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    Orake Classic [RELEASE]

    Hello everyone! I'm proud to announce that a new team has taken over Orake. If you are not familiar with the game, it is a free-to-play 2D tile-based MMORPG originally released in 2016 that was made on the Eclipse engine (a 21 year old engine at this point that functions similarly to Intersect's engine). It has similar skill-based progression to games like RuneScape. Since then, it has undergone many improvements, but began to decline. In 2018, it became the possession of another owner who tried to make the game popular again, but that also didn't work out. Now, a team of veteran players who care about the game immeasurably and did not want to let it die have purchased the rights and want to get it back on the map! Story: You start as an adventurer in the Collapse. You must escape by going through the Knight's encampment and face your treacherous nightmares. After being reborn, your adventure begins in the city of Aracia, a lively town where you can discover quests and mingle among the townsfolk to learn more about how to navigate through the game. Just north is the Boneyard, where player-vs-player combat is activated. You create your own playstyle in the game with 14 skills to train to become powerful enough again to destroy the Gods and maybe even the Orake. Currently, we are in the process of fixing a large number of bugs that have existed even since its original release and generally optimizing the game to fit our standards and those that players expect. We will be putting membership back in to its previous state as well as purchasable world blesses that grant bonus experience for an hour at decreased prices. Our first big goal for this game is to release the content already made but was never released . Another goal is to get the game remade into a sequel using the same dark fantasy style assets in Unity! We want to invite any players interested in such a game to join our discord to keep themselves updated with our progress. We expect to re-release the game in a few weeks on Steam. We have very high hopes for the game, we are very responsive to suggestions and have many of our own ideas for the game that have been festering for months or years in our minds. Thank you for reading! Current Developers: gooby GodKingToro Meissner Zacuum Milkmachine Dude Noted Robstinator Links: Discord: https://discord.gg/yzbRwJK Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/516510/Orake_Classic/ [SPOILERS] Here is a walkthrough video guide of the story mode tutorial. UPDATE: The game is now live! Join the Discord if you have issues and we can help you resolve them. Happy Halloween hunting! Here are some screenshots of the game:
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    Phazon Hunters

    New add: application downloaders You can find them at different places and use the to download a new application to your suit! Embedded Video Link
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