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    If you want to do something like special announcements ingame with colors like: Just follow these steps: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1- Make a new commont event 2- Add a new Chatbox text and write inside \param Put the color what you want and chose channel "Global" 3- Select the trigger "/command" and make a new command (Like: red,pink,blue,etc) 4- Ingame write the cmd what you made on 3st step and include your msg Example: /blue Hello there testers, the server will be reset for apply new things The message will be: "Hello there testers, the server will be reset for apply new things" 5- Enjoy your global announcement NOW IN COLOR!
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    You have to add them to the game in the GUI/Layouts/Game/CharacterWindow.json Follow the above tutorial
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    Server side config.json: "Paperdoll": { "Up": [ "Player", "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots", "Cape", "Amulet", "Ring", "Gloves" ], "Down": [ "Player", "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots", "Cape", "Amulet", "Ring", "Gloves" ], "Left": [ "Player", "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots", "Cape", "Amulet", "Ring", "Gloves" ], "Right": [ "Player", "Helmet", "Armor", "Weapon", "Shield", "Boots", "Cape", "Amulet", "Ring", "Gloves" ] }, The order in which you put the items in "Up, Down, Left, Right" depends on the order of drawing onto the player ingame.
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    [C#] CryBits v0.7.1

    Thank you very much for the tips, I will try to improve these points. This system to modify each movement of the sprites is already to be added in the next version, as you can check at https://github.com/ricardodalarme/CryBits/projects/2
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    [Tutorial 8] Editor de NPC

    entendi po é uma pena kkkk mesmo assim obrigado..
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