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    On 2017 i made some items for a Survival Game (Like Fallout) but my time its so short for continue with this proyect So Take this items if you want to use and create the best Fallout (Intersect Version) who was never made! Ahahaha i love u guys~ (Some examples): (And a few more): The RAR file: https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/aea512e63778a38ed63c612a2550dfe8.rar NOTE: if you like give +1 to me >u<
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    Finished up the main building in the Time Chamber!
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    Using crafting system is easier I think like make Sword +1, Sword +2, Sword +3, Sword +4 to upgrade your Sword to Sword +1, just make a requirements that you need a Sword, a refine stone and some gold (to pay the blacksmith) and then do the same for other, Sword +2, you need Sword +1, etc.
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    Good use of the event system, but cant you just used the "Crafting System" to do this?
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    Entry Fee: This smokin hot blonde (NSFW), and I'll need your account/routing numbers please for the deposit.
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    Hello folks, welcome to the first ever official Ascension Game Development Battle Royal! In this community wide event, we will be meeting up at a remote location somewhere in the middle of the Sahara Desert to have a battle to the death. There will be games, There will be snacks, There will be sweet and spicy chilli doritos. There will be BLOODSHED. The rules are as followed: Each competitor may bring with them a single weapon of choice with only the few following exceptions: Nuclear warfare is strictly forbidden. Any melee weapon with a tamagotchi taped to the side Halberds, Any projectile firing devices Digimon. Competitors who choose to use gas-powered or uranium powered devices are required to supply their own fuel. All competitors must give a long winded and emotionally driven anime style intro sequence BEFORE entering the battle field. The event strictly bans all forms of familiar magic with the exception of demon summoning. ANIMAL ABUSE IS NOT COOL BROS! There is an entry fee of a pocket full of a single outdated and overly used meme and 43 cents (Payments must be exact and payed in the form of a Cashier's check or direct deposit). If you are interested in competing please fill out the form at the bottom of the post, please choose only from the answers to the multi-choice questions provided. Thank you for your time and interest in the first Official Ascension Game Development Community Battle Royal! Applicant form: What is your gender identification? Apache Attack Helicopter A very angry white mom with nothing better to do than speaking to your manager. Other Have you seen my dad? He went to get cigarettes and hasn't come back yet. That was like 24 years ago... No Also No Which weapon will you be brining to the battle field? No seriously have you seen my dad? Wtf bro? What party favors will you be brining with you? Sweet and Spicy Chili Doritos The Doritos in the purple bag. The only good flavor of Doritos (The purple ones) What is the square root of 124? Show your work. Event location and date/time: I took a week's break from Social Media and I'm really fucking bored right now.
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    WEAPON UPGRADE / REFINE SYSTEM Made for Capivarinha. Feel free to modify this example. EXAMPLE (Sword upgrade 4x) Firstly create a sword and duplicate it 3 times to give you four swords. Secondly edit all these swords so each better sword is a bit better than the previous one in stats. Thirdly create a blacksmiths or something. Create a variable called "Sword Upgrade State" or whatever you want to call it. Must be a PLAYER variable. Fourthly create an event in the blacksmiths or anvil so you can pay gold or whatever to upgrade your sword. You should make it to pay gold to add +1 to sword state, as long as it is not already maxed. (Level 4 in this case.) Fifthly create a LOOPING common event. Make four conditional branches - if sword upgrade state equals 1, 2, 3 or 4. If it equals 1, remove swords level 2, 3 and 4 from your inventory and add level 1 sword to your inventory if you don't already have one. If it equals level 2, remove swords level 1, 3, 4 from your inventory and add level 2 sword to your inventory if you don't already have one. Etc. And you're done! Feel free to use this system without credit but it would be appreciated of course.
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    Weapon Upgrade/Refine System

    Well with you way it wont supress all the other swords that the player have. So wont delete my level 4 sword if i want to craft an other sword with a lower level.
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    I'm confused by the point of this post.
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    Did you just say BBQ Doritos? You sir can GTFO of my thread you sick twisted bastard. Sweet and spicy chili bro. SWEET AND SPICY CHILLI I like how you bamboozled my tamogatchi rule. You're welcome kassy poo <3
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    You had me at "Digimon"
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    I'm a big fan of this post. Thanks for being a fucking weirdo crust monster
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    Today I did this on my project...

    Got more of the Lookout done, and a total of 9 hours for this piece so far!
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    Development Blog

    Blufan Forest and Mount System! New #157 Update has been released, enjoy the new Mount System, Soccer Event, Emojis and much more content in game! https://darkstory2d.com/blog-article.php?id=109
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