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    Rebirth Fantasy Online

    Game is now available to play on steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1025260/Rebirth_Fantasy_Online/
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    Adding some lights on my proyect ♥
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    Eric Matyas

    Free 2D Game Art for Your Projects

    Greetings everyone, Brand new backgrounds are ready for your projects here: ART- Backgrounds – Nature https://soundimage.org/art-backgrounds-nature/ ART – Backgrounds – Ruins https://soundimage.org/art-backgrounds-ruins/ As always, feel free to edit and modify as needed. Have a great weekend!
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    Intersect Toolkit

    Intersect Toolkit The Intersect Toolkit is a small program that lets you handle various tasks you might want to perform while working on your game. These tasks can range from changing a player's data to making sure your graphics work in the engine. The toolkit can currently perform the following tasks: Change Player Data.* Delete tilesets from the database. Resize Graphics Convert RPG Maker VX Sprites to Intersect Formats (3 Frames to 4 Frames) *= Certain aspects of player data are not currently implemented due to either a lack of information from the Intersect source or being a work in progress. Please make sure to copy your server's config.xml to the same folder as you run this application from, it needs to read a few parts of it to function.
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    Intersect Toolkit

    Sorry, but Chronos hasn't visited AGD since July 2018. This tool is obsolete and I don't believe any updates should be expected unless Chronos returns. In the meantime I am locking this thread.
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