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    Kibbelz for hire!

    Hey guys I’ll keep this short but I just moved to a new flat with my girlfriend and money is short this month. So I’m available for some coding jobs. I can pretty much do anything that you require, price negotiable. -Kibbelz
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    Beast Boyz

    Wild Spirit Online

    Current Staff Engine Overview Features Story Road Map Shapeshifting Crafting Realms Media: Our Youtube chanel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbBcSAvX1dFG2_95ktM8CA/featured Future Splash Screen (Done by Rem’s) : Some prework drawing : Some Screenshot :
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    Wild Spirit Online

    You can see that there is a lot of work in this project, congrats and hope everything goes well with it
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    Kibbelz for hire!

    Hey Kibbelz! I just shot you a PM when you get some time. Might have more stuff if your down.
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    new paperdoll

    new paperdoll
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    Weylon Santana

    Chest Tutorial [with password].

    Hello guys, as I am following The Last of Us part 2 on youtube [because I am not rich], I was delighted with their system of spreading letters with passwords [usually numbers] so that safes are opened. So why not bring that to the intersect? Using events we will reproduce this. ATTENTION - To understand this tutorial it is extremely important that you understand the @wishy tutorial on variable strings. [click here] This tutorial is basically a simple example of what can be done with his tutorial, using only 1 variable [essentially] so... both variables must be string (you will understand step 4 of the image above if you see the tutorial I mentioned above.) (correction = price - prize*) step 6 of the image above. when chest empty Wishy said this in his tutorial and I will repeat it here - all events must contain unique names so that there are no conflicts. This is an example of what can be done, much more can be done, such as putting a password in the players' chest, password set by the players, guessing games, among other things. Use your imagination. Any questions can post below. And I would like to thank Wishy, who with that tutorial opened up many possibilities and my knowledge about the variables. I like to learn new things. xD Result ingame Embedded Video Link Edit - The chests will not reset when you restart, probably also when the server restarts, remain open. You can rest easy.
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