then click on the upgrade link below for upgrade instructions! Otherwise, click clean installation to be taken to the download Upgrade Installation Clean Installation As always please keep in touch with us and report all bugs that you find!
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    Automatic Port Forwarding, Multi-Char, and More! July 17th 2017 News and Updates It's safe to say that we're finally wrapping up all of the planned Intersect features and are starting to shift our focus towards bug fixes, performance updates, and general quality of life stuff. I have some really exciting stuff to talk through tonight and then it should get a little boring leading up to our final release. Automatic Port Forwarding!!!!! The difficulties of port forwarding have inhibited these style of games for over a decade! Most of our users do not have the technical background to host games on their own home networks. Some simply didn't have the credentials required to modify their router settings. Moving forward this will be much less of a problem. Most routers these days support UPnP where apps like ours can request that ports be opened automatically with no work on your part, and we're taking advantage of those features but we're not stopping there! When your Intersect server starts, and after it tries to automatically port forward, it will ask AGD to make sure your server is open and accessible to the public. At the same time, AGD will tell your server what it's external or public ip address is. When we bring all of this together we get an extraordinary amount of information regarding your network setup so we can help everyone get their games online with as little effect as possible. If UPnP Automatic Port Forwarding works, but AGD cannot connect to your server then you get debugging tips and ideas on where the problem lies: Keybindings I had this working months ago but never really discussed it. You can now set and modify your own keybindings within the Intersect client Multi-Char Change one value in your server's config.xml to allow your players to create multiple characters per account. Your most recently played characters show up first on the selection screen Credits Page Our credits are a huge WIP, we will have a list of probably 50+ names when all said and done with the final release. We wanted to have a nice way to display credits and allow you to change them for your own games. Access the credits page from the main menu and modify credits easily via an xml file. Status Effects Hud Sped up by a spell? Getting killed by poison? Now you know what exactly is helping or harming your character! http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/c869daa2135a2ef02c7443f6c64b54ed.mp4 Paperdoll Rendering in Menus For a long time I had thought that we already had this. I never use paperdolls in my testing so I never knew this was missing. No more naked characters in the UI! Paperdolls are fully rendered everywhere Whats next? I'm fixing bugs with Dynamic UI and then that will get it's own topic. We're still neck-deep in reworking our network code so keep your eyes open for open-tests around the site and in the shoutbox. No ETA for Beta 4 yet but that will be ready when everything is stabilized and performing better. As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress! -The Intersect Development Team
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    IntersectCMS (Open Source)

    IntersectCMS - Open Source CMS for ORPG Hi MMO-makers, I've been around for years now, and firstly, I want to clap the Intersect Team for this beautiful engine. I always loved MMORPG, and especially retro-2D ones (old eclipse user here). Now that it's open source, i could play around with the sources, which is really satisfying :v Enough random-talking, I'm here to showoff one of my projects that I started some days ago. I know a lot of you wanted a complete CMS to use with their games, so I started one. I wanted something that everyone could change with minimum knowledge and more importantly, that use Intersect API. So yup, this CMS will work even if you use an sqlite database (and will work too if you migrate to mysql, without any change in the CMS settings). However, part of the CMS uses a MySQL database, so it is necessary to have one for the proper functioning of the site. I have opened a Bitbucket repository that I will update more or less regularly. I foresee some new features (that you can also propose), as well as fixes for the bugs you'll encounter. I may also propose custom templates, free or paid (maybe the two options). IntersectCMS uses a number of open source projects to work properly: [ Slimframework ] https://www.slimframework.com/ - PHP micro framework [ Twig ] https://twig.symfony.com/ - flexible, fast, and secure template engine for PHP [ RedBeanPHP ] https://www.redbeanphp.com/index.php - fast and easy to use ORM for PHP [ PHP-DI ] http://php-di.org/ - dependency injection container [ Nyholm PSR7 ] https://github.com/Nyholm/psr7 - PSR-7 implementation Actual features (C/P from bitbucket ofc) (DB = use MySQL cms DB, API = use Intersect API) : - News (DB) - Register (API) - Login (API + DB) - Ranking (API) - Account Informations (API + DB) - Shop (API + DB) - Quantity - History - Categories - Discount - Item visibility - Points system with history (DB) - Account Points/Credit (currently working with https://dedipass.com/) (DB) - Server status (API) - Custom Pages (for game and wiki sections) (DB) - Basic administration with Rich Text editor (TinyMCE) - News (DB) - Shop (API + DB) - Pages (DB) - CMS Settings (DB) - CMS Translation (DB) - Basic Translation system (DB) (currently only EN and FR langs) - Multi-templates system - You can create as many templates as you want without even touch PHP code - Basic HTML knowledge is required - 'public\themes\[theme name]' directory contains themes assets, 'public\general' contains base assets used by all themes (like objects images), and 'application\templates\[theme name]'' contains twig views How to install (C/P from bitbucket ofc) : How to customize payement system : Actual screenshots (cuz you want some uh? but C/P from bitbucket too ofc) : Your mods (always better when it's customized) : What's coming next (in case you didn't reed my short intro) : Some features update, like more payements gateaway Bugfixes/Code cleaning Optimizations New templates (free, or paid) How to download (that's the point of this topic nah?) : You can find everything on my Bitbucket repository : https://bitbucket.org/ramlethalss/intersectcms/src/master/ I know the installation is a little technical, but hey, we have google and damn, this help a lot. Moreover, it may have some bugs, but I'm here to correct them ! Thank you for reading this topic, and again, thanks Intersect Team Have fun making MMOs !
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    Combat + Event additions Introduction Combat has been advanced heavily since the days of eclipse, such as advanced projectiles, dash spells, warping to target spells etc but we could always do better! So without further due, allow me to announce our new additions! Spells Shields Yes you heard that right, we now have shields in Intersect that can block damage for a specified period of time and the strength of the shield can be specified in the spell editor. Here are the results ingame: On Hit Spell Types This spell works slightly differently to most spells, it adds an "on hit" status onto the target so with their next attack (Non-spell attack) will recast the spell and apply the damage, buffs and spell effects! Sleep You can now put targets to sleep! Works exactly the same way as stun just a different name and text for a little bit of diversity! Warp To Target Now has damaging options if you want this move to deal damage to the target! The ability to make spells bound to the user like bound items Damaging event spells. Events Hide/Show player You can now hide/show players with the event system. This is important for cutscenes! (or even a cheeky perma stealth spell for ninja admins ) Is item equipped condition A mass requested condition is finally here! You can now check if an item is equipped for conditions! This will help for stealth operations where you don't want NPC's to attack you if you are disguised as them! Adding/Subtracting player variables and global variables Let us know what you think, stay tuned! I will be updating this thread as I finish off what is in the WIP section!
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    Title! JC Agreed to this on live stream with me Original thread here:
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    Made some progress on my visual gui editor for intersect. Cant wait to release it
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    Dev Blog 2/6/2019 - New UI!

    New UI! 2/6/2019 Introduction Our primary focus with Intersect is shifting. There are no more massive features planned on the roadmap. Going forward, our primary goal is to polish the engine. We want to get it to a stable point where you all can feel comfortable running large games with it, we want the engine to look nice and be presentable on platforms like itch.io/steam/etc, and we want to make sure that all of the default content distributed with the engine moving forward is completely free and legal to use in all projects (commercial or otherwise) forever. Awhile back we hosted a fundraiser to acquire a set of community tilesets/characters/etc in which people could build their games with. Working alongside @Zetasis we created a character generator which will be packaged with the engine starting in B6. Last year I traded @Aesthetic a few months of Intersect hosting in exchange for a ui mockup. (1, 2, 3) Sounds and music have been sourced via a few different creators. Resulting in a full Intersect assets pack that is safe to use (even commercially) free of charge. Anyways, this thread was a live progress feed showing the new UI as I was working on it, now the UI is done, and screenshots can be found below. We hope you like it! Main Menu Login Settings Credits Character Selection Password Reset In-Game Parties Items & Spells Character Menu Crafting Stacks of Items Status Indications with Duration Labels Displaying of Spell/Item Cooldowns & Proper Item Quantity Labels Event Dialog Windows Unlocked Equipment Slot Locations for the Character Menu Everything has subtle sound effects now by default. Button clicks, hovering over elements, typing, backspacing, and more all provide sound feedback! This new UI is being shipped with Intersect B6. Keep your eyes out for that release which is coming soon! If you're impatient like me, and want to explore the new UI now it is live on the Intersect Demo Game which is running an early version of B6 for testing purposes.
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    Beta 7 Performance and Feature Updates (a.k.a 'The Leafling Wrap-up') 4/24/2021 Preface People are always asking how many simultaneous players can Intersect handle this writeup will go on to tackle that question somewhat. Unless you've been living under a rock you probably know that Leafling launched on Steam in December. Despite a rocky start, Leafling's launch was very successful with peak online players hitting a highs in the 190s-200 range despite lots of performance issues and constant server crashes. This was the first opportunity to really work on performance profiling, debugging, and improving an engine with thousands of daily users so I volunteered to help improve performance and fix bugs within Leafling given that the solutions would be back ported into Intersect Beta 7. A lot of the qol, looting, npc logic, and other misc updates were done by @Cheshire - so big thanks to her, and other performance fixes came from @panda as well, so everything below is entirely a team effort. At this point in time Leafling is running very well, the server can run for days on end without crashing, and game performance is as good or better than ever. All the updates that we've made to Leafling (and some unintended ones) are already in B7, or will make it into This thread will go on to list and detail most of the changes made in Beta 7 since December. I figured that we outta get these documented/published somewhere here on AGD. Special thanks to @Aesthetic for letting us use Leafling as a guinea pig, who never complained, even when we released chains of updates that seemed at the time to be making things worse and worse. There is a TLDR at the bottom if you find that you don't care about the specific details. Thread Pools & Multi-Processing (Ref 1) Server architecture redesigned around thread pools Thread pools will spin up threads as needed and each thread can run on a different cpu core allowing for full usage of todays processors with 8, 10,. 12, 16, or more cores. Each thread pool can be configured, you define the minimum and maximum allowed threads. There are three main thread pools in Beta 7 Logic Pool: Handles map updates, and allows multiple maps to update/process at the same time. Network Pool: Handles sending, receiving, and processing packets. Database Pool: Handles most database operations such as saving players, writing logs, and more. Network & Packet Updates (Ref: 1, 2) Serialization: Replaced Ceras as the library we used for packet serialization with MessagePack-CSharp because some of Ceras' unsafe memory allocations would crash under Mono (on Linux and Windows) Compression: All packets are compressed now because there are some users who still have <1mbit up/down here in the US, and without compression we would effectively DDOS those players with general game/entity/combat updates. Auto MTU Negotiation: The Intersect server will communicate with clients upon connection and negotiate the best MTU value possible instead of assuming 1400 or so. Honestly no noticeable performance difference came from this but it doesn't hurt to have. Reliable vs Unreliable Sending: Some packets are now sent unreliably, which means that we don't care if they get lost like combat action messages. Every packet we can send unreliably takes load off the client and server with keeping track of packets being received and the order they arrive in. Batched Updates: For some packets like vital, stats, and status updates, the server will wait (maximum 50ms) and send grouped together in one larger packet instead of hundreds or thousands of updates in real time. This leads to the same information making it to the client without a perceived delay and cuts down on network traffic and processing requirements significantly. Database Updates (Ref: 1) We're finally using Entity Framework (our db interface) properly! Db connections are created for short operations (like logins) and then disposed of. Resolved rollback issues where players would lose exp and levels. Resolved an issue where players who have logged out would be kept in memory forever. Huge performance improvements/gains. Client Updates (Ref: 1, 2) Cycle through targets with auto target (default tab key) Esc key closes open windows Enter key progresses through dialog windows where applicable Entity box (hud) is static Memory leak fixes in entity box & party menu Fixed crashes/performance issued caused by Tooltips Server announcements are shown on screen Map Item/Looting/Bag Updates (Ref: 1) Server config.json will allow you to set a loot radius in which loot will show up in the loot window and can be grabbed from. Dragging items from inventory into bags work instead of right clicking, and you can drag into specific/desired slots. When withdrawing/depositing/selling/dropping items the existing quantity is automatically populated into the numeric input box instead of 0. Event, Player, and NPC Upgrades (Ref: 1, 2) Dozens of event processing, conditional checking improvements. Change name event command Reset radius for npcs Movement type static for npcs (never move, even when engaged) Individualize loot option for npcs (intended for bosses) where all attackers and their party members can receive individual drops. -- Now togglable via the Npc editor Use caching for event positions allowing quicker lookups General optimizations to the player update function Combat Updates (Ref: 1) Stat calculations fixed Npc targeting/logic updated to be smarter Server config option to disable combat messages being shown in the chatbox Hotbar will autocast if a hotbar key is held down API Updates (Ref: 1, 2) Users Search and sort users list endpoint results by name or email address Change user names Delete users Track registration dates, last ip address, and total playtime Players Search players list endpoint results by name and email address Sort players list endpoint results by name or rank Change player names Delete players Track creation dates and total playtime Chat Logging (Ref: 1) Thanks @Mighty Professional for this one! If enabled chat messages will be logged to the logging database. Chat logs can be retrieved and viewed using sqlite viewer or via api endpoints Metrics Collection (Ref: 1) If enabled in the server config, the server will keep track of how fast or slow it's running. Includes stats on active maps, players, entities (players + npcs), events, map update times, thread pool utilization, packet counts, bandwidth, and more! Metrics can be fetched via the API and used in external applications for realtime performance monitoring. TLDR; Key Takeaways We've now had an intersect game with over 190 simultaneous players, and I'm confident that it can handle more! The Intersect server is now optimized to take much better advantage of multi-core and multi-cpu systems. There are a few new features and quality of life updates. I'm sure I missed a dozen or more changes in this list, we changed so much in short amount of time in order to optimize performance. We're still cleaning up a bit from all these changes, but Beta 7 is already far superior to Beta 6 if you are planning on publishing your game to have dozens or hundreds of players online at a time. Excited for other games to launch on Steam and test Intersect's capabilities further! Going Forward The plugin system is still a goal of ours to get running well, right now it's in bad shape but we will be getting back to working on it. Outside of that the next major feature I intend to tackle is Instancing. I'll also be sharing more details on my side project (Intersect Dashboard) very soon with closed alpha/beta signups.
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    Wassup. In this tutorial I'll show you how to make quest markers in Intersect using the event system. By quest markers, I mean symbols that appear above an event/NPCs head that signify if they have a quest available, if they will have on available in the future, if you're currently on their quest, and if you can complete their quest. I. Animations/Art As far as art goes, you're going to need four different animations. They don't need to be actually animated, but they need to be created as "animations" in your editor. II. Quest setup Before we can start with the quest markers, we need a quest. I'll be making a one-step quest for this example for simplicity's sake III. Quest Event setup Now that your quest is created, we can make the event for it. IV. Quest Marker Event setup Now that your quest and quest event are finally all good to go, time to do what we came here to do — make quest markers. V. Result Assuming you've followed every step correctly, this should be your end result! Lieutenant Snider is offering a quest, but my character isn't level 5, so I can't start it. However, I know that there is a quest there I will eventually be able to start! Thanks to some useful admin commands, I can make my character level 5, and boom! Now the marker is yellow, changing animations and showing I can start a quest there. Talking to Lieutenant Snider, he offers me a quest, and I accept it. Now that I've started the quest, the marker changes, showing me I have a quest in progress, but I haven't done everything it asks me to do yet. After doing what the quest asks (collecting four of an item) I will be on the final task, which will be to turn in the items and complete the quest. The marker will change for a fourth time to show that the quest is ready to be turned in. After talking to Lieutenant Snider with the quest on its final step, the quest will complete, and the marker will disappear, showing that there's no more quests available at the npc. That's it! If you have any questions on the guide or are stuck on a part, feel free to shoot me a PM on here or Discord, or post a question below. Thanks!
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    Intersect Development Road Map

    Updated the roadmap again. We've been working so hard on getting the engine ready for the source release that we haven't really kept up with and fully decided upon our future goals. We're working on final code cleanup now, and we will be shifting versions soon (6.0 will become obsolete, 6.1 will become stable, 6.2 will become dev). Source will be released very shortly after we have 6.2 dev builds working. (Expected within the next 2 weeks!) There won't be any new features/enhancements for 6.2 over 6.1 at the time of launch, but it's important that we phase out 6.0 as we head into the world of open source After we open source the engine we will work on user enhancements, bug fixes, overall stability, and eliminating performance bottlenecks. Our ultimate goal is to launch the engine on steam but we will need a project management control panel type app in order to make that viable. The engine could use a bit more polish, and we are exploring ways for people to host in strict networks without port fowarding or paying for a VPS. Right now our goal is for a smooth open source release. We will get together and make a list of goals for a Steam release soon!
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    API v1 9/4/2019 What is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. The Intersect API will allow other applications to communicate, query for information, and even control aspects of your game. Just about any software can communicate with the Intersect API. That means developers can create control panels, web sites, mobile apps, and more with the capability of interacting with your Intersect server in real time. Huge props to @panda for getting all of this working. What does the API allow? The API finally opens the doors to safely fetching and updating database information without crashing your server or risking the loss of data. You can retrieve data for maps, items, resources, projectiles, animations, etc, etc You can manage players, their inventories, player and global variable values, validate user passwords, create accounts, update email addresses and much much more. Why would I want this API? For most of our users, the API will be too technical to work with directly, but we expect the developers here at AGD to integrate with the API and run with it. In the near future we should start seeing the creation of many tools such as: Visual server control panels Cash shops Leaderboard systems Website login integrations Viewing player stats online and more! I expect that developers utilizing the API will share these systems for the entire community. Even those with no programming background will benefit largely from the built in API. How do I use the API? The API is meant for developers. It is based on HTTP GET/POST calls transmitting json data back and forth. We have a full set of documentation written out and ready to go with instructions on how to enable the api, grant api permissions to accounts, and how to interact with the many endpoints we have available starting in B6: https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/api/v1/ What's next? There's not much left! B6 just got shipped out for final testing. 105 bugs have already been reported and fixed within our private testing group. We're making final release preparations now, and plans moving forward will be largely based on how well B6 is received. Here's to hoping for a smooth and stable release! ^^
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    Small Fantasy Resources

    (Intergrated into Intersect Community Resource Pack) Super thank you to: @George, @jcsnider, @Zetasis FACES ANIMATIONS BASES NPCS and PREMADES PAPERDOLLS
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    Hi everyone, I've created over 2000 tracks of music and sound effects that you are welcome to use in your projects. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage: http://soundimage.org/ I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all feedback is welcome and always appreciated. All the best, Eric
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    Intersect Platformer Edition v1.1

    Intersect Engine with 100% more bunny hops! v1.1 About Intersect Platformer Edition is a fully featured 2D tile-based side-scroller engine using Intersect Engine. Features Platform tile type Allows players to jump from below the tile landing on top and fall through the tile when desired Jumping ability Ability to jump at a fixed jump height with server checks to prevent jump hacks Ladder tile type Ladder tile that a player can climb and animation for climbing Jump animation Animations for jumping and falling (Using the new pipeline!) Just use _jump suffix! Climb animation Animations for climbing using row 1 and row 4 of the default spritesheets! Planned Features Key Bindings Key bindings to provide the flexibility to change the jump button bind Feel free to suggest something! Images Download Includes source code and binaries with example map Download Here! Github Repo The default branch this engine will pull from is Intersects Development branch https://github.com/Jumbofile/Intersect-Platformer-Edition Source Mod Compatibility Anything that doesn't deal with Player.cs or Entity.cs on server on client side should work. If it changes anything with player movement or animations, It most likely wont work. Help and or bug finds Please make a reply here with the necessary info. Known Bugs NPCs need to have a npc avoid on the edge of platforms Arrows shoot up or down when falling or jumping Support Me If you like what i'm doing please consider supporting me! https://www.patreon.com/user?u=34062227 Special Thanks Shenmue - Without the Diagonal movement mod this wouldn't have been possible
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    Hi everyone. This is the official thread for Nightmare, a survival mmo game with clan PvP. The whole concept basically goes like this. During the day, you can kill, level up, craft, trade and go on quests like any normal mmo. However, at night you can transform into a night creature and engage in PvP against others. There are 4 Clans in which you can join after completing the main quest line "Trouble In The Kingdom". Quests can be Day or Night associated quests respectively. And NPC mobs that are more threatening survive at night. It will take your abilities to take them out. Daily tournaments will be held to determine which clan is the strongest, and the person with the most points will be given the position of Leader for that clan. Character Customization: At the beginning of the game you can choose from one of four classes: Paladin, Assassin, Ranger and Sorceror. Players will also have a wide variety of gear to choose from, and various hair styles to make their character unique. World Map: Screenshots: Features: Extensive collecting/crafting system to help you survive in the wild. Four Clans, each with their own element and sigil. PvP during night-time in wilderness areas. Transformations with special skills not accessible in human form. Tons of stories and quests that interact with day/night system. Various mini-games spread throughout the world. Pets you can purchase that help you kill enemies. Nightmare is made using the Intersect engine and all content, excluding credited material, is copyright of Magework Studios. Magework Studios consists of @Xenogene (Artist/Writer), @Kibbelz (Programmer), @WereAlpaca, & @FarawayVio. If you'd like to participate in our Alpha testing period, you can download here: Join our Discord for in-depth discussion: https://discord.gg/4vgqptU
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    Today I did this on my project...

    Started messing around with the GUI this weekend... paperdolled select character screen create character working on player hud
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    Phasing out Beta 6.0!

    Phasing out Beta 6.0! 3/28/2020 At this point in time we feel as if Beta 6.1 is equally stable or more stable than Beta 6.0. Beta 6.0 is now officially phased out and further development builds will be released as Beta 6.2. If you are still using Beta 6.0 it is time to upgrade to the latest version of Beta 6.1 by downloading the Upgrade package and following the instructions within. Currently there are no differences between Beta 6.1 and Beta 6.2 so it doesn't matter which version you are using. Going forward Beta 6.1 will only receive bug fixes and performance tweaks, while Beta 6.2 will start to receive other small enhancements and quality of life changes. This was one of our final steps towards being ready for an open source release-- it's just around the corner now!
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    Intersect Beta 5 Released!

    Intersect Beta 5 Released! December 1st, 2018 This update is HUGE and took FOREVER, so thank you to everyone who has stood by us, and we hope you all enjoy! (Don't forget to report all bugs!) What to look for in Beta 5: New network debugging command to help us help you get your games online! (Link) Reworked Crafting Table/Crafts editors which require far less work to setup! (Link) Improved design to the item/resource/event/quest/etc requirement screens. (Link) Json format for strings, config, formulas, etc which will retain your changes better as the engine continues to evolve. (Link) This will be especially good for those who translate Intersect to different languages. The client now has screenshot functionalities. (Link) Server status label, and other interface upgrades. (Link) And about 30 other really cool changes! (Beta 5 Wrap-Up Link) For those migrating from B4: Please note that the migration process is long and only tested on a handful of games, be on the lookout for migration issues and if you notice any report them asap. Special Thanks: Due to the combined efforts of @Khaikaa, @Raku, @Mcadams, @Zetasis, @Niko, and @dxxknight well over 50 bugs were found and fixed prior to this hopefully making B5 rather stable from the get-go. Thank you all for all your help! Up Next Beta 6, which is pretty small, a password reset system, some other small things and that's about it! Download For existing projects, click here for migration steps! (SUPER IMPORTANT!) For new projects, download here, extract, and then run like normal! As always please keep in touch with us and report all bugs that you find!
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    Intersect Beta 4.5 Released!

    Intersect Beta 4.5 Released! November 16th 2017 News/Updates More bug fixes this time around, and more important optimizations! Tell me your results but I'm logging into the game 2x as fast, I no longer see maps loading around me very often, it's much nicer now Bug Fixes/Problems Solved: Health Pots not working Animations Sometimes not Despawning (Confirmed fixed this time) Massive FPS Drops (seemingly random) Quest editor, kill npc task not setting/saving correctly. Stats not showing in shop item descriptions. and more! Editor Optimizations! The following no longer runs at 1fps!!! Click & Drag Copy/Paste Rectangle Tools etc Up Next Beta 5 is on the way! Download If you're already using 4.3 or 4.4, just download 4.5 and overwrite your .exes. Download As always please keep in touch with us and report all bugs that you find!
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    Intersect Beta 4.2 Released!

    Intersect Beta 4.2 Released! August 24th 2017 News/Updates We've just released Beta 4.2 with general bug fixes to fix minor problems plaguing Beta 4 and 4.1. Problems fixed: Tile transparency issues (100%) - Thanks @Miharukun, @lpanic, @Murdoc, @Kauecamelo for helping test! Map grid not caching correctly Map Editor scrolling when changing tilesets NPC Spawn directions being ignored Broken tranformations Random crashes Fill/Erase tools crashing editor Quests being offered multiple times when accepting/declining Global Event Move Routes Playing Animations/Spawning Npcs with Events Editor flickering when using tilesets with UTF8 characters in the name - Sorry for the trouble @Refur and more! Up Next There might be one more hotfix release (Beta 4.3) but probably not. We are going to shift our focus to Beta 5. We promise Beta 5 won't take nearly as long as Beta 4 did! Beta 5 will bring a lot more control over spell casting/hit animations, weapon animations, resource behavior before and on death, and more! Download If you are already using Beta 4 or Beta 4.1 just download 4.2 and extract that archive in place of your current game. Run the migration tool in the Server folder! If you are currently using Intersect Beta 3 (or 3.1) click upgrade below! (You can upgrade from Beta 3/3.1 straight to Beta 4.2) Otherwise click clean install. Upgrade Installation Clean Installation As always please keep in touch with us and report all bugs that you find!
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    Intersect Hosting Solutions! Hosting with me is stress free https://hosting.freemmorpgmaker.com What this service is: You allow me to host your games on my servers all around the world. I keep the servers online, manage security, and do nightly backups, and everything else. OVH provides us with amazing bandwidth and our servers are strategically placed to provide great service to all of NA and Europe. I'll provide you with a nice and cozy admin panel where you can login to control Intersect. (Type in server commands, start/stop/restart your server, and modify files in your server folder) Why you should host with me: Edit: June 2019: EU Servers are back! More Info: SpeedTest Results from our servers North America (Montreal, Canada) Control Panel Screenshots Server List Console Power Controls File Management Sign Up Now! Click on the region below where you'd like hosting to see our current stock. North America (Montreal, Canada) Europe (Gravelines, France) Are we out of stock? Are we out of stock on the plan you want? I might be able to expedite the restocking process, just leave me a message in this thread and at the very least I can give you an ETA. Waiting on a different region? Please take a moment and fill out this form! Responses to that form will allow me to gauge interest in different regions. Regions will be prioritized by demand! I'm happy to answer your questions! Feel free to ask any questions in this thread, or if you prefer, leave me comments via this form and I'll get back to you privately! I hope we can do business together! Trials/Refunds We are no longer offering free trials, but all of our servers (with the exception of Massively Multiplayer) can be cancelled for a full refund within 48 hours of your purchase. Visit Intersect Hosting Solutions today!
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    New Eden [Added Video Dev Logs]

    Summary Story Features OST Discord Video Dev Logs January 12, 2020 January 26, 2020 February 8, 2020 March 8, 2020 Meet the Team In Closing Thank you so much for reading! Be sure to leave your feedback and critique on this thread and on our Discord Server! We're always looking for ways to improve! Be sure to stay tuned for our Dev Logs, released every Sunday! Dev Logs Dev Log - August 18th, 2019 Dev Log - August 25th, 2019 Dev Log - September 1st, 2019 Dev Log September 8th and 15th, 2019
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    Exorcia (working title)

    Please Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/pcQsZQW Story: Concept: The game will have a class-less system, allowing players to choose their path according to how they leveled their skills. While there are 5 skills (Brawn, Agility, Mantra, Vitality, and Spirit), there are three unique combat elements that can be utilized by our Exorcists. Combat Elements: Exorcists are able to use Mantra Cards, Cursed Weapons and Prayers. Mantra Cards: Inspired by the way runes used to work in oldschool runescape, Mantra cards are to be consumed in order to cast powerful spells! Those who choose to focus on their Mantra skill will be able to unlock many card combinations to create different diverse effects. Obtaining Mantra Cards: Mantra Cards are obtainable by purchasing blank cards (first from the left in the picture) from an NPC, and visiting the corresponding altar of the Mantra you want to imbue your card with. The Sky Mantra is up in the mountains, the Life Mantra is deep in the forest, etc. Time and Death altars are within extremely unsafe areas, where you are at risk of killer players and powerful wraiths taking your life and your items! If you choose to focus ONLY on Mantras, keep in mind that you have to keep replenishing your deck of cards! In the picture below I am imbuing a Blank Card with a Life Mantra. Cursed Weapons: Weapon based combat focuses on maximizing the quality of your weapon and base damage. Melee weapons like swords, and ranged weapons like guns, all have a base damage. Those who choose to focus on their weapon based combat abilities will have to focus on increasing their base damage output with equipment and Skills (Brawn for melee and Agility for ranged). Exorcists will be able to find Weapon Masters around the world who will teach them special moves for their weapon of choice. Using melee weapons require no resource input, not even energy of any sort, but they do have durability and need to be fixed occasionally. Using ranged weapons, however, will require Ammo. Bullets for guns, and arrows for bows. A benefit of this is that Ammo can have an elemental attribute, giving you extra damage against certain foes. Prayers: Based on the idea of toggle buffs used to aid Exorcists in combat. Prayers are toggle-able buffs that once activated, will drain the Exorcists's prayer points until the Prayer is turned off or until all the Prayer points run out. The prayers can help with increasing damage output, decreasing incoming damage, assisting Mantras, and restoring Hit-points over time; among other uses. Prayers are unlocked as the level of the Spirit skill goes up. The Prayers that are unlocked will depend on how you build your skills, for example: if you Build Spirit and Brawn, you will unlock prayers that will allow the Exorcists to deal heavy damage with their bare fists! Another example is if you build Spirit and Mantra, you can unlock Prayers that can reduce the usage of cards when casting spells. Prayer Points increase with Spirit, but can also increase with equipment! Character Progression: Open World PvP: MURDERER! yup, you can kill other players in areas that are not marked safe. Killing another player in an unsafe zone will cause their items to drop, giving you their valuable loot! However, killing other players will give you the murderer status, making you everyone's enemy. You will not be punished for killing Murderers. Murder Status expires after an hour, during that time most NPC's will reject you, therefore you cannot store your items in the bank. Should be an interesting hour. Logging out will pause the count down on your status. You have to be online for an hour. Dynamic NPC relationship: Quests will dynamically change the way the world reacts to the player, as there are different npc groups that can become allies or enemies. There will be a special window that will show the relationships that the player gained with NPC groups - which can make some areas more or less dangerous for the Exorcist, depending on if they made new enemies or new allies. Engine: Progress: Current Staff: *me* Sample Content:
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    Intersect Beta 1 Released!

    Intersect Beta 1 Released! January 7th 2017 News/Updates At long last we are finally at Beta!!!!!!! Intersect now contains all of the primary features we wanted for our engine when we started this project 2 years ago. Instead of going into a sentimental speech let me show you all of the Beta 1 updates Questing! The final editor is done! Trading, Parties, and Crafting! (Conquer challenges together!) Remastered Interface! (DarkUI :D) Our friends at Eclipse showed us where we went wrong, so now we are working to make things right. Only the main editor is dark right now all of the other editors will follow in the upcoming beta releases. I want to give a big shoutout to @Robin. His Eclipse Origins helped Joe and I get started with programming. That alone completely changed the course of our lives. It only felt right that we used his DarkUI library in this new engine. Thanks for everything man! Upgrade Instructions (Required for 1.9 Alpha users!) 1. Make a backup of your game!!!!! 2. Open the Server folder. Delete EVERYTHING except Resources. 3. Open the Client and Editor folder. Delete EVERYTHING except Resources. 4. Download the Beta 1 Installation. Extract the files into their respective folders. 5. Download the upgrade resources. Extract them to your Client and Editor folders. 6. Open the Server folder and run the Intersect Migration Tool. Once that is done you are good to go! Optional: Convert your .mp3 music to .ogg using my converter tool. (Intersect no longer supports mp3 audio) Download Click here to visit the download page. As always, feel free to post comments and questions below!
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    Intersect GUI Editor

    Hello! So one of the biggest hurdles I have faced while using the Intersect Engine, is editing the GUI. Any big changes require a lot of work, and while it isn't difficult to edit the JSON files and figure out what does what. It does take time, and constant reopening of the client to check the changed. I decided to make a tool that will load the Intersect Engine GUI JSON files and give you a visual editor for them. It simplifies the JSON file into a TreeView that is easy to edit and save. Currently this is limited in what it will show but I will be adding much more to this tool. This is the initial alpha release, there will likely be bugs Please tell me about bugs! This project is Open Source though it is coded in VB.NET and I am trash, be thankful this even works lol. Preview: Download: https://github.com/OniSensei/Intersect-GUI-Editor/releases/tag/ Source: https://github.com/OniSensei/Intersect-GUI-Editor Make sure to copy and paste the contents of your Client > Resource > gui folder to the editors gui folder, and replace any images in the resources folder that you would like. The custom font is still experimental at this time but in theory it should work, you can change the font by putting a .ttf file into the font folder and changing the font in the settings window (cog icon). Please let me know if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them! And follow the development here: https://github.com/OniSensei/Intersect-GUI-Editor/projects
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    Diagonal Movement

    Diagonal Movement Description: The players and NPCs can now have 8 direction movements. Features: Players and NPCs diagonal movements Players and NPCs diagonal attacks Diagonal move routes Projectiles can move in diagonal (optional feature) Players can attack enemies they focus if they are in a 5 tiles range in front of them (optional feature) Note: Download links in the GitPatch section don't contain any known bug and are up to date with the latest fixes. Media: GitPatch: V1.191 Download basic mod Basic mod need to be installed first Download easier attack on focus Download diagonal projectiles Download zip file with all patches used (separated) Based On: Version (development branch) Last official working commit with the patch ID: 1a8edc5d From: lodicolo Date: 2020-05-28 7:49:22 PM Message: fix 191: Bag access is done via cached value (#219) ... Setup: First of all, be sure to be on the latest official working commit with the patch. The branch must not have any modification or there may be conflicts with the mod. You must download and apply the basic mod patch first. If you want more features like diagonal projectiles or easier attack when a player has a target, you can download and apply the patch files related to these. The zip file is not needed, but if you download the zip file, then you must apply all patches in order. Be sure to build your project after installation. How to apply a patch How to solve patch conflicts About diffy.org
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    Hello guys, I came to present a simple tutorial that I haven't seen in other tutorials about the intersect and that I use my game a lot. Running events at the exact time, or the exact day. The usefulness of this system serves as a basis for more complex systems that you want to make, such as daily prize for the player, giving or withdrawing vip ingame with exact date and time, home system (rent, take the player's house when renting end ..) and etc. For this system we will need 1 variable (preferably global) and 1 common event. Only that. I call GBtime to remember Global Time. Call your variable as you like. For the common event use... And ready. End of system. Use as you wish hahaha kidding, this is the center of everything. Now I'm going to show you how you can activate any event at exactly the right time. Everything is done with the condition of comparing variables. If you are experienced, you know how it works. One shot trigger. Auto Trigger (periodic events) How to add the date and time. If you have doubts you can send that I will try to answer, as well as better ideas and etc. Maybe later on, when I stop being lazy, present my periodic dungeon system (like the one that many people want to use) as a tutorial, to provide the basis for other future systems, which will contribute a lot to the growth of the intersect. I made a video showing everything working. https://reccloud.com/u/gj9swqy If the video is crashing, take my 2 GB of ram with discord, chrome, server, editor and open client into account.
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    Beefy Kasplant

    Kash Shop - Flash Sale 2.0

    You know it boys and girls! It's like a sale, but better! 100% off of all patches! You heard that right! Everything is 100% free! Get them while you can! NOTE: If you get the patch while it's free, you are not entitled to support of any kind. Everyone who bought the patch before and feels wronged, feel free to contact me. @panda / @jcsnider, it's not a PR but you can grab any code and add it to the base engine if you so desire. Thanks!
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    Diee's item box

    Here are my first self pixelated weapons and other icons wich I will use in my game and share with the Ascension Game Dev community. You can use all icons for non-commercial or commercial projects, you can edit them but you are only allowed to use this icons with the Intersect engine and you are not allowed to sell the original or a edited version. Please credit me if you use them. ################################# ## Multi-Purpose Graphic Splitter 1.0.0 ## ################################# Weapons (My weapons have gems so you can upgrade them on a crafting bench) Tier1 - Stone & Wood + Iron Tier2 - Steel & Gold Misc Spells Paperdolls Time Fantasy Compatible Paperdolls More will follow if you like them.
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    Automated Intersect Builds & New Bug Tracker! 9/16/2019 Automated Builds Now that we've wrapped up most of Intersects' planned features we're looking towards the future of maintaining an engine that's as stable as possible. Part of that future requires us getting new releases and bug fixes deployed rapidly instead of weeks or months apart. In order to achieve this goal we are now using a continuous integration system called Teamcity. Teamcity monitors the Intersect code base, and when changes are detected it automatically creates and distributes new Intersect builds. Build Numbers Every build has a build number, and that number will appear within your Client/Editor/Server. Change Log Teamcity looks at our code base and creates a change log that you can view for each build to see what bugs are being fixed and what changes to expect: Build Notifications When new builds are created Teamcity will update the Intersect download page on FreeMmorpgMaker.com and will make a post on our forums! You can follow the Stable Builds thread to be updated when new builds are generated. Downloads Every build has 3 downloads. (Full/Upgrade/Patch) Full downloads are for clean copies of Intersect for new games/projects. Upgrade downloads are for upgrading from the most recent major Intersect update. (IE: 0.6.0.X -> 0.6.1.X) Patch downloads are if the version number is the same except for the revision at the end. (IE: -> *Patches do NOT need to be applied in order. Stable & Development Builds Stable builds contain bug fixes and performance boosts only since the most recent official release. Development builds (coming soon) will be unstable builds that contain the newest features expected in the next major release. Bug Tracking Our current bug tracker does it's job, but that's it. It leaves a LOT to be desired and it is hard to search to find bugs that have been previously fixed or already posted. I'm happy to announce the new Intersect bug tracker located at https://tracker.freemmorpgmaker.com New Bug Tracker Features Cleaner Interface Easier to Search Better Labels Reactions Assignments More! Reactions You can react to bug reports now, and the bugs with the most reactions/activity that are plaguing the most users are the ones we will try to fix first. Only for Bugs Our current bug/suggestion tracker will be re purposed as solely a suggestion tracker. It makes sense to separate the two, because bugs require more immediate attention and we don't want them getting lost or unseen. I am bringing both of these systems online right now! If you have pending bug reports on our current system please feel free to move them over to the new one! I recommend that everyone go ahead and grab the latest Intersect v0.6.0.115 for about a dozen bug fixes over the original Beta 6 release! We're finally automating!
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    Official Event System Tutorial

    Hello, my friends! This has long been overdue, but I got her finished! Here is the .pdf file of Intersect's Event System Tutorial: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/4032b79f3abdaaee4aad4bffb0304de5.pdf Keep in mind this is the first version and she will change as the Engine evolves, and I make corrections. I hope you find her helpful! Please let me know about any bugs, mistakes, suggestions, or anything else. Enjoy! Thank you, Agoraphobic
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    Intersect Custom Graphics Fundraiser Hello everyone! It's no secret that we've been hoping to Greenlight Intersect in the near future. With Steam Direct on the way our timeline has expedited a little bit. Our biggest concern at this time is gathering new resources to distribute with Intersect by default. Macks graphics (that we currently use) are great, but they draw too many similarities to RPG Makers VX graphics for us to be comfortable releasing alongside the engine moving forward. Joe and I have commissioned our own @Murdoc and @Zetasis to help develop this new graphics pack. These graphics are drawing inspiration from both Macks graphics and the free assets created by @George and @QuoteFox. (See here and here) Our new graphics will have a retro feel. We will also have as much or more content than the set we are currently distributing with Intersect. So without further ado let's show you what we've got so far Tilesets Macks does a very good job of organizing graphics and we want users using Macks to have the option to upgrade to our custom set when it is complete. As such we are following their template. An example can be seen below. Macks are on the left.. and @Murdocs are on the right -> Characters @Zetasis has primarily been working on game characters, creatures, and paperdolls thus far. The character base is below Along with the base he has already created dozens of different hair styles, eye colors, clothing options and more. We will include tons of pre-built characters to be used in your game but all of these generation components will also be available to create your own entities. When this graphic set is released we will also provide you all with a character creation tool (WIP screenshot below) that will allow you to build your own character and customize each layer with different color hues and more Items @Zetasis has also found and created several item and spell icons that we will use in this graphic set. Bringing It All Together Quick map done by @Kibbelz It is our goal to make sure users can create beautiful games using this graphic set. These graphics will be available to our entire community free of charge and will not be restricted to any specific engine. Although we don't have any examples yet, this will be a complete set of graphics with paperdolls, animations, resources, and much much more. Fundraising Joe and I are hoping to raise $600. @Murdoc and @Zetasis have done an amazing job so far and we want to compensate them for their work. We are launching a new donation goal for this fundraiser that will run through March. All proceeds will go to @Murdoc and @Zetasis. They are doing us a huge favor, so I challenge you all to go above and beyond our goal! If we earn more than $600 they will receive the excess as a tip Please click the icon below and support our fundraiser! Donations made will count towards the new donation tiers and perks we just announced! We will be posting progress updates here as we have them. As always please feel free to comment and ask questions below! Thanks so much everyone!
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    Thank you very much!!!

    For the past few months we have set the donation goal to $50.. that was a value that could easily support the hosting and upkeep of the site, cover any required upgrades, and have some to spare just in case. Month after month we have met this goal, and we have doubled it, tripped it, quadrupled it, and reached 5x+ more than we have ever hoped for. Let's take a quick look at our donations from August..... WTF Guys!? That's insane. Joe and I cannot thank you all enough for all of the amazing support you all are giving to this community. When we started AGD we could only dream of the community sustaining itself and you all have gone above and beyond over and over again. This month we are creating a real challenge, one that may not be met, but this month we are going to strive to break even. The site is currently $334.11 away from not just self sustaining but completely thriving. Once we reach this break even point it will largely be up to the community what future donations go towards. We can host contests/competitions, upgrade our vps for faster service, commission new assets, upgrade the site theme, or anything else we want to do. I want to thank everyone again really quick for all the help again. We really do appreciate it! Let's have an epic September and enter a new age here at AGD!
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    Free "Softwood UI"

    Hi guys, I created this User Interface for a project I was developing a few months ago, but I will no longer use this interface, as I am creating another one completely remodeled with the dynamic UI system for my new project. So I decided to make it available for you to download. It is a very simple, but beautiful User Interface. I'll call it "Softwood UI". Hope you guys like it. Screenshot: Download:
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    [Beta 7] Guilds

    [7.0] Guilds Description: Adds basic guild support to the engine, the UI is based on the Friend List. This was originally written as a test, submitted as a possible addition to the engine and rejected for future planning reasons. Use this at your own risk, this changes a LOT of different aspects of the source code and I am NOT going to take responsibility if you break your upgrade path! A future version of Intersect may or may not get an official Guild system, so don't say I didn't warn you. there's also no guarantee this will work on your build as it was written against an in-development version of Intersect, you may need to fix conflicts yourself as I am not going to keep updating this every other day. Features: Guild Creation through the event system based on a Player Variable for input. Event support for checking whether a player is in a guild with a specific rank or higher. Event support for disbanding guilds. Joining and Leaving Guilds (duh!) Guild Name display over player's heads. Guild Chat Basic Guild Ranks Localization Support Basic Guild UI on the client (Inviting players and leaving the guild, guild member list with online/offline status) Chat commands for elements not present in the UI (/gkick, /promote, /demote, /makeguildmaster) A configuration option that allows the server to toggle PvP between members of the same guild on or off. (By default, does not allow you to attack your own guild members) Media: Git Patch: [Download] Made for no particular build of Beta 7, since they don't exist yet. May have some merge conflicts you may need to resolve yourself as 7.0 gets developped further. Worked as is on 23/09/2020. No I will not make it work on your build. It's provided as is. Additional Resources: [Download] These files are the basic GUI files, please add them to your client. Setup: Download and install the main patch file for the branch you are using. Download and install any update patches IN THE ORDER THEY ARE LISTED for the branch you are using. Download and copy the resource files provided above to your client folder for the GUI to display correctly. Compile and run the server and client, it should automatically generate the new configuration/language entries. Set up a new Player String Variable to store your player's guild name they can fill in, let them fill it in and create a guild with the supplied Event command. Create your guilds and get cracking!
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    Today I did this on my project...

    The next not really a project.. EDIT: Small update, it now sets channels accordingly for Local, Party and Global.. Remembers your own choices for All and System. https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/pull/331
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    Intersect Beta 6 Released!

    Thanks to everyone who's made this possible.
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    How to add mini-maps to your game!

    Decided this needed its own post. Just figured out how to make and use mini-maps in the Intersect game engine! This is so exciting. I hope this video helps some of you out. No coding required!
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    Intersect Beta 2 Released!

    Intersect Beta 2 Released! January 14th 2017 News/Updates Tons of Beta 1 bug fixes and the new combat overhaul is here. Welcome to Beta 2 everyone!!! Combat Overhaul is Done! Formulas can now be changed! Upgrade Instructions (Required for Beta 1 users!) 1. Make a backup of your game!!!!! 2. Open the Server folder. Delete the libs directory! 3. Download the Beta 2 Installation. Extract the files into their respective folders. 4. Open the Server folder and run the Intersect Migration Tool. Once that is done you are good to go! Download Click here to visit the download page. As always, feel free to post comments and questions below!
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    Intersect 2D Game Engine Tutorial Series

    Published on Jan 4, 2017 Just a quick introduction to the 2D game engine Intersect. No coding required but all you open source C# programmers will love it just as much. Current version is alpha 1.9. UPDATE: Beta v2 is now out. You can still use the first 4 tutorials after you download the new Beta 2 version. I hope to update soon. Table Of Contents 1.Introduction 2. Installing and Running Intersect 3. Editing your first start characters and classes 4. Mapping Part 1 This tutorial series will walk you through every aspect of downloading and installing the game engine to finally creating a customized world of your very own. As Intersect grows and moves into its Beta version I too will grow and move into better quality videos. I have already invested a lot of time and effort into learning how to use the best software and editing tools that I can. These videos are a lot of work even at this early stage so please bear with me as we all grow together. Hey everyone. Just finished my second tutorial on the Intersect game engine. I got a real microphone so it should sound better. I still can't seem to shake the ummm thing but I will work on it, lol. Please give me a like and maybe even a comment on YouTube. As Intersect grows I also want to grow and contribute to it's success.
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    - Project Canceled -

    - Project Canceled -
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    Intersect Beta 4 Released!

    Intersect Beta 4 Released! August 19th 2017 News/Updates Friends list, chat channels, automatic port forwarding, xp style autotiles, faster networking, dynamic ui, multiple character support, fixed combat, custom credits, keybindings, spell effects hud, paperdoll rendering within the ui, and more is included in this update. This is a big one, and we're happy we finally have it ready for everybody. For more information about each specific update see the following dev logs: Dynamic UI In Beta 4 there are 2 xml files in your Client/Resources/GUI folder. You can edit these xml files (MainMenu.xml, InGame.xml) to resize, reposition, hide, or otherwise modify UI elements in your game. You have full control over fonts, text sizes, colors, button locations, and a lot more. I will be working on some official documentation on how to modify these xml files over the course of the next few weeks. The Future This is possibly the biggest update we've ever released. As such we expect plenty of bugs to manifest for you all. We will quickly follow up with Beta 4.1 as we fix the early and most annoying bugs you find. Beta 5 will have a lot of smaller quality of life changes. Beta 6 will likely be the last Beta release. For more info you can view our roadmap here: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/community/forum/90-roadmap/ Download If you are currently using Intersect Beta 3 (or 3.1) click upgrade! Otherwise click clean install. Upgrade Installation Clean Installation As always, feel free to post comments and questions below!
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    Today I did this on my project...

    big thanks to @Joyce for providing the base ( https://github.com/Azurebeats/Intersect-Engine/tree/Guild )
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    Embedded Auto Updater - (4/21/2020) 6.2 introduces an optional built in updater system that you all can use for your games! It's pretty simple, but requires that you have some sort of web hosting capabilities available to you. To use the updater: In the editor you click on Tools -> Package Update, and that will create a folder full of files for you, upload that folder and it's contents to your webhost! Inside that folder is a file called update.json, get a link to that (ie: https://freemmorpgmaker.com/updater/update.json) and throw that into your Client/Resources/config.json file as your UpdateUrl. As you upgrade your game to new Intersect versions, or update any of your games' resources simply use the editor to package a new update to replace the one on your webhost. Your client and editor will do the rest every time they're launched, they can even replace themselves so you don't need an external updater application. Full documentation can be found here!
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