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    Description: Player journal / trade-skill book that a player can click to open and display stats about character, but also showing in inventory book opening and closing. With in the trade-skill book on player information page the player can check character alignment which has been integrated with the journal system. It works by showing a page in the journal depending on what the players alignment points are at, this way the page can show the name of of the players current alignment such as: Divine, Good, Neutral, Evil, Demonic. You can rip out the alignment system and just have the 3 pages to go to with no conditions on alignment needed. I just didn't want to rip it out to do a tutorial so left it in as a joint system. Video: https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/bcc670d0de58b5817632b7e0333eca66.mp4 Process: Click on trade-skill book item in inventory. Book opens in inventory. Opens a a show options command in events showing 3 pages and a close option Each page can be customized the way you want, I did Journal Information, Weapon Skills, Trade Skills. Close trade skill book closes book in inventory. Issue: None Addon: (Needed to add/remove alignment points) [AOG] Alignment System Add On - Gaining/Losing Alignment Points Build:  If you want to keep the alignment system with the journal, then we need to create the variable to hold the players alignment points: NOTE: Switch is optional. I use it as at some point in my game the player will lose all ability to see stats and such. So the switch is optional to if you want to do that at some point in your game. If not then do not add the switch and later on when we come to making the common event just skip out the condition at the very beginning. We also want a "Player Switch" for the Journal: Next we need a book with a closed and open state. Then we need to create 2 items, first for the book closed and second for the book opened. Name the books the same, but just remember which order you created them in: Now we have the items and variables created we can make the "Common Event". Now we need to go back and set the Item Types to the "Common Event - Journal" we just created: Complete! Now just give you players that "Closed Book" Item and they will have a wokring Journal to show additional player/game stats. You could also bound the "Items" and set the "Closed Book" as a "Spawn Items" with in "Classes" so the player will have Journal from start of game, and will always have it. Hope you Enjoy Dont forget the Addon: (Needed to add/remove alignment points) [AOG] Alignment System Add On - Gaining/Losing Alignment Points
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    Ainz Ooal Gown

    [AOG] Hunger / Thirst System

    No problem hope you enjoy it!
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    Description: This is a add on to the alignment system from this tutorial and is require for this add on to do anything: Video: None Process: As a player kills MOBs and NPCs in game they will gain or lose Alignment Points. In my game I have 6 different types of MOBs and NPCs: Animals - Sheep, Pigs, Cows (Friendly MOBs) Creatures - Snakes, Bats, Orcs (Non-Friend MOBs) Monsters - Trolls, Orges, Giants (Non-Friendly MOBs) Demonics - Demons, Hell Hounds, Succubus (Non-Friendly MOBs) NPCs - Paul, Chris, Shopekeeper (Friendly NPCs) Heroes - Champion Of Light (Friendly NPCs) Depending on what you kill will gain or lose alignment points. Such as killing a Monster will give you + Alignment, and killing a NPC will give you - Alignment. Issue: None Build:  First we need to make the variables Now we have the variables time to make the "Common Events" The last thing we need to do is apply these "Common Events" based on a MOB or NPC being killed by the player Complete! Now you should have events based on when a NPC or MOB is killed in your game and give or remove player alignment points. Enjoy!