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    JC For Hire

    Hey Guys, Gonna try to keep this short and sweet. I have taken a bit of time to refocus on various jobs, my health, and other hobbies in the past several weeks after source release. One of my major goals moving forward is purchasing my first home, and to that end I have been trying to earn, save, and invest as much money as I can in order to make that happen. Outside of Intersect I do a lot of web design/hosting, free lance programming, computer/laptop repair, and more. For the first time in awhile I don't have a backlog of miscellaneous work to be done, so I am officially opening up myself for hire here at AGD. There are various jobs that I am happy to take on: Intersect New Features Enhancements* Bug Fixes* UI Customizations Mod Installations/Compatibility Tweaks Hosting More! Outside Intersect Port Forwarding Setup (via something like Teamviewer) Website Stuff (I'm great with most forum softwares, wordpress, etc) Integrating APIs with websites and whatnot. Just about anything, really, even homework, I have no shame Pricing: These services aren't really meant for casual hobby projects. Quotes are free. Jobs will be priced at roughly $50 USD per hour. Half of the quoted price will be required up front via PayPal. Final product will be available for testing before asking for final payment in full. Resolving incompatibilities with other mods, and base engine upgrades long-term is NOT included. Pricing is for my time, and not for individual modifications. Luckily fixing most incompatibilities is quick and easy, any additional fees will be paid for up front. I can get jobs done quickly, and correctly, especially in Intersect, but rates will exceed what makes sense for most hobbyists. * If requesting a bug fix or enhancement that will ultimately make to the base engine they will be heavily discounted -- I'd let you know beforehand, however, in case you'd rather wait for us to tackle it in our own time. If you're interested in a quote please feel free to shoot me a PM. Thanks!
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    Beast Realm

    Today I did this on my project...

    Hi everyone, I've started looking at intersect last week, and since i can't do what i want on this engine (Too much missing feature for my actual needs) I'm going on another kind of project : Beast Realm, the player will play as Spirit who can take shape in differents animals and protect their land from human, orcs and other invasion. I will make a post about it later. Everything is destructible and will have long time of respawning in later gameplay ( there's npc and things but it would spoil story) So here's the first map where you get captured by the Orc Slaver ! ' And the second with the escape tunnel: Also made Three quest and one with multiple answers Of course i've only done this with the asset inside the engine as there is a lack of details, but i'm looking for more things wich could give more "life" to the map. Hope you will enjoy and if you have some questions/note, just feel free to do.
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    Finally got a Party Instance to work in the Event System. -Mobs don't 'double' for each player. -Works with Single Player or Party -Item needed to enter. -Reward on Boss Death -Timer -Instance Lock -Logout / Death / Idle / Server Crash - the instance will reset. I will make a tutorial once I'm sure there are no major flaws. *Don't mind the very plain and generic NPC and Map, was just testing
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    Folder Organization in Editor

    In the map Editor, you can drag it out of the folder in order to deplace it. But for other kind of editor like the Item one, you have to select the folder you want it to be. If you don't want it to be on any folder, you can select the empty option.
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    Description: This is a respawn system that I currently use in my games. It is very staright farward but allows your players to set a respawn location you put on your map. Video: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/48a67458f15947e6130fbdb70c3acbd3.mp4 Process: Players can walk up to a respawn point and interact with it to set a respawn location and if they die it will respawn them at that point. Issue: Event doesnt trigger fast enough, so we create a blank black map and a black image to prevent a "Map Bounce" (what I mean by this is when a player dies he will respawn back to the class set start location before the respawn event kicks in, so the class starter map will show for a split second, before the player is warped to the map set by the respawn system. It will make sense as we go on) Build:  First we need to make a variable: Type: INTEGER, Name: Player Respawn LOC Second we need to make a common event Lastly we need to make the respawn points, which I call "Pathfinders", which is just an event on a map. Now you have set the core build of the respawn system, but you have to do one more thing which depends on how you have your game setup. Becuase of the issue I mentioned above, with a slight delay happening on the event trigger to warp player, I have had to set a "Blank" map which I called "Eternity". I set all my classes in game to have this map "Eternity" as a spawn point So this isnt good for when a new player starts the game, as they will just spawn on a blank map... so you add (which I have in all my games) is a common event "Set New Player Variables". Complete! Now you should have a fully working respawn location system in your game. Enjoy
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