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  1. Gorg


    Go on an adventure in DAGGA, an online multiplayer rpg. Explore a colorful world where mystery and magic intertwine. Discover the secrets hidden in the ruins and dungeons of the Forgotten Continent. Become the bravest of warriors! Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/daggammo/634805 Itch.io: https://gorg-dagga.itch.io/dagga Discord: https://discord.gg/rmmzP7rrnt
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  2. Updated main post with more image/info. We are still looking for a few more testers for our closed alpha test phase. If you are interested, join/download: https://discord.gg/q76qNMfWPE And an updated look at the current world map:
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  3. Changelog 04/06/2022 Optimized Page Load Speed Now when you create an account on the server you are also created on the web Now you can deposit money using QVPAY Users can now buy an item and it is added directly to the game inventory Users can now change their account password on the web In the User Panel, your operating system, ip and browser are now displayed Added the possibility to send a feedback. Added Favicon Improved security Edited htaccess so that css, js and image files are cached Added 9 additional languages to TinyMCE Started Development of 6 other languages. In the process of improving existing languages as new text was added which is not yet translated Improved User Dropdown Design Improvement Security of the model that loads the api token In case the user has already charged the transaction with qvapay and recharges the confirmation link, no more balance will be added. Added PHPMailer Started the development of an api for communication between all the cms Initiated Web development with modules (You can disable the store, news or other features) Improved User Agents System Added the possibility to edit the IDIngame of a store item Updated the intersect.sql (I forgot lol) Started the development of the ticket response system Updated version of Guzzle Disabled access to photo upload folders Created custom pages of Error 404 and DB
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