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    Intersect Engine Guild System V.1.1 Made by AisenArvalis Description: A complex guild system made with Intersect events. A player will be able to create a guild and manage it using /commands. This can be manipulated into using different functions such as items (Guild Scroll) to create the guild and use a Guild Journal to check and manage guild. Requirements: Intersect Dev Build 6.1+ Video: Process: Allows players to create and manage guilds, as well as join guilds open to be joinable. Issues: Can create a guild with no name - Fix/solution on the way Can join a guild that doesn't exist by using /gjoin Unnamed - Fix/solution on the way Addon: Ainz Ooal Gowns Journal System: Commands: /gclaim = claim a guild you a part of if the leader has left the guild (any member can claim the guild if no leader is assigned) /gcreate "Guild Name" = Allows a player to create a guild if they are not part of one already. Example: /gcreate Heroes Of Ascention /gjoin "Guild Name" = Allows a player to join a guild. Example: /gjoin Heroes Of Ascention /gleave = Allows a player to leave the guild they are currently a member of. /gsettings = Allows the guild member to make changes to the guild, currently only allows to change if the guild is joinable or not but more settings can be setup easily. /gcheck = Allows a player (or admin if you set a condition for power level) to check all guilds in game. Build:  1. We need to create the variables to be used. This system uses both "Player" and "Global" variables with a set "Text Id: \pv" to be called upon during the events. First we will create the Player Variables: Next the Global Variables: 2. Now we have the variables created we need to build the "Common Events". These are core to how the system works, and you will understand when you look through the system to how it works and how you can change things to best suit your game: Done! You should have a working guild system for your game Enjoy If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment down below and I'll get back to you asap. Credits: @AisenArvalis - Creator of the System. @Ainz Ooal Gown - Fixing up the Tutorial to look good and easy to read and being the inspiration to create the system to begin with.
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    Minamoto Yoshitsune

    Anterium Online

    Anterium Online Chap. 1. Enjoy the Ascension Overview: - Anterium is the name of the local planet where the game takes place, within the vision of the game there are five continents, with only two continents available to play in the first chapter. - In Anterium there will be no predefined classes, that is, the player will be able to use mixed equipment, use staff as his main weapon and equip metal armor, which in some games would be “Class lock”. - In Anterium the player will choose a faction, each faction has its continent, so the open pvp between different factions will occur. - In Anterium most of the maps are open pvp, with the exception of the big cities, the posts of the kingdoms and the maps conquered, the other maps have open pvp. Note: On the conquered maps this is a system where it will have a double interpretation, the map is conquered by the faction, however there are other maps on different continents that are destined for a certain faction, we can call this map Neutral, as it is as if it existed a treaty between the post and the enemy kingdom. - In Anterium, the intention is to minimally interfere in the players' actions, in this way we mean that within Anterium there will be multiple possibilities for player styles. The SG Soft Team (Sky Genji Soft) is concerned with serving all styles of players but without harming other styles too much. The player styles present in Anterium will be: - One of the great features of the project is to bring the sandbox world to the players, giving players maximum freedom to explore the whole project and its diversities. A little bit of the game's historical storyline A little about the available systems: Inside Anterium there is a server maintenance system, which is the means by which it will acquire resources to stay online; The first server maintenance system is the premium, which is a distinction between players who contribute financially to the project. There are two forms of financial contribution in the premium mode, the first of which is monthly subscription and the second is the purchase of the premium share. The monthly modality is almost self explanatory, to have access to the benefits of the premium player he will have to pay an amount every month (Note: it is not auto renewable, that is, every month the player must go to the store through the website and renew your signature). The premium action purchase mode is a “lifelong” way of accessing benefits, in this mode the player will pay a fee to obtain an item that is commercial within the game, this item will give access to all premium benefits for a single payment . Regarding equipment: Within the first chapter of the game, although we have several slots of items available, not all will be used at this time. We will have thirteen item slots, but only ten will be available: Fighting clothing and equipment: Accessories: • Specials: Team and plans: Team SG Soft (Sky Genji Soft) Plans:
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    Passive Abilities/Skills?

    Thanks all!
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    Like Aisen said this is defo possible, you would use the map events and global variable to hold the total tax total: Global Var: Forge Tax Map Event (Forge): Page 1 (Level 1 forge), Page 2 (Level 2 forge) Auto run pages: Page 1 - condition (Forge Tax < 200 gold) Page 2 - condition (Forge Tax = 200 gold) (You could play around with the above conditions if you want more levels then 2) Each page would have adifferent image and would show based on the condition, and could open a different crafting table bases on level so more options are available to players as the forge levels up. Now to pay taxes if the player wants too. Have it so the first condition in the event commands is a text box: Do you want to pay 20 gold in taxes: Yes: Take 20 gold from player and Add 20 to global variable "forge tax" No: Continue down event page and open crafting table.
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    Orake Classic [RELEASE]

    Hi all! If you're reading this, we want to inform you we are promoting Orake on Steam and will be having Bless-filled weekends for the next month! See full details here: https://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791455516705/announcements/detail/1720875756581583125
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    Intersect Beta 6.1 Released!

    Beta 6.1 Released 2/16/2019 What's New? Extra Client Font Options (Damage, Chat Bubbles, Entity Labels) Force players to remain logged in during combat Colors Overhaul Trap Spells Projectile Piercing Equipment Buffs (Tenacity, Luck, Exp) Event Commands (Adjust vitals) Attack speed settings for npcs and classes Player labels String variables Event parameters and more! Check out the dev blog here! Diverging Builds Going forward Intersect will have stable and unstable builds. Starting today Beta 6.1 will launch in the development channel, and we will continue to update Beta 6.0 as stable builds. Beta 6.1 requires a database migration that is one-way, so be sure to make a backup of your databases just in case you want to return to Beta 6.0 while we work on stability. You can download Beta 6.1 from the new Development Builds thread here! Beta 6.0 also got a nice bug fix release today and that can be found in the Stable Builds here! We recommend that active games continue to use the stable Beta 6.0 builds while we work on Beta 6.1 stability! Open Source Next! Our next goal is open source! We want to work on Beta 6.1 a little more and get it to a stable point. During that time we're going to work on forum upgrades, documentation, and the repo so we can release the source very soon! Have fun!
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    My system for tradeskills is advanced and unique (I think lol), so much so I probs wont share it until source is out and can hardcode it.
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    Ainz Ooal Gown

    Anterium Online

    Sounds promising, good luck with your project buddy
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    Help-me with a GUI

    Only create one topic per issue, and no multi posting, please. Find the fps drop-down in the optionswindow json. The background image will be listed there as a Png file or the background will be there as a color code.
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    Cooperative Creation

    Thank you for covering for my laziness xD This is exactly what I meant.
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    No limitations as of now and there's no confirmation window, using /gjoin GuildName you'll be joining the guild automatically if it exists. As for kicking members, there's no Guild Master system just yet so there's no way to expel members, YET (Working on this)
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    Today I did this on my project...

    Ingame ranking with 'banners' that change based on your rank and gender Embedded Video Link
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    Figured an easy way around this so thought I would share: Conditional branch = Player has item equiped Take Item Give Item It serves as the same
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    Orake Classic [RELEASE]

    not any good reason lol, i guess after the last owner deleted the old discord, we didn't want to lose any more community stuff. now we're hoping that people will post positive reviews and change old negative ones to positive if they are enjoying the game now and appreciate all the work we've done and are still doing. so, the recent reviews will be positive at least lol. either way, the sequel would be separate from this and we'll have a clean slate to properly assess what we need to improve, and for players to judge us and not previous owners.
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    Benben's Work [Tilesets Pack]

    Hello ! I just want to share tilesets who are very famous in the french community (maybe on english making forum now). The creator is Benben and when he stopped the development of his RPG, he gave all his work to the community (the game and the ressources). So this is more RPGMXP-like, but i tried with a lot of differents sprites, and it always look good. This is all custom, so it's free to use for your game, if you can read french feel free to read this : http://www.rpg-maker.fr/index.php?page=forum&id=10361 (it's the explanation of his stop, for non-french : stop cause of a boyfriend, no time to spend on making anymore, give the source of the game for the community) I don't know if this is classic "deja vu" tilesets for you, because they are old (2004-2009), but the quality is really high so i decide to share this with the source on this forum because they were not here! You can change tilesets, add features in the same style, include some elements from the pack, ... and credits to Benben ! Content : - 50 Tilesets - Forest, Desert, Snow landscapes, differents architecture for cities , Caves, Dungeon Screenshots : Download link : http://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/e7a8a7f1f6c2d5f8e8020aba58c687d1.rar
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    Today I did this on my project...

    Well finally after a few months I got the water tiles finished.. took 4 hours but this is it! Embedded Video Link
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