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    Today I did this on my project...

    Nothing like a Ramen shop to sit at after a long days work. Still under construction and going to add more details but - Can you believe that wheel of the shack used to be this? (Put em together, remove the yellows and THICC the brown areas and Tahdah.) (Lol I suck at spriting)
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    ShareX. Hands down the best
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    Add New Item Slots - Video

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    I use ScreenToGif, maybe not very user friendly, but it's simple and we can do everything we may want to do when working with gifs.
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    Skill Tree

    thank's much help, also you seem to have all the answers ty for helping everyone so much.
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    I believe there's a BMP file somewhere alongside the client files as well that gets used by the clients game window.
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    Depends on which branch you clone yourself.
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    Beefy Kasplant

    Skill Tree

    There's no skill tree editor that you missed lol. I wish there was but unless you edit source, you'll have to mess around with shops and events
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    Beefy Kasplant

    Attack events

    In the server folder you can find the damage formulas and you can change them to work how you want
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    I suggest an interrupt function for casts. Two parts to this suggestion. 1. Interrupt cast either by moving your character or pressing a button to stop casting. 2. Add 'Interrupt cast?' as a spell mechanic, e.g a melee class interrupting the cast of a spellcaster
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