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    Intersect Beta 6 - Recruiting Testers!

    We're finally recruiting internal testers for Beta 6! We'd like to do a week or two long internal testing period of Beta 6 before a full community-wide release to find and fix any major bugs that we've introduced since Beta 5.1. We're looking for testers that can contribute a couple hours each day to working within the engine. All aspects of the engine will be available for testing, including the new API. We will want some testers to work on existing projects (upgraded from B5) and others to work from scratch. If you're interested please fill out this form, and if selected you will hear back from me in the next few days . Anyone that was previously in the Beta 5 testing squad get's first dibs. If you're still available and want to participate in round 2 please let me know! Thanks everyone! JC
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    Fixed in B6: Player Touch is now Player Collide and works when events walk into players and when players walk into events: Player Bump is another trigger, and works with non-passable events. If you hold a direction trying to walk into an event it will trigger. This will be great for doors and such
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    As the title says, this is my first attempt at making game music. I know its not very good but I don't think it terrible and I would like some input on it. Let me know what you like, don't like and what you think might make it better. Here it is, I call it Cheerful Day.
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    We will release the engines source code soon. (Hoping late fall/early winter) After that Pokemon features and stuff can be manually coded in. Doing so, however, would require an absolutely insane amount of time, programming skill, and wouldn't be worth it at all since Nintendo could quickly shut you down. None of the Pokemon features like turn based battles will be brought to Intersect. The engine is primary meant for more classic fantasy rpgs.
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    Enemy teleporting player

    Alright then! Curious to see it
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    But if you do 'face direction' it will only show the first sprite in every row. (I'm pretty sure) EDIT: If you want that effect, you should add it to animated sprites in the config
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    Oh my lord, this will make my door 100 times easier
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    Broken Gui

    This is definitely because the ui jsons got changed. Not much to do here except reset. Wait until B6 where you will get the new UI and then you can make a forum thread and we can help you customize/fix as needed.
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    Whaddup. Right now I have NPC's trying to attack me through blocked tiles and it looks bad. Maybe make it so that a blocked tile stops the line of sight of an NPC? -> Not sure how NPC range is implemented so this might mean a complete overhaul..
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