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    Free 16x16 RPG Icon Pack

    Hey guys, I'm back! So.... the update 1.3 has arrived!!!! Yeeay DOWNLOAD NOW: https://kyrise.itch.io/kyrises-free-16x16-rpg-icon-pack What's new? These icons are made with a lot of love, please consider making a donation of any value
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    The moderators are pretty lenient in my experience. Except damian. Bro let me go back to the chat box bro
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    1a. You can simply use the exact commit that the patch is for rather than constantly updating. If you are going to constantly update, you need to either wait for patch authors to update their patches, or learn how to resolve merge conflicts yourself. Patches being incompatible with each other? That's going to happen no matter what. Plugins can be incompatible with each other too. If you are referring to git not allowing you to patch, that's because the documented commands and options on Intersect's documentation website only cover the absolute basics, meant for people who had never interacted with this stuff before. If one is actually ready to resolve a merge conflict though (requires an extra argument on git am), they would look for git's documentation for the command and find what they're looking for immediately. 1b. Version control software is complicated, but it also does a lot of the work that you would otherwise have to do in order to accomplish the same tasks. It's something to learn. Having to resolve merge conflicts is frustrating, sure, but it's also inevitable if I want to be collaborative. Having to clean up after cats is frustrating, but it's inevitable if I have cats. Having used version control for years and having not used version control for years, I can say with certainty that I prefer the aid of git to trying to manage my code like I'm writing an Untitled-Final-Paper-Final-Draft-v3-DEFINITELYTHELASTDRAFT (2).doc. 2. Plugins and extensions... not an easy system to write! Most of the code isn't well documented, you're right. But most of the documentation that would be added will still not say "here is where you make your changes for X feature that you want", that's something that needs to come from experience, which is the result of investing time. A lot of it. You're not forced to use the patch system. You could make modifications by yourself instead of getting low-cost if not free help from other users. 3. Monogame is actually not extraordinarily limited. It just doesn't plop down what you want in front of you without research. It's got a lot of barebones functionality, it is a framework after all. JC writing some rendering code using VBOs is proof that it really isn't limited to just "blit this sprite here". Since JC replied in the middle of me writing this I'll respond to his post now. Like I pointed out, VBOs have been used, shaders too and more can be added. In case anyone was thinking "SFML" and "advanced functionality" in that order without "does not provide" in between them is sadly mistaken. SFML is horribly limited and very non-performant at the scale that something like Intersect needs. The "this is not advanced" is literally in the first letter of "SFML" which stands for Simple. What SFML allows is for you to interface directly with OpenGL in order to do all of the VBO and shader magic needed for performant code for intensive drawing capabilities that it doesn't really give you the ability to do itself. With Monogame you don't have the ability to use OpenGL directly, but it does give you access to VBOs and shaders so it's not like it's hanging you out to dry. But both of those things are complicated features and by their nature are difficult to use. Having used both of them in OpenGL myself, I would argue that anyone arguing that VCS is too complicated is in for a reckoning if they thought "advanced functionality" was anything less than "complicated". 4. Personally, I think the code base needed to be improved further before going open source. Realistically speaking though, there were 3 developers with access before. All of us have jobs. All of us have lives. Our jobs and our lives come before working for free on a code base that you are not being forced to use. Many of the forum members were close to rioting because the source took 3 years to release after I joined, and I joined to speed it up. Ironically, my joining probably slowed the source release down by a lot, but then the claim that it was rushed (because the code was a mess) would have been much more true. 5. There are rules. Users are supposed to abide by those rules. Don't complain that people are doing their jobs if you don't like the rules, you should get public support for amending a rule instead. 6. If we were in the business of selling licenses for the code, the license would be more restrictive not less. Notably: Instead of being allowed to compile the client and share it without source code, and being allowed to share the server/editor with their source code provided as well, you would only be allowed to publicly share a compiled client and you would not be allowed to share the source, period, or that would undermine selling licenses. 7. There are 0 engines with advanced features that are truly non-programming engines. You might think "how about Unity or Unreal?", well: they're both programming engines. You can drag and drop all you want, but at the end of the day for any real customization or advanced functionality someone has to write code. Whether you buy it pre-written, write it yourself, or pay someone else to write it custom for you, someone wrote code. Even doing advanced things in Game Maker required at least basic scripting (or spending eons in the visual code editor). 8. You don't have to. 9. No documentation on a code base this large is going to tell you what you want to know before you even know what it is you want, at least not when it's written by 3-4 people over the course of 5 years in their free time. This would have made a fine end to what is ostensibly a negative rant. The engine does need a lot of work, you're right. And thank you for all of your contributions towards improving the engine.
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    Since it isn't possible to derail this thread... I'd love to touch on this and discuss/learn. MonoGame was chosen because of simplicity, performance, and it achieved our goals of keeping desktop cross platform support with no licensing restrictions. (No matter how profitable a project becomes) It also leaves the door open for dedicated developers to port their projects to mobile devices in the future which is nice. It's not perfect by any means, but their dev team has been great to work with and problems we have faced with it have been quickly resolved. So that leaves me with a 2 part question: I guess I'm wondering what 'advanced functionality' specifically is missing in MonoGame that you would want in a typical 2d orpg (or even a dating chat app in the dark)? Outside of SFML (which we did use in Intersect for quite awhile but discontinued due to performance issues) what other libraries should we have considered?
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    Beefy Kasplant

    Z-Dimension Gone?

    In like beta 3 or something it was on by default. Know your history dude!
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    Hi All. I built this Dating Chat app with Intersect Game Engine....well, a stripped version of intersect game engine...I removed a lot from the C# Source and recompiled. Controversial Dating App. Our dating app is somewhat controversial. It is built for the purposes of inclusivity and discussion provocation in order to stimulate the conversations of the users. The objective of this system is to allow people to completely be themselves in a Safe environment. We feel that the best way to do this is to allow people to show you who they really are by hiding who they really are. This is an experimental project and we are uncertain on whether we will continue the production as various people have made some valid points about the potential risk factors about a dating app such as this one. We are carefully monitoring how this app is used. If we find that it is unacceptable from an ethical standpoint we will be terminating the service entirely and destroying the code so that nobody can replicate this. We wish no harm on anyone and we are hoping that this social experiment does the opposite and is used as it was intended: A way of finding love purely by evaluating someone's personality. Please download on itch.io if interested. This is an alpha version: https://zoolean.itch.io/desktop-dating-in-the-dark or visit our website desktopdating.co.za
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    [Tutorial] Faction System

    Hi Ascension Game Dev ! I'm explain my faction system and made a tutorial for forum. Firstly, Create to Variable for Factions We need create an Event NPC for Faction Choose (Apply Conditions) Create Common Event for Player Labels PUNISHMENT SYSTEM AND KILL REWARDS Create two Global Variable And Create this Player Variables And Create this Common Events Apply this steps for Demon ! My Reward is "Angel Medal" and "Demon Medal" for PvP Shop My Punishment is 1 Day wait in Jail when an Angel kill an Angel or a Demon kill a Demon (so i can't PvP On/Off and i'm thinking this system) (Important) You should add an Event NPC for leave from Jail map. Create Factions in your games !
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    Hi All. I was very interested in the intersect project. These are my gripes and the reasons why I am leaving the community. 1. github patches: a) There are so many new releases of intersect that the patches that are being built typically last as long as the intersect version is standing. At least half of the patches are incompatible with eachother and also break when new versions come out. b) The github version control process is tedious, confusing for non programmes and frustrating for programmers due to the above problem. 2. There is no plugin or extension system and the code is not documented inline. Insead we are forced to use the github patch system with the problems mentioned above 3. The foundation, monogame is actually quite limited and introducing advanced functionality often proves impossible. 4. The opensource beta was rushed in my opinion. a) They system should never have been released without a working guild system b) There are limited visual programming structures .. which could have been handled visually through common events as the infrastructure is there c) Rubber Banding on official servers. 5. The moderators of the forum are too strict and micromanage the users. I find this very frustrating 6. The open source policy is frustrating. I would have rather paid a once off license to have complete control over the source code. 7. Responses on forums are limited as this project has been marketed as a non programming engine . The reality is that it should have been marketed as a template for programmers because the features are so limited. 8. Nobody told me that I had to buy visual studio. I ended up building for a month only to find out that my license expired and I had to purchase the expensive visual studio system. 9. No real C# Guidelines or class documentation. It is very frustrating trying to modify the code as I simply find myself continuously looking for a needle in a hay stack... In conclusion, I could have spent less time building my game in javascript then I spent working in this engine. I would give it a 2 out of 5 stars. Cheers,I doubt that I will return to this forum for another 18 months...Maybe something would have changed by then. This engine is very young and needs a lot of work
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    good job, as always.
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    Solve patch conflicts with Visual Studio Patches can be hard to deal with when they have conflicts. Here is a tutorial on how to use them with the merge operation of Visual Studio. First of all, if you don't know how to apply a patch, you should look the official AscensionGameDev tutorial about them by clicking the link below. How to apply a patch When applying a patch, conflicts can occur when: 1) Basically, you have modifications on your code that has conflicts with the patch. For example, you changed a line of code used by the patch, or you applied another one. 2) You are not on the correct branch or version of the branch to apply the patch. Is the patch working on master or development banch? What is the latest official working commit with the patch? 3) The patch is not up to date with your project version or code. Note: For this tutorial to work, you need to have a branch where the patch can first apply. If the issue is that the patch is not up to date with the version it's supposed to work on, you can right click on the clean branch you want to apply the patch, then on view history. A list of all the modifications (commits) in the branch will appear. Then you right click on the last working commit with the patch, then on new branch and the patch should apply on the new branch without any conflict. If you don't know the last working commit, you will have to apply the patch on branches from previous commits until you find the right working commit. You can also download the official Kash Shop tutorial about patch conflicts on the link below. Download Kash Shop tutorial Or manually edit your project code with the patch one using diffy.org. Click on the link below for more information. About diffy.org Context: I have diagonal movement patch on a branch and I want to apply the running patch on the same branch, but I am having conflicts. 1. Create a branch where the patch is working (official AGD developper branch in this case). 2. Apply the patch on that branch. 3. Go on the branch you initially wanted to apply the patch. 4. Right click on the branch and click on "Merge From...". 5. Select the branch you applied the patch on the "Merge from branch" section. 6. Click on merge. There should be conflicts. 7. Click on the "Conflicts" action link. 8. Click on the file where there are conflicts. 9. Click on merge. Step 3 to 9 Step 3 to 9 separated below 10. A page with conflicts information should appear. Select the checkbox with the code you want to keep. In this case we want both since one is related to the running patch and the other the diagonal move patch (final version is shown on the bottom window. You can edit code on that window). 11. Check all the other conflicts (in this case there was just one). 12. Once there is "0 Remaining" conflicts, click "Accept Merge" Step 10 to 12 Step 10 to 12 separated below 13. Do the same for all the other file on the "Resolve Conflicts" section (in this case there was just one). 14. Once every conflicts have been solved, build your solution to check if there are still errors. Click on "Build", then "Build Solution". You should also do some tests in game to be sure everything is fine. 15. Everything should be fine now. You can commit changes and play with your new mod.
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    Hello I have some news, not about IntersectCMS v2 but for a another CMS from @Ramlethal . He is making a CMS easy to modify ( with API Systeme too ) Using : PHP, https://www.slimframework.com/ , Template, https://twig.symfony.com/ & ORM, https://www.redbeanphp.com/ Some Preview :
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    Re: Rubberbanding https://github.com/AscensionGameDev/Intersect-Engine/issues/141 TLDR; Not gonna be a hard issue to solve. Commenting out one line of code would do it. (Just would open you up to speedhackers). Working on a smarter system to do protection without kicking legit players back.
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    I rofl'd pretty hard. Sounds a bit hypocrite saying the open source release is rushed, did you even see your own creation? Looks like it's worse than just a rushed project, and you sell it's source for 4k and even claim to have an android version for sale... You seem to be on a quest to find the perfect wysiwyg game engine which ranges from 2D to 4D, has built in multiplayer and mmo support, visual scripting and export options to all platforms, but still don't want to touch stuff like VS and can't even see that it has free versions (and in the end complain that it doesn't work properly to your standards and that you will rewrite it all.... But applying a git patch or downloading Visual Studio seems too hard for you... ) Goodbye!
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    1: a) This is expected when there's multiple users introducing new features and might be messing with the same code and it will cause clashes no matter what. b) OpenSource is meant for programmers and if you can't handle it, get someone to do it for you or use a pre-built base 2: Maybe a extension system is in the works and you don't know it? And as I said above, have someone else do it for you or use a pre-built base 3: I can agree that MonoGame is limited as a base but it's what they decided to use. Oh well. 4: Eh, no. It's been in development for YEARS. This was not rushed at all. a) Pedantics, a guild system would be the first thing people would make for this using the new OpenSource. Didn't really happen as it's more complex than you think. b) I'm sorry things aren't drag and drop, lol c) This is highly dependent on Server location and player location as well as their network connection. I've used Intersect since B5 and had NO issues with rubberbanding. 5: Well yeah, they're doing their job. 6: You DO have control over your own fork of the Open Source if you wanted to. But you just can't resell it, that's all. 7: Eh, no. 8: VS is completely free if you got the Community Edition ... 9: Google is your friend, there's plenty of classes online in how to learn C# To your conclusion, why didn't you?
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    Open source rushed, that's a new one. Agree with the patches, it's annoying. You don't have to buy Visual Studio, just use the community version. Anyone could have told you that Intersect is not the right engine to create a 'game' like yours in. Hope to see you back, with some more backbone! PS: How is the android version coming along?
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    Development Blog

    Horse Mount
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    Hi, this is more of a dating chat app built with the intersect mmorrpg game engine, but you can check this out...nobody has downloaded yet, so you gonna have to get some friends to fully test it desktopdating.co.za
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