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    Count x amount?

    Label: Cook item Take One Uncooked Give One Cooked Conditional Branch HasItem(Uncooked) Success: GoTo Label CookItem Failure: Exit Event Processing
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  2. Description: This is a respawn system that I currently use in my games. It is very staright farward but allows your players to set a respawn location you put on your map. Video: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/48a67458f15947e6130fbdb70c3acbd3.mp4 Process: Players can walk up to a respawn point and interact with it to set a respawn location and if they die it will respawn them at that point. Issue: Event doesnt trigger fast enough, so we create a blank black map and a black image to prevent a "Map Bounce" (what I mean by this is when a player dies he will respawn back to the class set start location before the respawn event kicks in, so the class starter map will show for a split second, before the player is warped to the map set by the respawn system. It will make sense as we go on) Build:  First we need to make a variable: Type: INTEGER, Name: Player Respawn LOC Second we need to make a common event Lastly we need to make the respawn points, which I call "Pathfinders", which is just an event on a map. Now you have set the core build of the respawn system, but you have to do one more thing which depends on how you have your game setup. Becuase of the issue I mentioned above, with a slight delay happening on the event trigger to warp player, I have had to set a "Blank" map which I called "Eternity". I set all my classes in game to have this map "Eternity" as a spawn point So this isnt good for when a new player starts the game, as they will just spawn on a blank map... so you add (which I have in all my games) is a common event "Set New Player Variables". Complete! Now you should have a fully working respawn location system in your game. Enjoy
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