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    Being the engine is built for Multiplayer; 1a) a conditional branch check for 'is Player in Party' (with the player who activated the event) would be a huge benefit to the event system. 1b) Or being able to add a tag when someone joins/leaves a party in order to check if they are part of the party. currently the engine has no multiplayer check functions. When the server stops/goes down and is restarted: the events process stop, which breaks the events. 2a) Allowing the server to continue the events after it is restarted. 2b) Or adding a 'ServerRestarted' Trigger would help with this issue.
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    Yes, I have used this engine for a few years now and it's had huge improvements (which has led me to become more serious about using it to develop.) This was just my suggestion as it seems to effect a lot of people.
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    Back in the day, with Neverwinter Nights' Aurora engine, for the duration of a game session, we would assign a 5 digit random number to a player who is about to do something which is not provided by the engine, and afterwards to anyone who joins this party. The server has to check whether they are assigned the same number - voil√°! This can probably easily be coded into Intersect, but: @CosakiGames I understand that we all are impatiently waiting for further improvements to editor and engine... and yet, this is still beta 0.6. Since 2018 when I first dabbled with Intersect there has been huge progress to performance, stability and overall features. When Intersect becomes a stable 1.0, I will start trying to code all the little things I would want in my game.
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    Buddy, this thing is 3 years old..
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    Today I be finally lifting up a bit of veil about the game I'm making called Arlinia Online. Over the course of several months, if not a year at least I've been making myself familiar with Intersect Engine and tried different things and options, but finally came to term with a work flow that resulted in what I have today. Many crashes happened, many mistakes were made, but today I found the courage to finally present you the Starter zone of Arlinia Online, Eria Village. I would love to tell you more about it, but that would spoil the content in advance. Though I did not draw any thing you see below myself (unfortunately), for its that were the most mistakes were made and It did make me forget to realise why I was doing this in the first place, to be actual able to make a video game. For now this is all I can or will present to you, but I shall properly introduce the game to this forum as soon as I'm comfortable enough with it. Stay safe, stay healthy!
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