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    [0.1 Alpha Indev] Tierras Robadas Online

    We recently upgraded to the official 0.1 release, closed alpha indev. Here's a few screenshots of the first town getting shaped (still missing many props and a proper ground texture)
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    The Bunny Gamer

    [WIP] Intersect Panel

    Thanks a ton!
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    [WIP] Intersect Panel

    Version française : https://nichos.fr/blog/3 Version 0.8 has been released with a lot of new features. The main ones are: Adding a cache Translation of the site from several languages Quick installation via console or interface Server management (On/Off) Version 0.8 Here is all the information about this update: What happens next? Here is the rest of the program: Version 0.9 with: The events The platform for Linux Version 0.10 or higher with: The encyclopedia of the whole game The API is rebuilt (with the latest functionality) Shop and Craft Telephone/tablet compatible site The installation You have to download either: On the console (CLI): https://gitlab.com/The-Nico26/web-intersect/raw/U0_9/install/cli.php On the website (GUI): https://gitlab.com/The-Nico26/web-intersect/raw/U0_9/install/gui.php Then follow the steps indicated by the selected interface Steps: The steps to follow for installation: You save one of the two files in the "www" web space (default) and launch Either by console: php cli.php Either by interface (in your web browser): http://localhost/gui.php Then you follow the written instructions at each step. Images: That all Nicolas (Nichos69)
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    Game Concept [Terra of Desolations]

    Sword of stone.
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    Game Concept [Terra of Desolations]

    Garrotte designs by my designer Daniel.